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Man Utd YouTuber Stephen Howson left with black eye after getting into Sunday League fight

Man Utd YouTuber Stephen Howson has been left with a huge black eye after getting into a fight during Sunday League match last week.

Howson, who collaborates with ex-Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on his FIVE YouTube channel, can be seen in a video managing his Stretford Paddock FC team.

During a match in Liverpool, Howson expressed his dissatisfaction at a series of dangerous ‘two-footed’ challenges that had gone unpunished.

He stepped onto the field to confront the referee, but a brawl ensued when a player from the opposing team approached him.

The footage, which at at first published via Howson’s Patreon page and later widely circulated on Twitter, has gone on to get over one million views.

In the video, Howson responds to an alleged headbutt, followed by throwing punches and producing a headbutt of his own.

Joey Barton caught attention of Howson’s antics, and tweeted: “Calm down big fella.

“This you scrapping at the Sunday Footy @MrStephenHowson ? You big sausage. No wonder his MMA career was over after 1 scrap… @rioferdy5”

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Howson tried to tell his followers exactly what happened, to put the truth out there to prevent anyone from making false stories up.

“One of the opposition players tells me to get off the pitch and then headbutts me which is hilarious because they’ve all been in my social media today with just fantasy versions of what happened,” he said.

“I know that everything we do is recorded so I’ve got no qualms telling you what happened because I know what happened, I’ve rewatched what happened and I’ve actually shared the full ‘Here’s What Happened’ on Patreon.

“I will always protect myself and my players despite what little Scouse bells on social media want to say. I caught one… but we won the game 2-0. Up the f***ing Reds.’

He adds: “Yesterday there was probably four or five two-footed challenges in the first 20 minutes of our game.

“I stepped on to the pitch about a foot to shout at the referee, which again is not ideal, is it? But protecting my players is my number one thought in that sort of circumstance.”

He dispelled 'fantasy' versions from opposition and said he had a duty to protect his players

This is what Twitter users said upon seeing Man Utd YouTuber Stephen Howson left with black eye after getting into a Sunday League fight…

@DaytrippingRed: Fully lost his head there 😂😂

@jayrad198900: My Nan hits harder that Howson. 2 clear shots like feather dusters

@LucaXavier9: He doesn’t come out of that looking bad, he talks and he backed up his talk and thrown down, landed a right left and flung his head at the next guy fair play not sure why people are trying to hammer him for this 🤷🏼‍♂️

@DennyBaldwin: Ban him from all of football playing coaching and especially speaking about it

@JimbobMoonmonky: Classic Sunday morning kick off 👌🏻 😂😂

@takingthemikel: The headbutt attempt on no. 6 is hilarious

@etchellssss: The guy who nuttted him then backed off when he got jabbed and then threw the wettest dig ever before joining the back of the queue is more embarrassing though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@WelshdragonPhil: Isn’t he supposed to be the coach? Should be banned indefinitely. Knows absolutely nothing about football whilst lording it up on a fan channel that has just deteriorated

@agostinhozinga: that’s how you know stephen howson is a legit nutter, someone swung a punch at him and he responded by trying to headbutt them ahahahahaaha fucking legend!

@jackdobbie1: Rios mate howson embarrassing himself again the absolute fucking skid mark. Those two are well suited tbh.. @rioferdy5

@mikey11williams: 15 is a wooper drops his head and then bails an drops behind his team

@Dane99_: Hahahaha stupid manc twat

@TheEvertonian78: Why are United fans tryna defend that Howson here. No head butt, then tries to punch the lad after shouting the ref to distract him, and ends up missing and getting a black eye. He starts it, stop tryna blame the other lad 😂

@Jonny_MCFC_7: Howson here 😂 shouts the ref to distract the fella and then tickles him with the worst punch you’ve ever seen. 😂

@harry_LFC6: Filled in by scousers ye love to see it

@KianColeman04: Everyone taking the piss, Ste got head butted first and retaliated all is fair lol it’s self defence

@RFCGF3: Not sure who the fuck is who, but big number 15 was giving it big licks till he took a couple of shots, tried to sneak one in then ran away. Guy in the hat comes away from that as a clear winner.

@ashcon63301: Headbutted for nothing so gives a few slaps out simple as

@JonnyRashman: The bloke shouldn’t have head butted Howson first 🤦🏻‍♂️

@JamespMUFC: He landed two clean shots and the guy barely flinched.

@ElDiPablo77: Fucking hell!!!! Couldn’t punch his way out of a piss wet through paper bag throwing hands like that 🤣🤣🤣

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