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Marcus Rashford sells his wrecked £700,000 Rolls-Royce at auction for fraction of the price

Marcus Rashford sells his wrecked £700,000 Rolls-Royce at auction for a fraction of the original price, according to reports.

This is the same vehicle the Manchester United player crashed last September and is now selling it on an auction website, with the highest bid currently at £152,500.

The Black Badge Wraith, sustained significant damage in the crash, particularly to the front, left front wing, and rear left wheel and bumper, so it’s fair to say extra parts are going to be needed to be bought.

Despite the damage, there have been 134 bids on the V12 two-door coupe (as pf the 23rd of February 2024), with experts now estimating that it will cost at least £180,500 to repair the car and make it roadworthy again, making it a potentially lucrative investment for a buyer with deep pockets. You can see it HERE.

The Rolls-Royce has just 1,135 miles on the clock, featuring a full “Mansory” kit, which adds value to the vehicle.

The engine and interior has escaped most of the damage, and the passenger side airbags had deployed during the crash, in which Rashford was in collision with a 74 year old driver in 40mph zone on Carrington Spur near the club’s training complex — where players had come back by coach just before midnight after the Burnley match back in 2023.

This came shortly after he left Manchester United’s training ground, hit a pole on a traffic island. Both drivers were unharmed, although the elderly driver had been left shaken and confused with Rashford making sure she was alright.

Man Utd captain and fellow teammates Bruno Fernandes came across the scene and urgently stopped to offer help to him.

A week later, Marcus Rashford was seen being driven out of Manchester United training complex sat in the passenger seat of a £50,000 Audi RS3 as he left the club’s complex.

Rashford has three Rolls-Royces – the £700k Black Badge Wraith which was involved in the crash, a £390,000 Black Badge Cullinan, and a £560,000 Cullinan Blue Shadow bought in August last year.

He also owns a £280,000 McLaren 765 Long Tail and a £350,000 Lamborghini Urus Performante.

In February 2024, the player was also given a £60 parking ticket for leaving his McLaren 765LT on double yellow lines outside the offices of a construction and property development company in Hale, Cheshire, and a parking warden issued him the ticket, having previously received numerous fines.

It came just weeks after being given a parking ticket in nearby Wilmslow after spending an hour in Juniper Restaurant with Tyrell Malacia.

Rashford also nearly suffered the same fate in November, a video showing him getting to his car before he could be fined.

@falkkooo Rashford parks wherever he wants 😐#rashford #premierleague #manchesterunited #football ♬ original sound – Falkko

One person said to The Sun having seen the crash: ‘Both drivers were badly shaken. Marcus immediately checked to see if the woman was okay and swapped details.’

Another added: ‘The woman was on her way home from baby­sitting her grand-daughter. She’s a cautious, careful driver and even more so when it’s raining — which it was.

‘The impact caused the airbags to go off. She was very, very shaken and confused. She’s not a football fan and didn’t have any idea who Marcus Rashford is.’

A third source said via the Mirror: ‘Modern vehicles are incredibly robust and that helped to protect Marcus.

‘He got out of the car unassisted and his first thought was for the [other driver] to make sure that she was not hurt.’

Maintenance engineer Peter Laycock ended up being caught the aftermath of the crash on his phone, arriving at the scene around 12.20am, stating that ‘loads of police’ had blocked off the road, asking vehicles to turn around because of the debris, while ambulance crews turned up.

He says he saw people wearing Man Utd clothes while bystanders whispered ‘it’s Marcus Rashford’s car’.

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Four weeks ago, Man Utd had to respond to becoming aware of footage of Marcus Rashford seen in Belfast nightclub before missing training due to an ‘illness’.

He was fined two weeks’ wages (totalling roughly £650,000) with reports claiming that Manchester United players were ‘growing tired’ of teammate Marcus Rashford’s antics after he missed a match following a now infamous night out in Belfast.

Rashford, wasn’t selected for United’s FA Cup clash with League Two side Newport County having missed training.

He returned for the Premier League game at Wolves, getting on the scoresheet for that one.

Marcus Rashford sells his wrecked £700,000 Rolls-Royce at auction for fraction of the price, give us your thoughts on it all through our socials!

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