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Middlesbrough fans slam defeat to Coventry, chances wasted, poor defending and Carrick carded

Middlesbrough fans slam their side’s 3-0 defeat to Coventry, with big chances wasted, poor defending and Michael Carrick yellow carded.

Saturday began with a meeting between two clubs who lost in the Championship playoffs last season and have started the new campaign on the back foot.

The Sky Blues beat Middlesbrough in the playoff semi-finals last season, 1-0 on aggregate, but then the Sky Blues missed out on a place in the Premier League after losing to Luton on penalties.

Mark Robins’ side waved goodbye to top scorer Viktor Gyokeres over the summer and were beaten at Leicester City last Sunday. Middlesbrough also lost, 1-0 at home against Millwall that weekend.

But it was Coventry who got comfortably got the win in their second league game into the 2023/24 season, an own goal from Lenihan capping a miserable afternoon for Boro.

Sub Wright doubled Coventry’s lead after Godden broke the deadlock with his opener of the game.

Coventry went 1-0 on 13 minutes, Eccles shooting but Godden read the effort to turn it in for the bottom corner.

Don Goodman on Sky Sports Football: “It’s absolutely ruthless. “Coventry were so reliant on the counter-attack last season. It’s a different feel now.”

Steve Ogrizovic (Ex-Coventry City goalkeeper on BBC CWR): “What a start from Coventry. They’ve been pretty good, there’s no sign of any Wednesday night blues. Matty Godden normally buries chances – he missed a few last weekend, but not that one. What a way to celebrate a new contract.”

Coventry double their lead from a corner on 70 minutes, with new boy Haji Wright finding his first goal for the Sky Blues.

The corner was flicked on at the near post and came back off the chest of Boro midfielder Hayden Hackney.

Wright went into space in the middle of the box, and hit it sweetly.

Don Goodman: “He was just focusing on hitting the target and he gets his reward.”

Steve Ogrizovic: “That is a fantastic ball in. It’s cleared and then Haji Wright – what a start to his career in Coventry. He might’ve cost a lot of money but he’s started to repay it already.”

Shortly after, another big chance for Boro goes begging before a break in play after a nasty clash of heads between Palmer and McNair, both subbed off.

Then on the 91st minute, Coventry went forward, sent the ball out to Godden. His cross took a massive deflection off Lenihan and left Dieng unable to keep it out.

Neil Maddison (Former Middlesbrough midfielder on BBC Tees): “The keeper has no chance with that deflection. We knew after the Millwall game that reinforcements would be needed for Boro. Going forward they need a lot of help, a lot more help.”

Steve Ogrizovic: “Coventry are going to deserve all the plaudits they get from this game. The new faces have all done really well. They lost a lead twice in their first two games, but there was no chance of that happening today.”

The result means Middlesbrough have now gone seven league games without a win with four of those against Coventry.

Coventry: Wilson, Thomas, McFadzean, Latibeaudiere, van Ewijk (Sakamoto 65′), Eccles, Sheaf, Dasilva (Bidwell 78′), Palmer (Kelly 79′), Simms (Wright 66′), Godden (Andrews 98′)

Subs: Binks, Kelly, Sakamoto, Wright, Bidwell, Collins, Stretton, Obikwu, Andrews

Middlesbrough: Dieng, McNair (van den Berg 81′), Fry, Lenihan, Coulson (McGree 81′), Hackney, Barlaser (Howson 65′), Jones (Forss 65′), Rogers, Silvera, Crooks (Coburn 81′)

Subs: van den Berg, McGree, Gilbert, Howson, Coburn, Payero, Forss, Glover, Bilongo

As mentioned, Middlesbrough fans slam defeat to Coventry, chances wasted, poor defending and Carrick carded

@shinebritediam1: I’m worried. And usually cool as a cucumber Carrick is getting animated and frustrated. Something needs to change. We can’t carry on like this.

@BoroCraggsy: If Carrick is getting a yellow card you know it’s bad

@TheRedCritic: Wants to stop disappearing up his own arse with these team formations then, playing Jones and Coulson is ridiculous, I don’t care who you are, that much should be obvious

@martincole1: Carrick can see clearly now what a fraud Gibson is, what an incompetent waste of space Scott is and can feel the bus he has been thrown under getting closer and closer

@louieutfb: Absolutely woeful that. This is very worrying. We brought in some loans last year and the replacements are completely different player profiles. A few tactical tweaks are needed in order to adapt to the new players. I really fucking hope the new signings hit the ground running

@Tyler_Boro: Here comes carrick saying we played well and we were unlucky

@jakthelad95: Time to back the manager Gibbo

@Zac232323in: Please sell if you’re no longer interested Mr Gibson

@PointlessAdam: What a poor game. Gibson needs to spend or sell up, most clubs are spending £8-10m per player. We’re spending £500k-2m we just can’t keep up. Crooks is a liability. Great off the bench but awful to start especially up top. We need signings asap

@TeachinTeesside: Since the end of last season, we’ve lost £60 million worth of players and not gone anywhere close to replacing them. The club is being run incredibly poorly. The only slight saving grace is that people are finally waking up to the board’s mismanagement of the club.

@We_are_Boro: So much missing from this Boro squad. I followed Boro long enough to not expect much, but this Summer has been a disaster up to now. Lost a lot of quality and not done anywhere near enough to replace it. You can’t just rely on potential, we need real quality and quickly.

@_TY_97: We need some physicality in midfield if we keep playing like this, we get overrun so easily by teams using a box midfield, first few games don’t matter and still got plenty of time to spend the akpom money

@_cnnxr: 3 games in and already had enough of this season

@SwitcherB: Spanked. Embarrassing. Even worse is that we’ve been lied to. We’ve not bothered to actually sign anyone to replace what we’ve lost and it’s showing.

@Redinho1983: Starting slow again like every season. Never get our players in for the start of the season

@m_ttsib: The way this is going, Carrick is going to get the sack or walk before Christmas, and it’s all going to be the boards fault for being utter rubbish and not backing him.

@JayShaw180: This is all on the board. Take 50 goals out of a side and replace them with cheap fodder. Gibson either coughs up or sells up.

@motleysfool: Well that was disappointing. Strange team selection IMO. Flat first half. Replacements very much needed to fill the huge boots of last seasons loan players. Still very early days in the season thank god and transfer window still open. Lots of work to do! #boro #utb

@Matt_Rowney: On Carrick. He got his starting XI wrong. Crooks as a 10, Rogers as a 9 needs to stop. And the subs were too late. But he can’t stop Coventry scoring via 2 deflections, and he can’t score for Silvera from 6 yards out. Get some signings in. #Boro

@forza_boro: Good god that was painful #boro

@KwoshDj: #Boro Carrick, no excuses today. Poor all round. Short corners again and not prepared to shoot.

@alexwardrop9: Very worrying times, don’t care what anyone says. We haven’t spent well at all and really wish Chuba left earlier in the window. Need to change #boro #UTB

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