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Matt Le Tissier accuses Gareth Southgate of being ‘woke’ in response to Nigel Farage

Matt Le Tissier accuses Gareth Southgate of being ‘woke’ in response to Nigel Farage with a clip of it quickly going viral overnight.

The former Southampton player turned pundit and outspoken Twitter user Matt Le Tissier has laid into the England manager days before the World Cup begins, as he insists that he would not want to take his advice on taking penalties.

The attacking midfielder, who converted 47 of his 48 penalties with the Saints, admits to offering to share his wisdom, experience and knowledge, on penalties with the Three Lions squad’s in the past.

But he has said that he probably had more chance of actually being given the nod by previous Three Lions managers than Southgate.

Le Tissier told GBNews: ‘I have on occasions in the past approaching World Cups and European Championships offered my services to go and coach the players, if they want some advice on taking penalties.

‘To be fair, I mean, there were probably other managers that may have been more likely to listen than the woke Mr Southgate.

‘I would quite happily take a penalty still, at my age. I really enjoyed the pressure of those situations.

‘I really looked forward to taking penalties. And I think one of the biggest things you can have as a penalty-taker is your mindset going into it has to be really positive.

‘And I believe that was one of the biggest reasons why my penalty record was good.’

Le Tissier also played down England’s hopes of winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, though did reveal he would love to see them win.

‘I suspect not. As much as I would love them to win the World Cup, I think with my realistic cap on I think there are perhaps better teams than us.

‘However, you never know, football’s a funny game.’

Earlier this year, Matt Le Tissier took aim at Gary Lineker.

He also labelled him as “woke” for his political stances and questioned his “nice bloke” image having previously been at odds with Lineker, who made headlines in 2021 for shutting him down in a debate over Covid, a topic which both ex-footballers have regularly weighed in on.

A staunch believer in “not following the crowd,” Le Tissier continued his battle against mainstream thinking and given his thoughts on Lineker while speaking to the Times.

“I find it funny that he goes out of his way to criticise me for having an opinion that’s different to his,” he declared.

“I have followed Gary on social media for many years and a lot of the stuff I completely disagree with but I have never attacked him for it. But the other way round. He is meant to be the nice bloke, the woke Gary Lineker, nice and inclusive but he is the one going out of his way trying to dig me out.”

Lineker and his followers laughed at Le Tissier’s expense last September when Le Tiss questioned why Covid was treated differently to the flu.

“Why didn’t we ever try this hard to ‘defeat’ flu?” Le Tissier asked in one of his many controversial tweets. “It has a similar fatality rate to ‘Covid’ and actually affects younger people more? Answers on a postcard.”

Gary then shut him down, quoting the Twitter post and responding: “Yeah Matt, why didn’t someone come up with a flu vaccine?”

Gary Lineker sarcastically hits back at Matt Le Tissier for his latest  controversial Covid tweet | Daily Mail Online

Le Tissier recently removed himself as an ambassador at Southampton back in April, shortly after stopping short of apologising for spreading conspiracy theories about Russia’s massacre of civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

He caused backlash from his followers after appearing to suggest that the media have lied about the what happened in eastern Europe.

He retweeted a post from an account named Unity News Net, which claimed the scenes in Ukraine had been falsified by the media after ‘weapons of mass destruction’, ‘Covid’ and ‘the Hunter Biden laptop’. Le Tissier captioned his tweet ‘This’, with a finger-pointing emoji down to the Unity News Net post.

On Twitter, Le Tissier retweeted a post suggesting the media have 'lied' about certain events

Taking to Twitter, the 53-year-old said: ‘To all the fans of sfc. I have decided to step aside from my role as an ambassador of SFC. My views are my own and always have been, and it’s important to take this step today to avoid any confusion. 

‘This does not affect my relationship with and love for my club, and I will always remain a fan and supporter of everything Saints. I can, however, see that due to recent events it’s important to separate the work I believe in from my relationship with the club I have supported and played for most of my life.

‘I will see you all at St Mary’s and will always do anything I can to help the club.’

In response to his tweet about events in Ukraine, Le Tissier wrote: ‘Let me make something very clear I do not advocate war in any way shape or form I do not advocate anyone taking lives of others and anyone who commits such acts should be dealt with accordingly, any atrocities leave devastating effects on the families of the victims and us all.’

But much of the response sent back to Le Tissier weren’t suggesting he was ever advocating or supporting the war in Ukraine. 

His followers were instead dismayed that he was appearing to question the legitimacy of the horrifying reports of Vladimir Putin’s forces slaughtering civilians and dumping their bodies into mass graves.

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Twitter users reacted as Matt Le Tissier accuses Gareth Southgate of being ‘woke’ in response to Nigel Farage…

@olimccoole: State of it

@claramps: Not sure about this episode of Brass Eye.

@SockCouncil: Wasn’t a big fan of Southgate’s coaching abilities but he’s gone way up in my estimations here after this…… Go on Gareth!

@NickTSBW: Nothing worse than posh cunts like Farage trying to talk football. There’s your Italia 90 legacy.

@Sam_AEC: You’re telling me this ISN’T a parody sketch?

@LauraAinslie7: Sitting next to Nigel Farage and STILL managing to be the biggest clown in the room really does take some doing from Le Tissier tbf

@spiralout77: If Le Tissier is calling you ‘woke’ you’re clearly getting it right. Gammony twat.

@Stuzipants: Matt Le Tissier here calling Gareth Southgate woke because almost every England manager pre-alised he’s an absolute cock and didn’t pick him… cheered on by Nigel Farage who I’ve noticed is looking more and more like a trainee corpse every day… that’s what lying does to a man

@OWS1892: Imagine being a Southampton fan watching this happen to your hero.

@billykey00: Fucking hell; it’s hard to work out which one of @Nigel_Farage and Le Tissier is more of a cunt

@blueweinitfc: All those years I was bitter about Le Tissier not being picked for England because he played for a small club, and all along it turns out it’s because he was a massive bellwiff…

@RyvitaVonTeese: Saying the word ‘woke’ around right wingers is like when the rock would say the name of whatever city Monday night raw was in that week. Just drop it in, they fucking love it

@JoeyBigBelly: I don’t know if there’s someone I hate more on this planet than Matt Le Tissier. Literally has 3 IQ. We should really cut his brain open and examine it for medical science

@JordanWard_: Still don’t understand why woke is used at a word to insult people when the people that say it don’t use it in the right context 😂

@GOWoodward: Yep it’s definitely just because of ‘woke’ Gareth Southgate, otherwise, any other England manager would be clambering to get help from the bloke with no coaching or managerial experience who couldn’t even kick a ball out of play to win a bet he’d made in a match he was playing in

@JamesyMc10: The descent with this guy is stunning, went from football cult hero to decent telly guy to massive bellend who’s determined to bore the arse of you with no evidence conspiracy shit & now keeps going down to alt right fluffer. “Oh Nigel look I said woke”. Mad walloper

@RossWilliams_: Imagine leaving the house and telling your missus you’re off to watch Nigel Farage talk to Matt Le Tissier in a pretend pub.

@cricketjim1: Ahahahaha this is class. His smug face after saying ‘woke Mr Southgate’ is great – he genuinely thinks he’s done something

@ScottCTomo88: He was a great player, loved watching him – shame he’s turned into a massive bellend

@Redsmail: Le Tissier finally and officially nails his colours to the mast. That should be the end of any real career he might have. Talking to this fraud is bad enough. Using ‘woke’ as an insult when the opposite is effectively ‘heartless racist’. Uncomfortable watching. Horrible pair!

@OwenPeterson79: You know what the worst thing is, about being labelled ‘woke’? It’s that there’s a huge chunk of the planet think it’s an insult. Frightening lack of understanding what’s going on around them.

@Juppopovic: If I was a Southampton fan I’d be devastated. Such a brilliant footballer is somehow even more adept at being a bellend.

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