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Martin Tyler slated for baffling Raul Jimenez comment during Liverpool win

Commentator Martin Tyler has been slated by viewers for making a baffling comment about Raul Jimenez during a Liverpool win over Wolves.

Jurgen Klopp’s side secured a 1-0 victory in the Black Country, making it first successive victories since the end of January.

Diogo Jota scored on return to Molineux to lift the current league champions within five points of the top four after a second win in eight Premier League games.

Player ratings

Wolves: Patricio (7), Boly (6), Coady (6), Saiss (6), Semedo (7), Neves (6), Moutinho (6), Jonny (5), Neto (6), Jose (7), Traore (6).

Subs: Silva (6), Dendoncker (5), Gibbs-White (n/a), Ruddy (n/a)/

Liverpool: Alisson (7), Alexander-Arnold (6), Phillips (7), Kabak (6), Robertson (6), Wijnaldum (6), Fabinho (6), Thiago (5), Mane (6), Jota (8), Salah (7).

Subs: Milner (6), Keita (6), Oxlade-Chamberlain (5).

Man of the match: Diogo Jota

Wolves however are winless in four but their defeat was overshadowed by a late injury to goalkeeper Rui Patricio who collided with Conor Coady.

The Sky Sports cameras panned to the Wolves star striker Raul Jimenez, who was sitting in the stands watching on with medics dealing with a similar situation to what he experienced a while back.

The Mexican has been out of action since the end of November, when a clash of heads with Arsenal’s David Luiz saw him suffer a fractured skull.

The 29-year-old in the stands could be see showing off a new blonde haircut, and Martin Tyler couldn’t help but show is age with a daft bizarre comment.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Tyler was heard commenting: “He’s had something done to his hair that suggests the skull isn’t too damaged.”

This of cause left the Molineux faithful fuming with the Sky Sports broadcaster for his comment. As mentioned, Martin Tyler was slated for his baffling Raul Jimenez comment during the Liverpool win, see what they said below…

@murraypugh: Jimenez dyed his hair so his skull is sound. Honestly Martin Tyler is so poor at commentary it’s painful #WOLLIV

Another commented: “Tyler suggesting Jimenez’s skill can’t be ‘too damaged’ because he dyed his hair – he fractured his skull, Martin!”

@GeorgiaLWriter: Martin Tyler is the most unprofessional commentator ever. I’m sure his blood runs blue. His Jimenez comment was appalling. Should keep his comments to the play.

@MxnchMxgic: You could literally see the scar on the side of his head man. Man’s a tit.

@_RPMoore: And can’t he see the scar????

@Official_ColinW: Ridiculous statement!

Another added: “Did Martin Tyler just say Jimenez’s skill is fine because he dyed his hair?

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

@chrisamos2301: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking wtf

@BenWebbLFC: Ramblings of a fella out of touch with reality….. 😂

@MwambaSaphir: What the actual…

@Land_PropRT: The mans a prick, needs replacing…..

@joeygilbertt: Blows my mind Martin Tyler comes out with something as idiotic and classless as the comments on Jimenez and patricio, ruins every single game he’s on.

@harko88699620: Absolute 🦕 needs to retire

@lucieteresa97: It’s one of those things that you wouldn’t believe was said unless you heard it yourself, utter insanity from him

@HelleyPaul: Yea think Martin past his prime now! Time to retire

@Alex1995Lfc: Like when he said Klopp looked “grumpy” couple days after his mum died

@Johnlog52495247: I wish someone would remove this fucker from sky tv because he is absolutely fucking shite a waste of fucking money all fans should sign a petition for this wanker to be removed from tv

@KevinK93LFC: Society has progressed past the need for Martin Tyler

@sazzam31: He needs to be sacked

@AhsanDEjaz: He’s been legitimately terrible at his job for years.

@KyleMF1: Martin Tyler really needs to retire. Not even because of nonsense like this but just his lack of enthusiasm when he commentates. I criticise David Croft a lot but at least he gets excited watching F1.

@TheOPpundit: Please excuse my language but Martin Tyler is such a cunt. Not sure why this old man with dementia is still commentating


“We just had an update now and he’s OK. He’s totally conscious and he remembers what happened. He’s aware, so it should be OK.

“We have spoken already. All these situations when it’s a concussion and the head, all of us are worried. But he is OK, he’s going to recover.

“We’ve spoken to the doctor and he told me he’s going to be OK. I think he was immediately assisted well by the doctors.

“Of course, we need to take the right precautions, because it’s a concussion to the head, so it’s something we have to be aware of, but the first signs are OK.”

On the danger of concussions

“Every time there is a concussion in the head everybody on the pitch gets worried; the teammates, the opponents, because it’s a serious situation.

“It’s one of the situations that all of us are questioning, but the law is clear. The referees keep the flag down, they play to the whistle, the players must go till the end and situations can happen.

“This won’t be the last time it happens, for sure.”

On a narrow defeat to Liverpool

“I think we played a good game. First-half we started better, we dominated, we were competitive, we had chances, we covered the ball, we defended well, we coped with the speed of Liverpool and we played good football with some chances that we should take advantage of.

“It was a very competitive game. We played well, and we were able to control many of the situations Liverpool produced, being able to control their speed, control the deep. There are things we have to improve; better decisions, better passing, better finishing, but a fantastic effort from the players.

“It’s very difficult to play against Liverpool because there is always the danger of the speed, so we always have to stay balanced. But we have to recover the ball and go and take some risks. The result was not good, but the attitude was fantastic.”

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