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Michail Antonio expects Richarlison to REJECT handshake over ‘banter’ after chat with Paqueta

Michail Antonio expects Richarlison to REJECT a handshake over some ‘banter’ after the former had a private chat with Paqueta.

Antonio explained that he can’t see Richarlison shaking his hand when the two sides meet after the Tottenham player was mocked by the West Ham striker towards the end of the 2022/23 season over scoring just one goal in the Premier League for Spurs.

Antonio and Newcastle’s Callum Wilson revelled at Richarlison had three other strikes disallowed for offside after taking his shirt off in those memorable celebrations.

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His comments came after Tottenham lost 4-3 to Liverpool, with the Brazilian thinking he had rescued his side before Diogo Jota quickly snatched all three points.

Tottenham’s then-interim boss Ryan Mason wasn’t happy with the comments and Richarlison soon hit back himself, questioning how many goals both of them had scored at the World Cup after he netted three in Qatar.

Speaking with Wilson on The Footballer’s Football Podcast, about Richarlison’s situation, he said: “I am no longer commenting on Richarlison.

“It’s got to the stage where I just feel like some people are a bit touchy, so I don’t want to touch nothing that are making people touchy.”

He adds: “Obviously I’m not going to speak about the person who is in the position, I’m just going to say Tottenham need to sign a striker and I’ll leave it at that.”

Antonio then claims that his comments were just banter, saying: “We banter ourselves, we banter each other.

“I’ve gone to Paqueta, obviously they play with each other [for Brazil]. I was like, ‘What’s wrong with your boy? It’s a bit of banter, I don’t understand why he’s taking it so personally’, to the stage where his manager has to talk.

“Lucas is like, ‘It’s just how he is Michy. I told him that’s how you are but he says ‘no, no no, when we play against them, I’m not going to shake his hand.'”

West Ham face Spurs at the beginning of December, but we can’t see the grudge calming anytime soon if it’s still in their heads today.

Twitter users reacted as Michail Antonio says he expects Richarlison to REJECT a handshake over ‘banter’ after having a private chat with Paqueta…

@efc_ke: Leathered him in a national podcast on the BBC and then start throwing the banter shout out when he has a pop back. Playground bully stuff from two bad try hards.

@CSCalder1: Antonio with 1 goal every 4 games as West Ham’s only Striker – West Ham need to sign a new striker that’s all that needs saying

@davedeltoro: West ham need a new striker. I will leave it at that.

@Nick_Dot_T: How you bantering someone you don’t even know? You were mocking him and now you want to use the ‘banter’ card. Absolute 🤡

@cockonball: I’m really disappointed with the BBC for putting out this kind of content. Staying relevant shouldn’t just mean copying social media formats and the mean spirited forced controversy that they thrive on. Do better @5liveSport

@SavEliiz2014: These lot are dickheads, imagine fellow players why still playing doing shit like this, there clubs should be coming down on them, for this really, no matter who the player there having dogs at !

@KidiabaPonyTail: Mental health mental mental health mental health mental health … OH COME ON ITS JUST BANTZ!

@Orin_THFC: Antonio and Wilson = Twats

@jonhotspur88: “He’s probably not gunna shake my hand either”. I wouldn’t worry @CallumWilson, the starting 11s do that before the game kicks off, so it won’t concern you. The subs aren’t involved.

@shelleyj89: Oh we’re still doing this pathetic bit? Cool, cool.

@tinscognito__: All “banter” sure but bit weird to see a pro footballer talk like this about another?

@thfc_whl_1882: This is so classless. Acting like school playground bullies from a pair of average players.

@Benjrolison: To be honest if he went to shake it he’d prob miss anyway! 🤣🤣

@CasualScout78: The absolute shithousery when Richarlison scores a hattrick and does the chicken dance right up to Antonio 😂😂😂

@PaulHardisty: Of course he won’t have to shake his hand, Antonio won’t be in the team to play spurs 🤣

@StevenF17066810: Don’t care about Richarlison and can’t imagine anyone would want to shake his hand however Antonio has spent the whole summer on Podcasts and interviews giving out shit about players and clubs everyone like he’s just retired and doesn’t care anymore.

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