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Meslier gets sent off for pushing Preston player in the face then Leeds go on to lose

Goalkeeper Illan Meslier gets sent off for pushing a Preston player in the face then Leeds go on to lose in dramatic circumstances.

It came on the 53rd minute of the Championship fixture, starting off with a little scuffle with Ben Whiteman and went head-to-head with him, but then Milutin Osmajic got involved.

Meslier can be seen pushing him in the face, aggressive enough to force the referee Josh Smith into showing a red card. Joe Rodon and Milutin Osmajic also were booked for their part in it.

Joel Piroe was subsequently taken off, with keeper Karl Darlow subbed on to take up the No 1 spot.

Lee Hendrie on Sky Sports Football: “This is a fabulous opportunity for Preston to take all three points.”

Jon Newsome (Ex-Leeds defender on BBC Radio Leeds): “It was silly, it was foolish [by Meslier] and he will be sitting there in the dressing room thinking ‘what have I done?’. But it’s too late.

“Sometimes a bit of adversity galvanises the lads, and let’s hope that it does.”

Preston made the most of Leeds being down to 10 men, as minutes later, Liam Millar whipped in a spectacular ball from the left, Alan Browne on a superb run to get on the end of it, and put the ball past the stranded Karl Darlow with a header!

Jon Newsome: “Leeds have struggled, they have not got that spark. It was a really great performance against Ipswich on Saturday, but it has not worked today.”

Phil Hay said on Twitter: “Meslier sent off. Out of nowhere. Preston swing a cross in. Meslier takes it but then reacts to Whiteman, aiming an elbow in his direction. Straight red. Darlow’s league debut coming up…

“Without seeing a replay, that was quite an obvious reaction from Meslier which was asking for trouble. Will be a three-match ban. Darlow in nets. Looks like Leeds are going 4-2-3, with Rutter through the middle and James/Summerville either side of him.

“Darlow’s first job, to pick the ball out of the net. Simple stuff – cross into the box, Browne gets up and plants a sharp heard into the corner of the net. 1-0 on 58 mins.”

In the 82nd minute, Dan James ran into the box, before he was clipped by Ali McCann and went down. The referee watched it play out in front of him, and pointed straight to the spot. Struijk made no mistake with his penalty.

But again, Preston soon get back in front and in quite some style too when Liam Millar collected the ball on the left, and after a sensational run, he sends one into the top right corner from the edge of the box to make it 2-1.

Jon Newsome:It’s a great finish by Liam Miller. He stands Archie Gray up in the corner, skips past him but I think the goalkeeper has to do better as it was not top bins.

“Leeds were on top in the game and that is a bitter, bitter blow.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as Meslier gets sent off for pushing the Preston player in the face…

@TheUnknownMando: Getting sent off for that is a travesty. State of these referees

@MRMAXBRADLEY_: Everything wrong with modern football. That Preston player

@jimmy_L_UFC: All Meslier had to do is get that ball out of his hands and move an attack forward but no! Needed to act like a big man

@GabeTheAmerican: Seeing a lot of comments about how “soft” that was. It doesn’t matter. If you raise your hands to a player’s face, expect to get sent off. End off. Mindless by Meslier.

@MWJS82: Can’t defend it, Meslier is a liability

@jackbuchanan151: how do these men go home to their wives with any kind of shame. imagine your bird seeing you do 12 barrel rolls after a light push to the face

@DavidRo63584857: Meslier has got too big for his boots, he struts about like he’s the best keeper in the world & that arrogance got him sent off. He needs to get his feet back on the ground, his actions have probably cost us the game! #lufc

@ROI_LUFC: Soft yes but the way the game is these days that’s a red all day when you push someone in the face

@AVFCTrey: imagine rolling around after just being shoved in the face? absolutely embarrassing

@paulc_66: Always get overly punished for retaliation, never for the provocation

@TotallyLeeds: Took Boxing Day a little too literally, what an idiot #LUFC

@BWFC74: Leeds getting a taste of their own medicine… Bamford been rolling around play acting regularly for years.

@RobDodsworth: More rolls than Greggs.

@Steverab1: #lufc Meslier is absolutely shocking one of the main reasons we went down and one of the main reasons why we won’t go up.

@SkintRichy: Both should have had a yellow. The PNE play reaction is an absolute joke. Embarrassing.

@DJSamIrons: Preston have absolutely done a job on us today. Riled up Meslier and got him sent. And kept all of our quality quiet. Horrible afternoon. #LUFC

@OliWhiteMOT93: Fucking stupid from Meslier, but at the same time, never enough contact for their player to go down.

@Emmabtvs: I’m Meslier’s biggest fan but fell out with him today. Complete wrong move and he deserved that red card. Has let the team down.

@jalager: Ludicrous play acting by Osmajic but you can’t raise your hand to a player’s face. Daft by Meslier.

@thetommoore: Meslier’s been the weakest link in the team for some time btw. A wonder save against Leicester and a few camera saves wont excuse the fact he can’t catch a ball and now can’t keep his head. Will never forget how shocking he was towards the end of last season. #LUFC

@IanPullan1: There number 4 has been winding Meslier up all game, but he shouldn’t be be reacting like he did there! Total lack of discipline

@flyhsuk: You reap what you sow in this league. Invited pressure from the off by fielding a team that needed freshness and rotation. Instead we will now lose and have suspensions. Poor from Farke again.

@smith_ingham: Is the Preston player who shoved the keeper OK. That touch of a glove might have really hurt the embarassing actor

@scottyfroggatt: Can’t be doing that to an opponent but acting like you’ve been sniped by Chris Kyle after that contact is pathetic 😂

@AndyThompson11: Absolutely no doubt it was a red card but how about the clown giving the hard man act and then a little touch and he’s rolling around like he’s been shot. Red cards like these just encourage shit like that to happen afterwards. Send him off too

@Andrewmoyzee: The Preston player went and pushed the goalkeeper first 🤣 pathetic reaction ridiculous from the ref to send the keeper off

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