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Marine apologise for ‘poor taste’ tweet about Tottenham

Marine apologise for a ‘poor taste’ tweet Tottenham, which was published onto the non league club’s social media account on Wednesday.

A thrilling FA Cup tie at Goodison Park saw Everton play out a 5-4 win against Jose Mourinho’s side with the tie needing extra time to settle it.

Everton came out victorious in what turned out to be a memorable FA Cup classic; Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison both scored twice, whilst Sigurdsson and Bernard also got one each.

Spurs had been 1-0 up, 3-1 down, and then levelled the scoreline to 4-4, forcing an extra 30 minutes; then Everton found a winner and are now setting their eyes on their first trophy since 1995.

Tottenham thrashed Northern Premier League side Marine on their FA Cup journey, however couldn’t handle Everton and the non league minnows couldn’t help but ‘thank’ the Merseyside outfit for knocking them out.

However since then, it’s created a backlash on Twitter and it’s left many fans furious, especially as the Spurs fanbase helped Marine big time in selling virtual tickets.

The now deleted tweet, which caused offence, can be viewed below…

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Marine have since issued an apology, writing: “Last night a post was placed on our official account. This was a mistake and was in poor taste, but was not intended to upset the fans of @SpursOfficial. It was deleted almost immediately after being put up. We apologise for any upset this has caused.

“The bond we have built with Spurs fans is unparalleled and special and we at Marine intend to keep it that way – as such any complaints should be sent to CEO James Leary at james@marinefc.com”

Carlos Vinicius netted a first-half hat-trick to help Spurs beat Marine 5-0 in the FA Cup third round earlier this season; with Lucas Moura and 16-year-old substitute Alfie Devine also on target for the north London club.

Over 30,000 virtual tickets were sold for the game, merchandise sales rocketed and Spurs showed respect.

Following the game, the Premier League outfit wrote on Twitter: “The players are unable to swap shirts after the game due to COVID protocols, so we’ve provided @MarineAFC with a whole set of fresh match shirts as a souvenir of today’s historic match”.

“The run for me I am very proud of, you look at the teams we have played and we have beaten home and away,” Young said. “It is past our wildest dreams to bring Tottenham to Marine. I wish we could have done more.

“The cup run has been a lifesaver for us financially for where we are in non-league. There has been no help for teams in step three and below.

“Hopefully we have made non-league proud, but we have just got to take the positives of the whole run and what it will do for our football club.

“This could be our last game of the season. I wanted to get all the lads in, we don’t know what is coming next, and I just wanted to make sure we had a huddle and told them how well they have done.”

As Marine apologise for ‘poor taste’ tweet about Tottenham, fans are given their reaction to it all…

@MissSBassett: The Marine tweet in question, FYI. Poor taste but not exactly mortally offensive and fair play to them for apologising.

@PepenelIi: Imagine apologising for this tweet ffs

@CockOnBallStory: We’ve reached new levels of small time if we are getting upset by a tweet by Marine FC. They also clearly meant it to be in good natured fun.

@Adam_George710: If Tottenham fans are actually upset about this, they need to get a fucking life. Sore losers.

@GwladysKelly: Omg that was hilarious!! If spurs fans can’t take the joke then they need seriously re-evaluate themselves

@thfc_drg0nite: As a Spurs fan I’m rlly wondering how ppl were so offended by their tweet for them to have to write an apology

@ryxwhufc: how did people get offended by that ffs

@CallumSturt94: It wasn’t poor taste. It’s was funny it is football. Any Spurs fans offended by that is absolute melt.

@Lorna_Owens25: Hahaha who’s been upset by it? Jesus get a grip

@xellavivian: if you’re still massively offended by that post yesterday, maybe have a little look at the qt’s on this xoxox it was defo in poor taste i know, but it was a joke and they clearly regret it.

@Cam_Deacon21: The amount that a stupid photoshop joke has rattled Spurs fans is unbelievable. But just so we are clear, Leeds United don’t have to apologise or delete anything for forcing someone off social media. But Marine aren’t allowed to joke amongst supposed friends?

@CFCNORTH6: If you actually got upset by the joke you’re fucking idiot

@Lewis_Conner_: Shouldn’t of deleted it. Can’t see how anyone can take offence to it. Was pretty funny tbf

@KanteBeStopped7: Nah bro this is peak 2021, yet more people getting offended by jokes

@goonerderrick: Spurs really bullied a non-league team into deleting a tweet that was clearly banter. And Spurs think they are a big club…

@GrassrootsLFC: Hahahahahaha spurs fans need to grow up, twitter admin banter has made em cry

@toptoffeegirl: Genuinely if I was a Spurs fan I would have taken it for the humour it was… it didn’t intend to cause any harm, hopefully the vast majority of their fans will be ok with it. &that’s fully acknowledging the amazing thing their fans did buying the virtual tickets! Maybe just me?

@ThePerchy: If you honestly got offended by the post. Give your head a wobble. Clearly a joke.

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