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Marcus Rashford ‘sorry’ for 12-hour bender and sickie as waitress tells all about what happened

Marcus Rashford says he is ‘sorry’ for his 12-hour bender and sickie as a waitress tells all about what happened that night.

Manchester United issued a statement on Monday night, saying that Marcus Rashford has “taken responsibility for his actions” after he was unavailable for their FA Cup victory over Newport.

The 26-year-old was seen in a Belfast nightclub last week, and then became allegedly ill, meaning he could take part in training.

However, Rashford will now be available for Man Utd’s Premier League clash at Wolves on Thursday night.

Man Utd said in a statement: “Marcus has taken responsibility for his actions. This has been dealt with as an internal disciplinary matter, which is now closed.”

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A waitress who joined the Manchester United player on his booze bender told last night how he was ‘on a mission to get drunk’.

She said the sloshed striker downed tequila shots and cocktails before collapsing on a hotel bed fully clothed just before 3am.

Rashford had spent two days partying on a visit to Belfast to see a pal, and got a 7am private jet back to Manchester on Friday.

But he then rang in sick for training and was later fined £650,000 — two weeks’ wages — and dropped from the FA Cup tie at Newport County last Sunday.

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She said in the video: “There was more drink consumed and the more drunk that he got to then the point when we back to up to he was absolutely legless.

“He comes into my work and asks do we have a table sort of secluded he has some high profile people that wanted to come in for.

“So maybe like 20 minutes had passed and these five people come walking into the restaurant and I had no idea who they were.

“These people that I work with were like, oh, that’s Marcus Rashford, I was like, ‘well, who is Marcus? I don’t know who Marcus Rashford is’.

“So I go and google him. I ask him like, ‘how long are you staying in Belfast?’ And he’s like, ‘oh, I don’t know, just whatever’.

“And he’s like, ‘oh, we’re going to go out tonight, where do you think we should go? What about clubs? What time do they open to?’

“And I’m like, ‘oh, they close at one, two, sometimes three in Belfast.’

“So he asks, ‘is there any way that we maybe stay open if we like sort of them out?’

“Then he’s like, ‘oh, well, why don’t you just come out with us?’

“And I thought he was joking, so I’m like, ‘yeah, I’ll just leave work. Sure, come out.’

“And he’s like, ‘yeah, what time do you finish?’ ‘Well, probably like ten.’

“And he’s like, ‘could you not finish at seven?’

“And I was like, ‘yeah, sure, I’ll ask my boss.’

“Still thinking that this is a joke. He’s like, ‘well, what if I ask your boss?’

“And I was like, ‘yeah, sure, you ask him. He’s a big fan, he would probably listen’, at this point I’m still thinking this is a joke.

“So his security then come to me a little while after and say, ‘look, your boss wanted a photo with him. We weren’t going to do it, but we’re going to hope that it sways your manager to let you finish early if he gets a photo with him’.

“So my manager agrees and it’s like, ‘yeah, no problem, she can finish early.’

“So they take my phone number, tell me to be back in the Belfast at 07:00. When I arrived at dinner, I had asked him what they were doing that day, did they go anywhere nice? And he was like, ‘oh, we’ve just been drinking all day.’

“As the night progressed, there was more drink consumed and the more drunk that he got to then the point when we got back to the town, he was absolutely legless.

“I knew that my hangover was ridiculously bad and I had been drinking all day. I didn’t start drinking until maybe 8:00pm so I’m absolutely not surprised. And we didn’t go.”

Watch her interview on joining Rashford and his bender…


 Wednesday, January 24

9.55am – Rashford turns up for training with Manchester United that morning.

4.21pm – In the afternoon he leaves Manchester on a private jet bound for Belfast.

5.17pm – On arriving in Belfast he checks in at the Fitzwilliam Hotel with him and his entourage then go to the Dirty Onion pub and Lavery’s bar.

Thursday, January 25

1.06pm – Rashford is seen visiting Larne FC, where his friend Ro-Shaun Williams has just signed.

2pm – He goes to an Italian restaurant with his entourage and two women, where he meets Sarah Adair.

4.30pm – The group leave the restaurant in the afternoon, before going to Villa Italia in the evening.

Friday, January 26

12.30am – Rashford and his group go to Thompson’s Garage nightclub.

2am – The group leave and head make their way back to the Fitzwilliam Hotel. Sources close to the player insist this was at 1.15am.

2.50am – Rashford passes out fully clothed in his hotel room.

5am – He and his minders leave the hotel.

7am – They board a private jet at Belfast airport.

8am – Rashford is back in Manchester and calls in sick for training.

Sunday, January 28

Was dropped for Manchester United’s FA Cup match at Newport. Manager Erik Ten Hag said it is an ‘internal matter’.

Monday, January 29

8.45am – Rashford turns up at training with his agent brother Dwaine Maynard, where he has talks with Ten Hag and football director John Murtough.

Gary Neville said on BBC Breakfast: “To me, going out for a drink or going out for a night out is something that every football player should do and will do, so I’ve got no problem with that whatsoever. They need to enjoy themselves. It’s just all about choices and timing.

“And I said this after the Manchester City game. We got beat at home by City a few months ago, and he went out that night, I think it was for his birthday. And I said, you know, I think we had a game against Newcastle on the Wednesday in the Carabao Cup or something like that. And I just said, look, choose your time.

“I think Manchester United have just had a winter break. They’ve had a couple of weeks off, so there was a better moment for him to choose to go out.

“So I would say, go out, have your moment where you relax with your friends, but just your timing’s got to be right.”

Interviewer: “And you were managed by one of the greatest of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson. What would he have done with him?’

Gary Neville: “He would have given you a dressing down, but he would have, you know, similar, know, make sure you do it at the right moments, the right time.

“No one ever says to a football, you cannot go out, but obviously, when you’ve got a game three days later, Marcus himself knows he’s an experienced player.

:Now, we’re not talking about a young lad, but he’s done it a couple of times in the last few months. And what happens is that I’ve always seen Marcus as being really responsible, a good professional, someone who works hard every single day, and he’s going through a dipping form at this moment in time.

“But it’s happened once, it’s now happened twice, and it sometimes can become your personality.

“If you’re not careful in the actual sort of. If you do it too many times, people can start, say, well, what’s happening in his life?

“So he just needs to relax, calm down, drink a bit of cacao, choose when to go out and get back to playing football at the levels which we know he can.”

Twitter users reacted as Marcus Rashford says ‘sorry’ for his 12-hour bender and sickie as a waitress tells all about what happened…

@AnnemarieDray: Rashford has been 100% irresponsible but to act like he deserves to be sacked for a night out when so many Manchester United legends – yes legends – have made similar and sometimes more serious mistakes and are still idolised is ridiculous imo.

@danapond42: That’s kinda lightweight for a Belfast night out 😆

@aobrien_: I’d be fuming if rashford was my player.. went out and got pissed on fa cup weekend as probably couldn’t be bothered to play and travel and tossed it off. Then knew he was gonna be back in the squad for wolves game

@1SamRafferty: Honestly if the money comes in.. I think he goes. And it’s only going be the big clubs in for him. As they know what he can do on his day.

@ShaunLeahy: I agree with Ally here. I’ve always defended Marcus but he’s gone too far this time and should be moved on in the summer

@ad_smith1: How many more season can we let go by with him being below par and saying he needs to step up? He’s had one good season in his last 5 or 6, he’s a bang average player! He needs to be moved on

@ANDYTAYLOR128: When players start to think they are bigger than the club and know better than everyone else, you can work with them to show them their errors. However, when it continues for such a long period as this has and continues to have a negative effect, then it’s time to ship them off

@Statto25: He is working his way out of the club. If he wants to move on let him.

@ryanyedo89: Would it be a massive fee because its massive risk? Lazy shocking attitude and a purple patch player

@thfcxdaniel: So he’s been awful for 2/3 seasons , has behavioural issues but still commands a high fee? Am I missing something here

@loftinopanevino: He clearly isn’t happy, possibly upset about how things when with his friend Sancho, and he’ll just continue to have a detrimental impact on the team. Better for him to move on, regain his form elsewhere, and United will be better for it, as they were after Ronaldo left.

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