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Manager asked player to fake an injury during National League match

Boreham Wood manager Luke Garrard admitted he asked a player of his to fake an injury during Tuesday night’s National League match.

Goalkeeper Nathan Ashmore stayed down for at least two minutes midway through the first half after Garrard gave some instructions to his players so they could reorganise.

At the time, Chesterfield were dominating the game, and the halt in play worked with Spireites manager James Rowe said that it, along with Joe Rowley’s hamstring injury which forced him off, stopped his team’s momentum.

“I think that is a point gained after the first 55-60 minutes,” Garrard said.

“We were not at the races in the first 45-50 minutes and I have to give credit to James Rowe and his Chesterfield side, they played a great little shape with Rowley playing just off the striker and we could not get it organised.

“I had to ask Ashmore to go down to feign an injury to ensure we can get some information into the group. After that I felt there was a slight sea-change and I felt the game swayed slightly more in our favour in the first half and then Rowley came off the pitch and (Liam) Mandeville did not get to grips with their game plan as quickly as James Rowe wanted to.

“We spoke about it half-time and I felt we were going to come out and have a reaction but until we made the two subs I felt that Chesterfield were still right on top.

“They are a team that are on form, we are a team that are on form, I felt that they edged it for two-thirds of the game and I felt we came out for the last 30 minutes. Fair reflection? Possibly.

“I don’t think we worked their goalkeeper. For all of Chesterfield’s good work, I don’t think Ashmore was worked.”

The deadlock had been broken by Junior Morias with 18 minutes left on the clock, putting Boreham Wood one up, however the referee controversially ruled it out for offside, some Garrard believes disagrees with.

He added: “We put the ball in the back of the net with Junior Morias, I have been told on two occasions that it was onside.

“I think the last half hour we were very productive, I think the change of personnel aided that.”

Chesterfield manager James Rowe spoke highly of the injured Joe Rowley during what ended up being a goalless draw at Boreham Wood.

The 21-year-old midfielder, who was the club’s academy graduate, the will be out for lengthy period due to the hamstring injury.

On Rowley’s injury, Rowe told the Derbyshire Times: “It is not a great one. He has hurt his hamstring and it looks like quite a high grade. We will have to wait and see what the scan says. It doesn’t look great. It is a shame for him.”

The result meant it was Boreham Wood’s third league draw in a row and are now eight games undefeated in the National League.

They currently sit 9th in the standings, taking 24 points from 16 games played. In-form Chesterfield currently sit 13th after Tuesday night’s game, picking up 23 points from 17 matches.

There was reaction on social media after reading that the Boreham Wood manager asked his player to fake an injury during the National League match…

@Loizeus: Wow. That can’t be permitted?? The fact he’s openly admitted that is pure arrogance. Unimpressed with his behaviour throughout the match – and Ashmore being complicit in that doesn’t surprise me.

@DomThornhill1: Bit of a shithouse tactic but his assessment of the game is spot on and fair play to him for giving us some credit unlike most of the other managers weve come up against recently…

@TheRealMelHayes: Governing body should impose a punishment after that admission

@PeaksJimmy: Deeply annoying bloke, irritating club. Hope we never have to play them again

@robcowlishaw: Why would he admit it? Is he stupid?

@jarviscockup: What is it about non-league clubs pushing for promotion that turns them into cheats? I’m thinking Solihull Moors as well. (I also don’t class town in that, I’m thinking clubs that haven’t been in the EFL)

@Trunk_Muzik: Ashmore doing or saying any old shit in order to get an advantage.. Nooooooooo.. #Spireites

@gormdave: Didn’t Stevenage do this under Graham Westley? I think that was always after about ten minutes #Spireites

@saltergate1: Ashmore is such a scumbag as are Boreham wood in general

@SpireiteLozlim: This has annoyed me greatly but at the same time I begrudgingly respect it, top shithousery.

@WillB_2003: They’ve been doing that for years, surprised he’s only admitted it now

@JoeMattison_: I can’t criticise this, purely because I know that if Rowe did this our fans would love it.

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