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Middlesbrough issue response by taking swipe at Derby County administrators

Middlesbrough issue their response to the much talked about EFL statement by taking a swipe at Derby County administrators.

The EFL say that Boro and Wycombe’s claims are football debts and should be dealt with, turning down Derby’s plea and comes as a big blow for the administrators.

It seems no one is backing down on the matter which could put the club in even further jeopardy and liquidation looks on the cards in a few months.


Middlesbrough FC has welcomed the statement from the EFL, who have requested a meeting with the administrators of Derby County and the following stakeholders: the current highest bidder(s), Middlesbrough FC, Wycombe Wanderers FC, Mel Morris, MSD Partners and HMRC.

MFC is available to attend any meeting, wherever or whenever this may be, just as we always have been.

MFC has always maintained that its claim against Derby County is a football related debt and that it should be treated as such. MFC welcomes the EFL’s confirmation that it shares this view. If the administrators believe that the EFL are not entitled to take this stance, MFC has offered to refer the matter to a judge to decide.

The administrators were appointed in September but have consistently refused to engage with MFC’s attempts to engage with them to reach a resolution. There are several letters from us which the administrators have ignored. MFC is extremely disappointed that this administration has not been concluded successfully and that the administrators have, instead, through the media, continuously sought to make scurrilous and unfounded suggestions that it is the claims of our club and Wycombe, and the EFL, that are preventing a successful outcome. It is not true and these statements are deeply unfair, not only to our club, but also to the Derby County supporters who deserve better.

There has been no suggestion that the administrators have reached an agreement with Derby County’s other main creditors. We believe that the administrators have a duty to the public to answer the questions we asked in our open letter of 20 January 2022. MFC understands that the debt owed to MSD is (i) personally guaranteed by Mr Morris and (ii) is secured against the stadium. This means that Mr Morris has agreed to pay the MSD debt if there is a shortfall. Is this correct? And, if so, what contribution is being sought from Mr Morris?

A significant focus of MFC’s claim against Derby County relates to the sale of Derby County’s stadium and the belief that it was done in a way which manipulated the Profit and Sustainability Rules. The same transaction is now a material reason why the administration cannot be resolved. MFC, and many other stakeholders in football, do not understand why the administrator refuses to acknowledge this problem and, instead, chooses to unfairly blame us, Wycombe and the EFL.

Social media users gave their reaction in their hundreds as Middlesbrough issue response by taking swipe at Derby County administrators…

@erskinetom29: 1. It’s not a debt, it’s a compensation claim. 2. The stadium sale was within EFL rules, and the valuation was approved originally, and on appeal. DCFC have been cleared of any wrongdoing in relation to the stadium sale.

@teamluca: I think what he’s insinuating is that Mel bought the stadium for approx £80m & that handing it back for the amount of the MSD loans (circa £25m) shows that the original deal wasn’t at market value. But surely he can sell the stadium to the new owner outside of the club deal?

@MrRBourne: So there we have it. Gibson trying to use the stadium sale issue to weasle his way into a meeting discussing matters nothing to do with him. The stadium sale cleared by an EFL arranged panel. With respect, Steve: get stuffed. #SaveDerbyCounty

1. Its not a football debt, its an undecided claim
2. Boro have no right to know emthe situation with hmrc & msd – although admins confirm these are agreed
3. We got cleared already for the stadium sale
4. Yours & WW claims are preventing exit of admin
5. What would a meeting do?

@DominicLomas96: Why are you pretending you have any care for the welfare of our fans or the state of our football club? Your role in our impending liquidation will not be forgotten by anybody.

@sbro161: Imagine EFL and boro sending texts to themselves. Fucking wild that Derby are getting backed into a corner even though we’ve taken our punishments. Points deductions, transfer embargo’s for 2 years, losing all of our players. THEY WONT STOP UNTIL WE ARE GONE, FACT. #dcfc

@WestSussexRam: Not one mention of the impact on #dcfc or the community of Derby, Derbyshire and beyond, the staff of Derby and the community projects that will be affected. Boro are not to blame for our problems, but they can play a part in the survival of a fellow league club

@JWPerkinsUK: It’s getting a bit weird now. Introducing the stadium issue which was dealt with by the EFL process. Who is in charge of the EFL?

@TridentRAM: Nice to know you are happy with being complicit in removing a club from a community. Arsehole.

@librarianth: No doubt the uninformed will ignore this entirely & blame Boro for the piss poor catastrophe that the Derby administrators are making of this

@MDrabble: Main reason they’re happy to kill us is because of the stadium sale? Which was cleared and signed off by the EFL? Who does Gibson think he is to try get into these meetings that have nothing to do with him

@JonnyBates91: Embarrassing. If Gibson wants to get some money off Morris why doesn’t he stop wanking off dogs and go get him? Simple, he won’t win so he’s going for the easy target. Put the two idiots in a room so they can measure each other’s cocks and finally know who’s is bigger.

@JoshWarden_ms: Wait your main aggrievance is the stadium sale? Which was signed off by the EFL and cleared by an independent panel? God you are embarrassing… #dcfc

@jo_be_3: Dear @Boro kindly fuck off, then keep fucking off. Keep fucking off until you get to a gate with a sign that says „you can‘t fuck off past here“ climb over the gate, dream the impossible dream, and keep fucking off forever!

@Ale_xbarrett: Middlesbrough are ecstatic that the @efl have sided with them as footballing creditors and that they’re seen as more important than HMRC #DCFC

@izaak_h22: Can’t see any other way than liquidation atm no help from @Boro and @wwfcofficialor the @EFL_Comms. Can’t blame them for the position Mel put us in. The debts are mega and no one in their right mind would buy a club where they are going to loose 10s of millions. Loosing all hope

@andyevans1985: Derby vs Middlesbrough on 12th Feb is going to be mental. #dcfc #dcfcfans #boro

@bvj37: The sheer incompetency from MFC here. Trying to use the stadium sale in which we won the case in court. claiming football related debts owed to them which are factually NOT football related debts, rather unsubstantiated claims 🤦🏻‍♂️

@ramswriter: So still pissy about us selling our stadium – YOU’RE KILLING A FOOTBALL CLUB! This was dealt with by the EFL and we were found not guilty #dcfc #dcfcfans

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