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Mark Goldbridge quits stream early with rant on officials, Man City and ‘boring’ Premier League

Mark Goldbridge quits his watch-along stream early with a rant on officials, Man City and the Premier League being ‘boring’.

He had been watching Man City hammering Brighton, with the scoreline at 3-0 by half time, and that is when he decided to cut short his live feed, with City going on to win 4-0.

The win saw Man City climb up to second in the table, one point behind leaders Arsenal but with one game in hand still to play and are tipped to win the league.

While Pep Guardiola’s side were too strong to handle for Brighton, they were helped by a few questionable decisions by officials.

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After Kevin De Bruyne put City ahead with a fantastic diving header, referee Jarred Gillett gave City a free-kick on the edge of the penalty area when Foden seemed to slip due to minimal contact.

Foden then scored – with a deflection – to double City’s lead, and later capitalised on a defensive mistake to secure the victory before the break.

Julian Alvarez added City’s fourth goal after the break, but Brighton’s hopes were dashed when Gillett decided not to award a penalty.

There was an incident where Josko Gvardiol seemed to foul Joao Pedro, but the VAR upheld the referee’s decision.

But before that, YouTuber Mark Goldbridge had already stopped watching the game, going into a rant at half time.

“I don’t think I’ve ever stopped a watch-a-long at half-time, but I’m not going to watch the second half because the Premier League is boring,” Goldbridge said on a That’s Football stream.

“It’s fundamentally boring, and we need to wake up to the fact that this is not the best league in the world.

“We’ve got a team who is going to win it for a sixth time out of the last seven [seasons] and we’ve got three newly promoted teams that are going to get relegated. If relegation is boring and the title is boring then you’ve got a broken brand.

“On top of that, I’m watching a game that’s 1-0 and at a pivotal moment Man City are given a free-kick that’s not a free-kick and they score from it.

“I’m tired of it, I’m bored of it. I’m bored of watching a league that is boring and has officiating that belongs on a local park. It’s absolutely abhorrent.

“This game is meant to be an interesting game, and I’m turning it off at half-time. So that’s a message to the Premier League and PGMOL. You are destroying football in this country with your inefficient officiating and your inability to create a level playing field where one team isn’t boringly dominated this league year after year after year.

“I’m out, goodnight.”

This is how fans reacted after Mark Goldbridge quits stream early with an angry rant on officials, Man City and boring ‘Premier League’…

@saraxafc: I agree with everything he said in this video.

@nocontextfm1: How can the title be boring, if just a month ago everyone was talking about how this was a great title race between Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool. Agree with him on the relegated teams though

@TheGunnersD3n: #PGMOL and the #PremierLeague have a lot to answer for. How do Man City continually get dubious favorable decisions in every freaking match, HOW?????? It’s hard enough competing with a nation state, adding favoritism just makes it just impossible. #BHAMCI

@JWilloughby7: Don’t agree with much he says but this is spot on. I’ve watched more @EFL this season than I have @premierleague in the last five, and it is way more exciting, unpredictable and enjoyable. Promotion isn’t the be-all and end-all. This season has been so much fun to watch #saintsfc

@Genie_93: Mark throws more of a tantrum than kids do

@AKayani07: Fair play Mark Goldbridge. Saying it as it is. The Premier League is the most corrupt league in the world ran by the most corrupt officials. Man City gets handed at least 4-8 extra points a season by the PGMOL. 115 charges & they’re still allowed to compete in this league? 😴

@madvisions_pens: He’s not wrong though is he?!

@JayVtid: If he stopped watching because it’s “boring” he would have done it many times before with the amount he’s been complaining. He stopped watching because City aren’t going to lose, which is what he wanted to see.

@citehxen: The premier league was boring 20 years ago when the top 4 were about 20 points ahead of 5th and Man Utd won 13 titles out of 20

@CostlessTitan: I’m sure he didn’t mind when United were dominating the Premier League

@WWFC_ST21: Don’t like him but he’s right, everything about the premier league is shite right now

@greggas90: What about when Man Utd dominated the league? It was exactly the same then!

@Max_Beacham14: It was ok when his club United were winning everything tho

@Declanswfc_: As much as I hate him, he’s half right, you’ll never see a ‘Leicester’ again, top teams will always win the league & the fact 5 subs is a thing has only made it more in favour of them, money is the problem. Needs a super league to happen to make the league & cup anyones to win

@HenryJackson87: He actually talks a lot of sense a lot of the time…

@GingerPirlo_: Can’t say he’s wrong but the eye watering irony coming from an apparent Man U fan isn’t lost on anybody. We grew up watching Man Utd dominate league titles with refs in their back pocket. All of em. Any one of em stepped out of line Fergie blacklisted ’em til they stepped back in

@0161Darren: It was fine when United did 3 peats tho init or when Fergie done it 13 times in 21 seasons. Absolute weirdo man.

@YSLRNUFC: A Nearly 50 year old bloke crying because the team he picked with no connection to is no longer dominant in English football 👍🏽 🤡

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola to BBC Match of the Day: “I give a lot of credit because I know the opposition we face. Brighton have been struggling with a lot of absences this season. And even so they still play with courage and never give up, they will continue to do it.

“But it is a good result for us, really good. We scored four goals, that’s the key. We spoke as a team that if we did not have the ball we would suffer. The players, they did it very well.

“I said before, what we have done in the past, it does not mean we will do it in the future. There are five games left, we know the margins are so tight. We have to win every one. Each game we are closer.”

On Kevin de Bruyne’s opener: “It was a great header. He’s more than welcome if he wants to try it again.”

Brighton manager Roberto de Zerbi speaking to Sky Sports: “City are one of the best teams in the world and they played very well. Sorry for the first two goals. The first two goals were unlucky.”

Can playing out from the back be a risk? “Yes, sometimes we took the advantage [with playing this way]. For sure if you make mistakes you can concede goals. You have to analyse how many goals we score and points we made playing the ball, then the advantages [outweigh] what we concede.”


Manchester City goalscorer Kevin de Bruyne speaking to Sky Sports: “It was a good game. I think we played really good in the first half and every game is a lot of pressure. All we can do is prepare as we did today and win the game that is in front of us.”

On his header: “It doesn’t happen too much. Kyle [Walker] gave a good cross and I think the only way I could reach it is by jumping to it. I will take it but it’s not something I am good at!”

On Phil Foden: “I think he will end up centrally. I saw Phil from the beginning and I think it takes a while to get used to a Pep team.

“I think now he is trusted to play centrally and Phil does what he does for six or seven years already. He has been doing this for years, has helped us win titles and he has gone up another level.”

Kevin de Bruyne, speaking to Sky Sports: “I think when Pep arrived there was a lot of information coming at us and a lot of meetings and tactical sessions. I understand what Pep wants and he understands what I am good at and my weaknesses.

“Now he prefers me to press from the front and I just try to do the job I need to do. I try to find space in the pockets and try to help my team-mates score as much as possible. If you play with good players, I need to be at my best.”

On the title race: “I trust my team. All respect to Liverpool and Arsenal, they are amazing. Arsenal are doing what they need to do and we are also needing to do it. Work hard and be humble enough to keep pushing.”

Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden speaking to Sky Sports: “There are a challenging team. They like to go man-to-man. I think with Kev’s first goal and a bit lucky with my first one, we grew into the game. I think we were frightened going forward.

“I have always said that I see myself centrally. This year I have moved inside and it has helped me massively. I enjoy it in the middle. It’s where I want to be. At the moment, I am just enjoying my football and playing with freedom.”

On playing with Kevin de Bruyne: “I think when he is at it, he is the best player in the Premier League. It is nice that I am playing inside with him and hopefully we can do it more.

“We just want to win game-by-game and push for the title. We don’t get ahead of ourselves. Now the next game is coming quickly. Try to recover and we go again.”

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