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Mark Goldbridge goes viral again reacting to every goal Man Utd concede against Bournemouth

Mark Goldbridge goes viral again this time reacting to every goal Man Utd concede against AFC Bournemouth on Saturday afternoon.

Just days on from his rant about Newcastle’s winner against Man Utd last week, he was back claiming the players looked out of their depth having been hammered 3-0 by Bournemouth.

The 13th-placed Cherries pulled off a historic result at Old Trafford through goals from Dominic Solanke, Philip Billing and Marcos Senesi.

The result was so bad, that plenty of Man Utd supporters booed come the final whistle, while Goldbridge slammed the table and vent fury at what he was seeing while on his livestream.

For Bournemouth’s first goal, he said: “Bournemouth here running off. For fuck’s sake, man. Who’s marking who there? He’s completely unmarked. Solanke, what’s going on? This defence is getting banged more times than a porn star’s chuff. What the hell is going on there? Why is that happening there? Why is that happening there? How is that happening there? That’s incredible. You’ve got to look at the centre backs there. And I’ve been very happy with Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire, but this is just a cross into the box. Reguilon with a terrible ball. McTominay soft in the 50 50, but we’re not marked. There’s two centre backs and we’ve left their striker completely and utterly unmarked.”

For Bournemouth’s second: “It’s 2-0. It’s 2-0. It’s a fucking joke. It’s an absolute fucking joke. It’s 2-0 to Bournemouth. That’s going to be game over. Cross into the box. As we said at half time, United’s form. You beat Chelsea, you play well. You play Newcastle, you play shit. You play Bournemouth at home, you play shit. The form is up and down like a porn star’s knickers. And that defence, unfortunately, has all the structural confidence of a chocolate mousse brick in a heat wave. And guess what it leaves a big, brown, sticky mess. It’s shit. Absolute shit. I don’t even know where the goal comes from. Reguilon. I told you. He’s fucking rubbish. Reguilon’s defence. Shit.”

For Bournemouth’s third: “Next week. What are we going to do? Well, there won’t be an answer, because you don’t have a fucking answer, do you? What are we going to do if we sack ten hog? Give Steve McClaren the job. It’s raining. He can bring his fucking brolly out. 3-0. Fuck off. Three nil. This is a fucking joke. Look at them all. Look at all. Look at all the bloody defenders. Look at all the United team stood there. Stood there, out of their depth. They’ve got that vacant look in their eyes. You know when a dog’s taking a shit. Have you ever looked it in the eye? That’s what United’s defence looked like. Just vacant. Absolute fucking joke. How are we conceding from another fucking cross on a corner? Absolutely incredible mentality of a dead wasp. How are we conceding from a fucking corner?”

On Bournemouth’s fourth and VAR: “It’s 4-0. Maguire is going to get roasted for that fucking 4-0. What did I say? What did I say in the summer? What did I say in the summer? What did I say in the summer? I said, in the summer, Manchester United are going to get battered two or three times this season before the season even started. I said, Man United are going to get battered at least a couple of times this season. It’s not even Christmas and it’s already happened. It’s already happened. This is Bournemouth, Four, Manchester United nil. At Old Trafford. There’s a mentality. Harry Maguire has had a great month. He’s player of the Month for the Premier League and he’s had a shit, shit game. Absolute shit. Luke Shaw, shit game. Onana coming with his fucking feet. It’s just. What keeper does that? What keeper goes for the ball with their fucking feet? You’re a goalkeeper, mate. Use your bloody hands. Just don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Well, they’re looking at a var in this for a checking for a possible handball. Oh, just give them the fucking goal. I can’t be asked for this anymore. I’ll tell you what, let them have the goal. Give them the goal. I don’t fucking want any more delays. Give them the goal. Stop. Shove your var up your ass. Oh, is there a possible handball? Fuck off. Not interested. Get on with it. 3-0. Goal’s not been given. Give him the fucking goal. Give him the goal. Fuck off. Boo var. Boo. Boo. Give him the fucking goal. Even as a United fan. Give them the fucking goal. They deserve it.”

Fans reacted as Mark Goldbridge goes viral again reacting to every goal Man Utd concede against Bournemouth…

@wilsonlfc9: “You know when a dog takes a shit, you ever looked it in the eyes” absolute genius 🤣🤣🤣

@Tony19_6: Mark Goldbridge, the gift that keeps giving 😂

@DavyTodd1988: This defence is getting banged more then a pornstars chuff 🤣🙈 #mufc

@scotty_w24: Absolute comedy

@Matty_SFC: It’s beautiful. this meltdown, this downfall, it couldn’t of happened to a nicer club 😁

@RichySouthern: I actually look forward to these clips from @NoContextMarkG nowadays. And considering how many I’ve watched, it blows my mind that Man United are 6th in the league.

@BigBotmanFan: Brings tears of joy when he’s pissed off 😭

@peterrobbo17: Love this guy. I might be a Liverpool fan but I respect Mark for calling people out and for the most part he talks common sense. He is also very funny when on a rant 😂

@AndyStevenson20: Has anyone checked if Mark Goldbridge is ok this morning? 😂😂😂

@DeanBamford5: Full value Mark. Real feelings keep up your good work.

@KtfLfc: Your analogy’s have me roaring I can’t breathe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@timmsy_ks: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Stop, please. I can’t laugh anymore.

@GoonerHillsy: United please keep losing. This bloke is quality entertainment. 😂😂😂

@SamW_AFC: This is glorious content 😂

@Joe_Williams19: Nothing brings me more joy to see United struggle especially the downfall of the past decade. 🫶🏼 United fans need to accept they aren’t the Ferguson United they once were.

@joelintoast: Now that I “get” the Goldbridge appeal, I love him. You just have to treat him like a walking human parody and ignore all of his footballing takes. The man is hilarious. Especially when Man Utd are dire.

@cjgm84: I dont know how he does it but this bellend has impeccable timing!!!

@ShaunMcKinlay1: Funniest one I’ve seen yet! 🍒🍒

@AlexanderToon94: Hes proper lost it and im all for it

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