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Martin Keown threatens to walk out of studio after heated debate with Simon Jordan

Martin Keown threatens to walk out of the studio after having a heated debate with Simon Jordan on talkSPORT earlier this week.

After Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta had been charged by the Football Association following his angry rant about VAR, Simon Jordan discussed the matter with Martin Keown.

But they ended up clashing, and now a three minute clip of the moment has done the rounds on Twitter, getting nearly two million views in the process.

Keown: The PGMOL should be making that call. They should be the ones. Why did we go to the World cup last year with semi automated system? We don’t and we now start a Premier League without it. Why did the Premier League clubs get that choice? It should be Howard Webb’s decision to make should be taken out of his hands should be his decision now it’s not the first time we’ve got previous on this why does the Premier League always feel it’s different to the rest of Europe? The rest of Europe is using the semi automatic system.

Jordan: The Premier League is made up by the 20 member clubs. It’s their initiative if the 14 clubs in the league want to change things in conjunction with Richard Masters and central management in the Premier League, they’ll change it. So you can ask that question then go ask your friends at Arsenal…

Keown: No, I’m saying it should be taken out of their hands we’ve had previous of this, remember when the situation came in, they told the linesmen across Europe, they said, look, okay, don’t put your flag up… but we said….

Jordan: But Martin…

Keown: No, no, listen, Simon, let me create my argument people come on this show and you don’t let them formulate arguments and then people go away. Not really sure what we’re trying to say I want to be very clear what I’m saying.

Jordan: No I’m listening. Be clear then…

Keown: I’m saying is that what we’ve got, a situation is where they don’t listen what is it about our Premier League? They’re putting the flags up. So they said, oh, no, no, we put the flags up. We’ve spoken to the players, we’ve spoken to the management, they’re happy if the flags go up, it won’t interfere with. Even if we get it wrong, that’s fine. That was absolute garbage rubbish. We had to backtrack. The next year we followed the rest of Europe let’s be a leader. Why the Premier League following everybody else? Yeah, be up there, join in with this semi automated system then we wouldn’t have the situation now, would we?

Jordan: Absolutely. And you may well be right that the coherency of your argument isn’t necessarily the debate here we’re talking about people’s behaviour because whatever situation, you’re never going to get 100% accuracy doesn’t matter what you think.

Keown: We should strive for in

Jordan: Martin, that’s fine, but we’ve strived…

Keown: The technology exists for us to be better than we are and we ignore

Jordan: It doesn’t Martin?

Keown: Yes, it does. Semi automated system we all have a picture in our mind semi automated of the circumference of a football against in the Japan game. We all think of that…

Jordan: Can I have my argument, people listening to you

Keown: Go on and mate, let’s hear it.

Jordan: The point is this, is that the technology doesn’t quite exist in certain spaces. It’s not far away from it. And clearly, I do think the only answer is to go fully automated, to put sensors in the ball, sensors in the shirts. Take away the argument, there’ll still be a margin of error and there’ll still be complaints. But what we’re talking about now is how you transition from a first generation technology building to the point and the interim position where you’re trying to establish a culture where people can respect the errors get made. Now, the original discussion that Jim advanced, whether you like it or you don’t, was that there were two facets of this conversation. The way that the manager behaved. And it should be baked into people’s thinking that managers are going to be very emotional. That should be priced, and it often is. But Arteta went beyond the emotion level.

Keown: He doesn’t trust the system currently does he? Doesn’t believe in it.

Jordan: Well, that’s fine, but he did the previous week and he did the following week, and he did want to talk.

Keown: Really?! Tomiyasu being sent off for timewasting, haven’t seen that, haven’t seen that across the board?

White: In League One at St. James’ Park you would have trusted it.

Keown: Let’s look at the subjective decision that was made, right? Was it a foul or wasn’t it? Okay, so we look at that and he’s got two hands on the back of the player. Now, in this instance, a former participant in football should be, now, I thought Jamie Carragher was brilliant on this. He saw the other night a similar instance where there was a Cucurella was fouled. He was actually dragged by Haaland the wrong side of play.

Jordan: Did you just stuck Neville in there. Neville said it wasn’t a foul.

Keown: Just a minute. No, I’m taking you now on a week. I’m taking you on a week.

White: If this wasn’t Arsenal you wouldn’t be saying this. You’re in denial.

Keown: I’m going to talk about Chelsea – Man City.

White: You’re in denial. I’m going to talk about Chelsea.

Jordan: You’re talking about ex players being in there and seeing it and being able to give that back.

Keown: Do you want me to do what Martin O’Neill said? I’m going to leave the studio. Yeah.

This is what fans are saying after Martin Keown threatens to walk out of the studio over the heated debate with Simon Jordan…

@NUFCgallowgate: HOW is he still crying?! 😂😂😂

@YSLRNUFC: Keown is a clown. Another crying Arsenal fan 2 weeks on because they didn’t get their own way.

@_OnTheConcourse: Unfortunately Martin and his Arsenal tinted glasses doesn’t have the minerals to formulate an argument that stands up. The bias to his Arsenal is a bit rancid tbh. debating with other examples across the PL for contrast and comparison. Get your coat Martin

@MarkDav1605: Jim the sensation hunter is a yappy dog when he thinks Simon has his back. It’s disgusting the man who is a professional sycophant gets so confrontational with such respected men like Martin’s K and O’N but without Simon is gushing towards them OF THAT THERE IS NO DOUBT

@wallsy83: The bloke talks so much crap it’s unreal . Leave and never come back would be nice

@RicoDepor: Simon Jordan & Jim White are such wind up merchants, and we know Martin is easy to wind up .. so they’re having a field day!

@eee_harry: I love Simon. But Martin is right. He asks for an “open debate” then interjects his opinion every 30 seconds

@Tom_Amos: And this is why ex players cannot be involved. A foul to Martin Keown, is much more contact than a foul now. A fouls is subjective. Your ex players played years ago, the ex players relevant to var now would be 2 years old and that’s not good enough

@ScotGooner1: How can you get your argument across when you have two clowns across the table from you saying “you wouldn’t be saying it if it was Arsenal” They are part of the problem. Nothing will get changed if everyone keeps up with this tribalism and biases or hatred’s of certain clubs.

@_deseun_: People in the comment complaining about Keown.. Why is no one asking why the biggest and wealthiest league in the world not using the latest technology to drastically cut out errors? This is not an Arsenal issue.. it is a league issue

@JuceeRob: Keown is an absolutely terrible pundit. Always has been 🥴

@ebroglio8: Weeks later and he’s still banging on about it like it’s the biggest injustice that ever happened in football…. it cost them 1 point.

@RomfordTipster: How are these Arsenal fans still going on 😴 this isn’t even the most controversial decision this season. Liverpool & Wolves can feel more aggrieved than Arsenal. It wasn’t even a foul imo, Gabriel was already diving forwards, it’s all subjective. You lost the game because you wasn’t good enough. Please just shut up and get over it

@darrentimmsgolf: Keown is so rattled

@leemorson3NUFC: He’s going on about semi automatic offsides. What difference is that going to make to the situation involving the foul . I’m lost

@Jaycen_solo: We couldn’t bring in the semi automated system because it requires a chip to be in the ball so that the system know the moment that the ball was kicked. This tech is currently only done by Adidas.The PL has an exclusive deal with Nike for the balls.Adidas offered to sell the chip

@rhysforan: Jim spot on – if it wasn’t Arsenal he wouldn’t be so angry. He says about having ex players on the review committee- he is precisely the reason why they can’t. He doesn’t hide his love for Arsenal and his hatred of other sides.

@TheCashCFC: Tbf, Keown must be well paid to go on that show. It’s the only way he’d put himself through this kind of weekly embarrassment. It’s painful listening to him at times…

@ThatBraK: Martin Keown is hands down one the most biased ex-player pundits. At least Carragher to some degree acknowledges his bias and it’s become almost satirical to some degree. Martin is insufferable

@TenHagOne: @JimWhite most used phrase is “Let him speak Simon!” 🤣

@whickhamrobbie: Please leave Martin and never return, it would be the best for everyone

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