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Match halted as ref shows players how to take a throw in correctly

A non league match ended up being halted as the ref shows the players on the pitch how to take a throw in correctly, yes really.

Hedge End Rangers played host to Hamble United in the Southampton Saturday Football League Senior One fixture on Saturday afternoon.

However none of those who were inside the stadium could have been prepared what was about to happen, with the game stopped just after the second half began.

Match attendee @GarethByres took to social media to explain what he saw, whilst Hedge End Rangers also had their say via their Twitter account.

Gareth Byres wrote: “Loved seeing the referee explain and demonstrate to adult players how to take a throw in @HedgeEndRangers.”

Whilst the home side said: “So, what level of football do you play at?”

“We play at the level where two minutes into the second half the referee brought the match to a stop and explained to everyone how to take a throw in” 😂 #uptherangers

Hedge End Rangers and Gareth Byres both saw their tweets go viral as well as shared by some high profile names on the non league community.

Fans reacted with the match halted as there ref shows players how to take a throw in correctly…

@Ollie_Bayliss: Let’s have some of this in the Premier League too 👍👏👏

@AndrewRuscoe: Good refereeing that. Foul throws still go on even in the premier league somehow

@DulcetDave: Thanks ref. It’s becoming a lost art . Can you please show some of the players in the EFL?

@Barnesy19752: Ha ha the shame. We once’s played a team who literally couldn’t take a throw in. The referee gave up in the end they were that bad.

@bobbymoo: This should be mandatory before every game.

@JoshuaJPE: Brilliant 😂😂

@Calvey94: New law should be brought into football so that foul throws are punishable with a red card and a penalty. Zero defence for doing a foul throw once you get to an adult

@wanderersafc: Couple of our refs could step on with this. Not seen a game without at least one foul throw this season – and that includes @premierleague!

@GasworksE: Absolutely brilliant!

@TonyIncenzo: This has never happened in a football match before! The players kept taking foul throws so the referee stopped the game to personally demonstrate how to take a throw in correctly!

@MrMikeCox: Imagine being that left back right there. Throw ins so bad the ref has to stop the game and run a workshop 🙈 Poor guy. The absolute shame of this.

@di1cox: Get him on the VAR @FA

@Jord_M_66: Fair play, Foul throws still go on even in the premier league somehow

@Covey_10: Fucking hell 😩

@RedCardShirts: An example of good refereeing if you ask me. Not only there to referee but to guide players as well.

@DeeRangers: This is brilliant 😂😂😂😂

@FootiePrint: Unfortunately this is a consequence of the simple things in football being forgotten. Kids aren’t taught how to take throws – it’s not in any training session plan. It’s all about the ‘playing out from the back’ BS and systems. Teach them bullet headers, long throws and 50/50s!

@supertedwebby: If you can’t take a throw in by the time you reach adulthood then maybe it’s time to find another hobby?

@Neil_Harman57: I reffed a match at Wycombe’s TG earlier this season against a local side who had a Polish RB. I had a quiet word with him about foul throws. His coach told me he didn’t understand a word of English so I demonstrated the action. He nodded his thanks and didn’t do it again.

@GillsInTheBlood: Christ that’s a new one on me🤣

@ChalayeJonathan: Maybe get EFL and Champions league refs to do the same or adjust the laws as stopping youth or non league for them is tedious especially as ignored at the top?

@CornishBankie: I have to say that some of the throws in the professional game are dubious at times . But they get away with it.

@GardnerShow: I think this is brilliant, played many an amateur game where my own team mates got this wrong and you’d go mad 😭

@PhilRichards82: Do you all call it a ‘false throw’ aswell instead of the correct term ‘foul throw’? Heard it so many times in the Carmarthenshire League.

@jpeach17: Could do with this in the Premier League

@tomfaulkner1989: Absolutely love this.

@LewisW89: I’ve done this refereeing a year 7 match before! Ha

@hitwpompey: Why I prefer non league rather than the premier league lol

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