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Marske United’s coaching staff and Whitby Town’s fans in mass brawl during heated FA Cup derby

Marske United’s coaching staff and Whitby Town’s fans in mass brawl during what was a rather heated FA Cup Second Qualifying Round derby.

Whitby fell to a 1-0 defeat against their local league rivals with the score only half the story after trouble broke out at the game, leading to the sending off of a member of the Marske United bench.

There were also a number of videos on social media showing just what was happening close to the dugout and in the stands.

@connor.tyreman Police dog stuck in the middle #police #marskeathome #facup #home #football #viral #tiktok #getmelive ♬ original sound – Connor tyreman

In one, a supporter is shown jumping the barrier and coming onto the field after being hit in the head by a can thrown into the crowd by a member of the Marske coaching staff as fans and the coach exchanged missiles.

On the pitch, Adam Wheatley’s goal for Marske came after 64 minutes, proving to be the difference between the sides, however the home side felt aggrieved feeling there was a foul on Malik Dijksteel in the build-up.

On the incidents, Whitby said: “Unsavoury scenes followed as a member of the Marske United bench threw an item into the scratching shed, much to the displeasure of the Whitby fans, one of whom ended up squaring up to former Town man David McTiernan. The incident is currently under investigation with the relevant authorities. Marske assistant, Ian Clark, was shown a red card by the referee.”

Nathan Haslam and Ian Clark spoke after the match, click play on the videos below to see that.

@LiamRyderWTFC wrote: “In my six years covering @WhitbyTownFC, I’ve never seen such unsavoury scenes as those today against @MarskeUnitedFC. Not at all what non-league & football in general should be about. Rather than blaming each other, let the relevant authorities come to their own conclusions.

Twitter users gave their reaction as Marske United’s coaching staff and Whitby Town’s fans get in to a mass brawl during Saturday’s heated FA Cup derby…

@cullpaul20: Magic of the cup

@fezza78: Absolutely madness

@AlanBro09107194: Wow they look well educated young chaps

@matthirtyfive: Whitby Town Football Club are a family club 🤨

@JennaWarrilow: There was young lads in the stand was poor on their part retaliating in such a manner, if my 11-year old son has been in the shed which he sometimes is and it hit him or any other child? yes it shouldn’t have been chucked in the first place but it should never have been shot back

@gouldyleee: I was sat in the opposites stand so could see how poorly organised it was having the away fans behind the home dugout and vice versa. Whitby manager was abused all game with zero reaction. Marske manager abused all game and he naively reacted. Disgusting scenes.

@gjtaylor82: Stay classy cod heads.

@CharlDC_: Hahahahahahha fuck me

@mattbrown322: Disgraceful scenes at any level of football but non-league 🤷🏼‍♂️ action required!! Both parties look at fault here! The video has clearly been cut, so impossible to know who cast the 1st stone!

@1Tayl0r1: Well said fucking disgusting that throwing bottles at fans

@Liam17Williams: Belter shot 😂😂

@GalahadQuest: It’s kicking off in the non league project. You can sense the tension, the players must too seeing as they’re now only two rounds off pulling a Sheffield Wednesday or a Barrow out of the hat.

@Barrymore_Jones: Cracking shot like haha

@LRbix: Fucking hell.. 😬

@joe_willet: What a shot to be fair 🤣🤣

@will_stanser: Bet that Marske coaching staff is decent at cricket 🤣

@JackMorris0: Little snide oneee hahaha

@Ben_S1990: Love this sport so much

@JR_H123: Right shot hitting the muppet in white

@moors_fan_tv: Ruining Non League 😔

@martshaw163: Games gone. Pathetic.

@jimbobalula1: Feel for the real Whitby fans if those absolute doyles hurling stuff at the Marske bench are there every week. A gang of them hanging round outside the ground with their knock off Stone Island tops on. Every bloke there who watched football in the 80s laughing at the soft twats.

@19Robert94: Cuts off as its just getting tasty 🤣

@BR_1878_: What a fucking shot that is 😭😭😭

@Mdowse1987: Whitby embarrassing club 😂😂 going down anyway 😂 stone island divvys behind the marske dug out and then smashing marske changing room windows which is there own facilities 😂😂👏👏 bravoooo

@Beckett1Russ: Ping!!!!!

@JR_H123: Might have knocked some sense into them 🤣🤣🤣

1. It’s interesting this video cuts off just before the fan who invaded the pitch starts throwing punches.
2. What a cracking shot that is

@Cpat81043530: All getting letters

@foreverayellow: sounds like it well and truly kicked off like

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