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Man Utd slammed for ‘disrespectful’ actions during Europa League medal ceremony

Man Utd have been slammed for their ‘disrespectful’ actions which was spotted by many during the Europa League medal ceremony.

United missed out on winning their first major trophy since 2017 after they suffered a 11-10 penalty shootout defeat to Villarreal.

David De Gea was the one that left everyone gutted after failing to stop a single Villarreal penalty and then seeing his own spot-kick saved.


Following that, it was a rather dismal moment for the Red Devils, picking up the runners-up medals and then forced to watch their opponents jubilantly lift the trophy.

United’s players upset many after getting their medals, with some choosing to immediately take their medals off after having it put on them.

Those to do so included Harry Maguire, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba, removing their medals off their head straightaway.

Some fans believe it demonstrated a winning mentality, though for others it was a disrespectful act towards their opponents and the competition.

United forward Rashford was one of those who removed his medal, and after the match he cited a desire to start winning trophies.

He said: “Second doesn’t count for nothing. Manchester City win the league, we finished second. Doesn’t mean nothing.

“Villarreal won the Europa League, we finished second. For us it’s nothing. I don’t want to here ‘they were so close’ because it means nothing.

“One winner, one loser. Today we lost. We have to find out why and make sure next time we don’t lose.”

As mentioned, Man Utd were slammed for ‘disrespectful’ actions during the Europa League medal ceremony, see what they had to say below…

@Kanyangonda: It is disrespectful and ungrateful, even if a club is as storied and successful as @ManUtd, to take off their @EuropaLeague silver medals immediately upon receiving them. #EuropaLeague

@harrisjacob1996: Personal opinion: I know no one likes to be on the losing side, but the Man Utd players ripping off their runners up medals is very disrespectful

@kialstanley88: Completely disrespectful for @ManUtd players to rip off their medals, they deserved those medals based on their performance, but should also be proud to wear them

@genericdalglish: Shocking from United players to take their medals of straight away…disrespectful and disgusting. #munvil

@AorE92900768: They showed no respect for the competition by not wearing the medal. Poor sportsmanship. I think they thought they had it won before they started. OLE VILLAREAL…

@Wilson63829693: Absolute disgrace, good winners know how to lose properly

@nextofkindler: This is so so so so true. What a bunch of wankers 2nite

@krsuyash95_trss: Agree with this. And it showed from the beginning. We thought we’d won before showing up. Got what we deserved.

@naylorpalooza: So disrespectful to take off the medals straight away

@steveelsom1: I was surprised that De Gea didn’t drop his medal after that performance 🤣

@johnnyc20713264: I would have left them on. It could be the only medal these lot see.

@Spurs77: The most decorated, experienced player kept his on. Humility is hard learnt. Play better and it would have been a different colour medal.

@ShaunBaldry: Or bad losers

@WJRoberts1951: Sooner the better they realise most of the team are just average players and maybe the runners medal is the only one they’ll ever get. And acting like spoilt brats doesn’t do them any good.

@botbforum: Shocking. No respect.

@Paul_Horses1st: Maybe they should do the same with their wages refuse them and donate them to charity if they feel that bad about not winning. Nah they won’t do that the spoilt brats, disrespectful in my opinion.

@glenlane2712: Fucking hell what a bunch of babies man 😂😂😂😂 pathetic hahahaha

@thomasyeowart: Petulant spoilt children.

@bemurphy_murphy: It’s the only medal they shall win under Ole

@michaelglavey: You can really see the gulf in class between the likes of mata & cavani who have won plenty and then absolute bums like rashford, shaw Scott mc tominay, Brandon Williams, with the audacity to rip off their medals as soon as they’re put around their necks. Inject it all day

@CoryMacRae: Very disappointing to see @ManUtd players taking the runner up medals off the instant they are given them. Show a little sportsmanship, that just come across as childish. Yes, losing is painful and hard but the way you stand proud as a team is important. You don’t act like that.

@JCrowder73: To all the players who took off their medals once presented to them. Disgusting childish behaviour. Sport is fantastic as it has winners and losers. Learn to lose with dignity.

@TheStuartCrane: @ManUtd wtf were your players doing, pulling off the medals? Some sort of protest? In front of the whole world! Sour grapes, acceptance of your demise under Glazers. So unprofessional! I am glad I support @ManCity

@philipbackhouse: I find that quite disrespectful to all the other players in the Europa league this season that @ManUtd players would take off their losing medals. W⚓s

@Bluefoxxxy: Arrogant man u players taking off their medals. This is whats up with modern day footballers

@CassioRoad: What bad losers taking off their medals so quickly

@CM19882020: Think its absolutely disgraceful that the majority of the @ManUtd players took off their runners up medals as soon as they got them. What kind of sportsmanship is that showing the youngsters nowadays!!!

@ForeverAYellow: You wouldn’t take off your medal if you won silver or bronze at the olympics, so why do it at any other finals?

@RobF_WHU: See @ManUtd are sore losers, taking their loser medals straight off

@1994Spriggs: How disrespectful is it they just take medals off straight away, sore losers @ManUtd

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