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Member of Oyston family make dig at Blackpool

Fans have hit back at one member of Oyston family after they appeared to make dig at League One side Blackpool, a club they formerly owned.

It was on the 13th of June 2019, that Simon Sadler was announced as the new owner of the club, officially ending the Oystons’ 32-year tenure, purchasing a 96.2% stake.

The club were on a rapid decline ever since the 2010-11 Premier League season, and in 2016/17, they found themselves playing in League Two, a true indication of what the Oystons did to the club.

Blackpool’s 2014/15 season (finished bottom of the Championship) had the club under pressure, struggling and mired in controversy.

The relegated club’s final game of the season was forced to be abandoned as a protest took to the field in protestation at owner Karl Oyston, who was once viewed as a hero for saving them in their hour of need as Blackpool came close to the precipice. In those days the fact he purchased the club for nominal sum of £1 was overlooked but then became somewhat of a sore point for those who wanted him out.

Lack of investment in the club, playing staff and training facilities saw them become a laughing stock in England’s second division and had the Oyston family lurching from one public relations nightmare to another.

The owners departed, and weeks after, Blackpool Gazette refused to publish a letter from that much hated Owen Oyston as ticket sales for their first home game Oyston free surged from the average of 4,00 to 15,000.

They now play in League One with much respected manager and former Liverpool coach Neil Critchley after many a controversial season in the EFL.

A tough start to the new season so far sees them sitting in the relegation zone, however it is still early days.

The 2018/19 season saw them finish 10th, and then the previous campaign saw them finish 13th (based on points-per-game due to the coronavirus pandemic).

After their 3-2 defeat at home to Lincoln City, George Oyston, who is Karl Oyston’s son has often mocked the fanbase since the Oyston ownership ended.

He simply put an eyes emoji whilst retweeting the Blackpool defeat. Another jibe it would seem.

enjoying winding up fans with pictures on social media and acting out at matches.

From turning up with tennis rackets to counter-act a protest involving tennis balls to taking pictures on a bed covered in money, both sons have previously got into spats with fans at the club and on social media.

In April 2014, Sam tweeted a picture of Karl next to a billboard which had been created by Blackpool fans to protest against the club’s way of spending money.

Fans reacted after one member of Oyston family make a dig at Blackpool and their defeat to Lincoln on Saturday…

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