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Michael Beale lost the dressing room after key incident left Sunderland players ‘unhappy’

A report reveals the moment Michael Beale lost the dressing room after a key incident left Sunderland players ‘unhappy’.

Sunderland waved goodbye to head coach Michael Beale after just 12 matches in charge, following consecutive Championship losses.

The 43 year old signed a two-and-a-half-year agreement back in December as a replacement for Tony Mowbray. But during his brief tenure, Beale suffered six defeats, including a 3-0 loss at home in the FA Cup against rivals Newcastle United, with recent losses to Huddersfield and Birmingham seeing Sunderland dropping to 10th place in the standings.

Assistant Mike Dodds will take over as interim manager of the Black Cats until the conclusion of the season, with some names including a Polish coach being linked with getting the role permanently. See more on that HERE.

talkSPORT state that Michael Beale lost his players, writing: “Beale is understood to have lost the dressing room, with the Sunderland players particularly unhappy at being made to do extra training after a defeat, while the manager himself took the day off.”

The Sun report that there was extra training put in place for Sunderland players: “Beale is understood to have hauled the players in to do extra training following the loss.

“Incredibly, though, the manager did not go into the training ground and took the day off, prompting fury among the team.”

The Guardian also write that there was tension at boardroom level: “It is understood tensions had been rising behind the scenes since the 43-year-old Londoner began voicing his concern at his young team’s lack of an experienced ­centre-forward. ­

“Sunderland’s 27-year-old owner, Kyril Louis-Dreyfus, had fallen out with Mowbray when the ­latter ­publicly emphasised this ­glaring flaw in the club’s recruitment blueprint.

“Compounding his growing ­political problems at boardroom level, Beale never won the hearts and minds of Sunderland ­supporters. His ­unpopularity only rose after ­Saturday’s 2-1 defeat at Birmingham, now managed by Mowbray.

Beale appeared to snub Trai Hume when he substituted the defender in the 88th minute.

“Television footage shows Beale ignoring his player’s outstretched hand.

“He apologised for that oversight on social media, denying he had refused to shake hands while also praising Hume and his professionalism.”

Twitter users gave their reaction to heard that Michael Beale lost the dressing room after the key incident which left Sunderland players ‘unhappy’…

@Churchill_81: Another example of someone who is a good coach but not cut out to be a manager/head coach. He doesn’t have the people management skills needed for the top job, you only need to look at the players he couldn’t get a song from at Rangers but Clement does.

@tedqprcarter: He took a day off on Sunday and made the players go in and train 😂😂😂 the man is a total cunt

@jimmyskinback: I would love to sit down with the players and see what he was like because from the outside he was a right tit.

@FrenchChairs: Shouldn’t have fired Mowbray.

@WAFCRob: Losing the dressing room after 2 months is quite an achievement

@alwrufc: This guy just seems like a complete Tosser who thinks he is better than he actually is, think he will just fade into obscurity after Sunderland and Rangers debacles.

@DanSFC94: ‘The players were particularly unhappy at being made to do extra training after a defeat, while Beale took the day off.’ I mean wow… what an idiot 😂🤣

@rickyleegriffi2: That’s honestly hilarious

@TheShipyardCat: Never a dull day following Sunderland is it 🤣

@afootyeducation: The extra training after defeats while Beale sat at home with his feet up is absolutely mind blowing 🤯

@profanityswan: High performance culture / obsession with progression etc

@allansnedden: This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, given some of the stories i heard from his disastrous time at Rangers

@FTM1042: Eeee the cheek of that 😂😂 I’m off now but you have to stay in and do some training whilst I just piss off back to Glasgow. Wrong man 💯

@CapitalCityBear: I normally wish any ex-manager well, but I cannot stand this guy. Acted a classless prick right from the off undermining Gio and an undeserved arrogance grew and grew. Two sackings in 6 months and he’ll still have an ego the size of the Clyde.

@SteveP1986: The absolute arrogance of this guy – it couldn’t possibly be his own fault!

@_Daryl_01: That’s hilarious if true

@PhilEllerington: Lead by example 🤦‍♀️

@KYLECLA42776881: We’re all in it together lads, not! 🤡

@cake_for: Cheeky get!

@No1MickV: He lost the dresser the day he started

@Theklassic: He lost the dressing room after a week, plus round the training ground ignored staff and the women’s team all in the same week.

@ianmunro14: Once the dust settles he will sit down and count his money from Rangers and Sunderland pay offs!! Never need to work again which is probably just as well because doubt if he will get other job in football

@willienic: This doesn’t surprise me. Look at what ex Rangers player Fashion Sakala has to say about him. Look at the comments from Lundstram and Goldson about the change at Rangers. Guy is a decent coach, that’s it, he’s not a football manager and most definitely not a man manager.

@EkwahFanSAFC: I wish Beale nothing but the best, I’m sure he’s a lovely fella. That being said I’ve never known a manager to shoot himself in the foot so many times in such a short period of time #SAFC

@BMordey7: The bloke was a complete and utter fucking tosser, jesus christ 🥴

@CW_QPR_123: You can see why Sunderland wanted rid of him.

@vaux92: it seems speakman was right about one thing regarding michael beale at least: he really has witnessed some of the best coaching ever. so good, in fact, that beale didn’t even need to be there. canny impressive, that. sincerely, outside noise

@Rob_saunders6: I appreciate his personal circumstances but for a LinkedIn management warrior like beale surely it was obvious to him how badly this would come across

@DerickSnake: The day after their most recent defeat he was posting on instagram about being up in Scotland for the first time in ages 😂 Wee trip home while the boys worked. What a lizard 😂

@MiserableMackem: What a complete and utter fucking loser this bloke is, man. Never been happier to see the back of a manager/head coach. #SAFC

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