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Married Premier League player cheated on wife by ‘paying influencer £20k for abortion after date’

A married Premier League player has reported cheated on his wife by ‘paying an Instagram influencer £20k for an abortion after a date’.

He sent the woman, who he first hooked up with in 2019, a private message after being drawn to her social media selfies. Then he took her out on a date, first taking her to a London Strip Club before checking in at a hotel for a night of intimacy.

The England footballer had arranged for the woman to avoid the team’s security officials and sneak into his room the night before a before one of his Premier League side’s matches.

In January 2019, the relationship between the married couple and the social media influencer, who have around 100,000 followers between them, began.

The first time they met was 16th January, when he brought her to the Platinum Lace Strip Club in London’s Leicester Square, and was seen walking out with her, but avoided paparazzi detection after he pulling his jumper and wore a cap over his face.

The two checked in to a hotel in Mayfair together, but it was in different parts of the country on six occasions where they got sexually active together before and after he got married to his oblivious wife.

He even invited her into his house for sex while his wife and kids were away.

In late 2021, the relationship took a twist as she called him and told him that she was expecting his child, to which told her: ‘I have had to leave training. I felt sick.’

He sent a friend with her to ensure that the procedure was performed as agreed.

The couple did not meet again after the abortion in January of last year.

Mail Online revealed that he paid her £20,000 in March 2022, and she agreed not to speak about the affair.

The Daily Mail also alleged quoted a source, saying: “He is married and has children and he was clearly scared about how it would affect his family if it all ever came out.

“He has been smart paying her off as she can never reveal his name.

“She got £20,000 which isn’t going to hurt him when you think about how much these guys earn every week.

“Meeting young women on things like Instagram and Snapchat is the usual way for these rich young footballers who know many women would get starry-eyed that a famous person has contacted them.”

Married Premier League player cheated on wife by ‘paying influencer £20k for abortion after date’

Charities have condemned the antics, with Teresa Parker of Women’s Aid saying: “It is horrendous for a woman to be faced with intimidating behaviour from a football player, whereby she feels forced to sign an NDA and delete photos and messages.

“We run a campaign — Football United Against Domestic Violence — that tries to promote healthy relationships, and footballers using financial power and status to legally intimidate women is abusive.

“We need to stand up against controlling behaviour in relationships together. It is unacceptable.”

Martin Glenn, Chief Executive, The Football Association:

“Domestic violence is a serious issue and one which The FA is keen to recognise by supporting this important campaign.

“Our game has always acted as a voice and a platform for bringing sensitive issues to the fore and I hope that all of us involved in the game, from clubs, fans and players will support Football United Against Domestic Violence.”

Ritchie Humphreys, Chairman of the PFA, said:

“Domestic abuse is never acceptable and must not be tolerated in our society. We need to send out this message loud and clear – and there is no better way to do this than by harnessing the vast power of the football community. This is why the PFA is proud to support the Women’s Aid Football United Against Domestic Violence campaign. Football has an enormous influence which can help raise awareness about domestic abuse, and help to keep abused women and children safe.”


Meanwhile, 10 months ago, the Telegraph reports that Premier League and EFL footballers were to receive sexual consent training amid the latest allegations against players in recent times.

New rules for the face-to-face training have been put in place this season to all players as a result of pressure on the league and the Football Association to act.

Until last year, the Premier League had only decided to run workshops for academy and first-team players from under-14s to under-23s.

Content included sexual relationships, seeking consent, and understanding sexual harassment and bullying.

However, such training was not compulsory for all senior professionals, and this reportedly sparked criticism and there are no demands for a widespread reform.

Clubs failing to introduce the new training, to be delivered by safeguarding professionals, will face disciplinary action.

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