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Marcus Rashford hits out at ‘months of abuse’ in late-night post over treatment from fans

Marcus Rashford hits out at ‘months of abuse’ in a late-night post on social media over the treatment he gets from fans.

He spoke in an interview with The Players’ Tribune, with the 26 year old issuing a response to critics who questioned his professionalism and dedication to his childhood club, Manchester United.

Last season, Rashford had a season to remember, netting an impressive 30 goals and was named as United’s Player of the Year for the 2022/23 season.

But this season it somewhat hasn’t worked out for him in the same way, scoring only 8 goals in 42 games across all competitions for the Premier League club.

As well as his on-field performance and commitment, Rashford has been criticised for being spotted at a nightclub in Belfast and then called in sick for first-team training at Carrington.

He said at the time: “Listen, I’m not a perfect person.

“When I make a mistake, I’ll be the first one to put my hand up and say that I need to do better.

“But if you ever question my commitment to Man United, that’s when I have to speak up.

“It’s like somebody questioning my entire identity, and everything I stand for as a man.

“I grew up here. I have played for this club since I was a boy.

“My family turned down life-changing money when I was a kid so I could wear this badge.”

Since he responded to those who question his commitment to the club earlier this year, Rashford has continued to receive criticism.

On Thursday afternoon, Twitter user UtdParadigm said: “The way Marcus Rashford is being treated is absolutely disgusting. It’s cruel. It’s abuse.”

On Friday morning at 12:36am, he replied: “I appreciate your support. It is abuse and has been for months. Enough is enough.”

He has now put up a photo of the colour black as his profile picture and his cover photo has been deleted and left blank.

Ten Hag has since sent his support to Rashford. When questioned about criticism being levelled at Rashford, who had been jeered by his own fans in Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final win over Coventry, the boss wants a united front to help Rashford turn his dismal season around.

‘I have a lot of sympathy for Rashy, of course,’ Ten Hag said.

‘Last year he had a brilliant season, the best season of his career scoring 30 goals so you see what he is capable of.

‘This season he didn’t give the performances and people are very critical. I think we have to back him.

‘Everyone should back him and push him to get back to the levels he was last year.’

Antony is another player who was booed in recent games.

But pressed on Rashford, Ten Hag is unwavering in support of his winger.

‘I think he needs the support,’ he continued.

‘We all know what he’s capable of, we all have to support and push him. He can do better than this year. We saw last year when he was really brilliant.

 ‘I think the fans are behind us always.’

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Rashford opened up about some of the media coverage and national headlines aimed at him.

“I’m not trying to have a go at the media,” he said in one interview. “I understand the game, you know what I mean? They’re not really writing about me. It’s like they’re writing about this character, ‘Marcus Rashford’.

“It can’t just be about me as a 26-year-old lad on a night out, or a lad getting a parking ticket. It’s got to be about how much my car costs, guessing my weekly salary, my jewellery or even my tattoos.

“It’s got to be about my body language, and questioning my morals, and speculating about my family, and my football future. There’s a tone to it that you don’t get with all footballers. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Rashford also spoke about his charity work during lockdown, and adds that some criticism comes from those campaigns.

“I think some of it goes back to the pandemic,” he added. “I was just trying to use my voice to make sure that kids weren’t going hungry, because I know exactly how it feels.

“For some reason, that seemed to rub certain people the wrong way. It seems like they’ve been waiting for me to have a human moment so they can point the finger and say, “See? See who he really is?”

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Twitter users reacted after Marcus Rashford hits out at ‘months of abuse’ in late-night post over treatment from fans..

@JustAFootyFan_: It has gone from criticism to abuse, it happens to too many players these days. People think that just because they are footballers, that they are robots. They aren’t, and outside influences affect every single one of them. We need to be defending the players that play for us, and we should be the reason they want to give 100%, but instead so many people are the reason that some footballers don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning.

@zeeshanxz: Defended you enough. It is not abuse. It’s simply criticism that is deserved. Either ball out at #MUFC or leave if you cannot handle the pressure of performing at your very best week in week out.

@CraigCharles23: He’s one of our own and gets it every day, one of the main protagonist being that cancerous YouTube channel that many simple minded idiots take as gospel from that paid actor that doesn’t even support this club. What message is being sent to other academy graduates by our fans?

@glazerscashcow: Abuse is never acceptable but criticism is part and parcel of being a footballer, especially a highly paid one whose perf have at times been unacceptable for fans. This needs to end in the summer, for both parties sake. Now is this post abuse or criticism? @MarcusRashford #MUFC

@Michael_Grigs26: Can’t believe it’s come to this for one of our most successful academy graduates, nasty nasty fanbase man

@Deano110787: Not gone the way you thought has it pal, people are tired of your shit and your shit attitude if you don’t like it fuck off bigger and better have been replaced 👋

@YTGSUII: If I wake up tomorrow and see “THE UNITED STAND”. In his comments talking about some “one of our own” like they ain’t the main reason for this my head will be hot .

@SiWood86: More front than Blackpool some of our players, this is exactly why I back the manager over any of them, grow a set, take some responsibility and show that you care, because right now, it doesn’t look like it.

@Busbyx3: To be fair mate the abuse you get is mild compared to what Beckham had in 98/99.. And he never not once put out a PR statement.. Just do what he did.. Shut them up on the pitch pal..


@johnaokane: Waking up to this bs… come on, Marcus, you’re not on the levels of Ronaldo where he took abuse from the world and even his own Real Madrid fans… he took it and got better. It made him better.✅ Your handlers/agent is killing you,.. stop this victim mentality and focus!

@Callumwarbo: the abuse has got so bad it’s took his ability to run 😢

@mattfuller5: I guess it depends what you class as abuse. Criticism on your on field performances are justified and warranted. Name calling like Trashford for example is what I would define as abuse. I guess it depends if you’re classing all of this as abuse, if so you’re wrong.

@ctt_carys: Don’t get me wrong, Rashford has had some poor periods at United & there have been questions about workrate, but he’s often made their scapegoat. Run from there as FAST as you can, because there’s an immensely gifted forward waiting to show his attacking abilities elsewhere

@MoultonJ123: I’m happy to be jumped by the masses but he’s the best academy product we’ve produced since the class of 92. Not wanting this man to succeed is criminal, the amount of times he’s played under injury or hatred is commendable. This whole stems from a fan channel that is cancer.

@srxmufc: It’s so over man. He’s definitely finished. Always hoped that he’d turn it around this season somehow, but it’s looking like he’s getting worse and less confident game after game. Some of the abuse he’s got has been a joke, there’s ways to criticise respectfully. Rashy man 🥲

@AKenny_10: 😂😂😂😂 okay mate. As a footballer, If you show no effort on the pitch for months on end you’re bound to get criticised. Players go through dips in form where they don’t score or assist etc, but if they look like they give a shit you can half tolerate it. Leg it u soft arse 👍

@tedio74: Never was the saying ‘abusers are losers’ more appropriate than some of the replies on this thread to Marcus’s post. Imagine being so unintelligent that you can only reply to a post about abuse with abuse, clearly the difference between abuse and criticism is still not understood

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