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Michael Owen instantly becomes a meme as he tells of bizarre story about being ‘brave’

Former footballer turned pundit Michael Owen instantly becomes a meme on social media as he tells of bizarre story about being ‘brave’.

Owen, 43, told a story from his childhood while appearing on ‘Upfront with Simon Jordan’, leaving fans rather baffled in the process.

Michael Owen got plenty of mocking on social media after revealing that he built ‘confidence’ by throwing an apple in a bin at his family home.

He reveals the aspects of his life that helped become an England great and is one of just six English players to win the Ballon d’Or.

He said: “You know everything was a challenge I’d eat an apple in the, you know watching the TV at night and the bin would be by the TV you know 6 meters away or whatever it was and well I would just do it.

“I had the bravery to miss and for there to be a stain on the wallpaper and my Mum to absolutely scream at me and send me upstairs.

“I wasn’t cocky at all but the next day I’d do the same and I’d be bump and it go right in the middle and my Dad would give me a nod of approval and my Mum would be seething but couldn’t say anything because it went in and that confidence that sort of daring that nod of approval I don’t want to get bollocked by my Mum here but I’m desperate for a nod of it a little wink from my Dad to say bloody hell, you cocky little. And that’s what I always yearned as a kid.”

Simon Jordan replied: “I mean very driven seems to be a terminology that gets associated with you at times in terms of your belief system and your confidence and what I’m talking to you now I can see that you’re very self assured as we all should be at certain stages in our life but your your dad talked about you and he talks about you as a as a his coordination was exceptional but it was his mentality that set him apart he was a forceful character relentless in his pursuit of getting his own way I’ve never met anybody with a mind as strong as his now that touches upon the belief system and the mentality but is there is there was there ever any contemplation in your mind that there wasn’t going to be the outcomes did you ever get priced into your thinking there’s a possibility I won’t be a professional footballer and not only a professional footballer but the stated aim of a world beating professional footballer.”

Owen replied: “Never with football but I stand on a fairway and think exactly what you just said you know well the waters there make sure you get it over you don’t even look at the pin type of so I have got that in me I’m probably realistic but not when it comes to football um that was my mentality at the time it’s uh it’s I’m going to make it.”

Simon Jordan goes on: “It leads me on to a question there’s two questions I’m going to do in different order than I was originally going to do them but you touched upon the mental side of things because one of the conversations that’s come out Stuart Broad specifically as a cricketer talked about you have to have a baseline of ability of course you do right but he talked about the ability to be at the very top of your game is 90% mental and 10% ability what do you think to that.”

Owen: Yeah um I wouldn’t necessarily agree with the percentages but I do think it’s far more mental than than people give it credit for because let’s get it right every single player that you watch running around on on a on a Saturday in the Premier League you would have no idea which really if you went and did a physical test who are the best and who are the… they’re all pretty… they’re all fit… they’re all strong they’re all capable so after that once you’ve been given the tools from a physical point of view it’s only mental right it’s only mental then.”

You can watch more by watching the video below…

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as Michael Owen instantly becomes a meme after he tells of bizarre story about being ‘brave’…

@JambaWATP21: Ma guess will be Tom Hardy to play him in the movie. What an absolute maniac. Just chaos in the Owen household. The Wests had fuck all on this lot.

@Danny39098934: Michael Owen is either a real life parody or a real life David Brent.

@jnd_90: Just sounds like a scruffy fucker to me. Get off your arse and put the apple in the bin.

@liamcoffey19: What a prick 😂

@mattyjh11: In 30 years time Michael Owen is going to reveal to the world that it was all an act. A lifelong piece of performance art. The 13 year old goalkeeper, the movies, the quotes, the apple… He’s a genius.

@mamuciumfc: So surprised he didn’t go off the rails as a kid with absolutely mad/crazy behaviour like that.

@bainsey__lad: No way did I ever think Owen had this side to him… NAUGHTY CUNT MATE

@hannah1989__: In a world where men are fighting multiple wars and putting their lives on the line I can only hope they all possess the level of bravery that Michael Owen had on that day 🍎🫡

@CraigRead00: Wait who keeps a bin by their tv?

@plinketyplink2: I bet them cold dark winter nights flew by in the Owen household 😩

@Nabyllionaire: Real shit. Doing kick ups in the living room for no reason but the risk you’re gonna break something hanging over your head >>>>>

@missyash8: Not all heroes wear capes. You’re an inspiration to us all, Michael 😂

@ClassAOlly19: Only the bravest of specimens

@TommoNeary: Why didn’t you make it pro Tom? “Didn’t throw enough apples round the living room”

@DGlenn201: A bin by the TV? Did he live in an A&E waiting room?

@Wilkiee999: Is it mandatory to have a ball of flake before you go on a podcast

@IRDavies90: The bloke is a living, breathing parody. Of himself. It’s remarkable.

@THINGEO: I think he done this so they would repaint the wall and he could watch the paint dry

@KearneyCCFC1984: Gonna tell young fellas to put the football down and get the apple out if they wanna make it in football

@goal_villa46296: He’s dads comment to his mum while she’s shouting at him…… ‘Well done, he’s 13’

@NotLew1892: He might be the most boring human being of all time yano 😂😂

@harry_LFC6: Can relate to Michael here. Once cooked food on 170° when the packaging said 180°.

@jeffbarrow81: I was class at throwing half eaten fruit into bins it’s fucking travesty I was never a premier league striker. Just didn’t have that bravery cos the bin was next to tiles rather than wallpaper I guess

@CallumPOBrien: I find it mad how so many people who are hugely successful have the personality of a plant how do they even get there, I’ve had better convos with crackheads 😭

@SamOnBirdApp: He desperately needs his own travel series, An Idiot Abroad style

@RJward93: Your dad giving you the nod after hours of belting apple cores against the living room wall. Only real ballers will understand

@rmace1986: I think I preferred it when the most you heard from footballers was a 2 min pre match interview or write up in the programme. The footballer podcast business needs to be stopped man 🤣

@AIILeedsArentWe: ignoring everything else that’s wrong with this video, who has a bin next to their TV

@Eljefereynsy: Bloody hell living life on the edge Owen

@CharlesTaylor99: Give us some of what he’s on. What a fuckin helmet 😂😂😂

@JustPaul85: Get him on the front line, with that kind of bravery, let’s not worry about sending the special forces!

@EwanForbes_: Frontline soldiers, police officers, firefighters, surgeons, paramedics, take note…..this is real BRAVERY right here….

@keirobs90: Hahahaha surely he can’t be serious

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