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Man Utd fans vent out furious chants; Ronaldo refuses to approach away end at full time

New footage has emerged of Man Utd fans as they vent out furious chants while Ronaldo refuses to approach the away end at full time.

Cristiano snubbed a request from Erik ten Hag ’s assistant coach Steve McClaren to acknowledge the travelling supporters after their humiliating four-goal defeat at Brentford.

Four goals in 25 first half minutes from Josh Dasilva, Mathias Jensen, Ben Mee and Bryan Mbuemo left a shell-shocked Man Utd side reeling and unable to respond.

It was a humiliating defeat for United, who have now lost each of their opening Premier League matches and next up they take on Liverpool.

The only positive from a club point of view was the travelling fans – who continued to chant for the club throughout the match despite being subjected to a humbling showing from their side.

A selection of United players went to acknowledge the travelling support after the final whistle, with the majority of the away section staying in the stadium long after in order to continue to show their disapproval with the club’s Glazer ownership.

A delegation led by David De Gea, Scott McTominay, Anthony Elanga, Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Donny Van de Beek and Diogo Dalot went over to the United fans mainly to apologise for their abject performance.

Despite chanting their support for their club throughout the match, many United fans with gobsmacked unhappy faces were furious with what they had seen from their side – with that group of players accepting that they deserved the criticism.

Like Ronaldo, United’s club captain Harry Maguire also didn’t go over to the furious United travelling contingent, although he did applaud them from a distance before following Ronaldo down the tunnel and off the pitch.

David de Gea asked to be interviewed by Sky Sports so he can apologise for his early howler in Man United’s DISGRACEFUL first half at Brentford.

‘I think I cost my team two points. It was a poor performance from me. I think so. That can happen in football.

‘We should react better but I should have saved the first shot. If I had the first result might be different. Maybe I have to read the game better and kick it long. We always try to play we always try to have the ball.

‘We are not like other teams. We see teams concede a goal and then win 5-1. For us I made a mistake and it may have changed the result.’

De Ge admitted that his side had it too easy in pre-season and that the teams around the Red Devils have improved, while United have stood still.

‘It is too easy to play pre-season when you play for nothing’. The Spaniard continued.

‘I need to keep working as much as I can. We stick together as a team and keep working.

Man Utd’s players were due to be off training today, but Erik ten Hag had other ideas.

When asked about his triple substitution at half-time, which saw him take off defenders Lisandro Martinez and Luke Shaw alongside Fred, Ten Hag said: “I changed three, but I could have changed them all. We wanted to bring some fresh energy in the game, there was nothing specific to the ones we subbed because I don’t think it’s all to them.”

“It’s naive, how we played today, you have to play more direct. We said: invite them in [to press] and play long. We attracted them, the space was high on the pitch and we had to choose that option. That’s what we couldn’t do. It’s no good, definitely. That’s not the standard on how we want to act.

“You can have a plan, but we put the plan in the bin. It’s nothing to do with tactical – the first two goals. It’s about dealing with the ball. That’s one. And two, decisions.

“They followed my instructions but they made bad decisions. That’s football, it’s a game of mistakes and we got punished.”

“I’m convinced I’ll get it done – I did it everywhere,” he told Sky Sports on Friday in response to a question on how long he needs to bring the glory days back to Old Trafford.

Twitter users reacted as Man Utd fans vent out furious chants and Ronaldo refuses to approach the away end at full time…

@bennymufc: being 4-0 down at half time sang non stop in the 2nd half. No surprises which player was the first to disappear down the tunnel as per usual. Just not good enough. No heat, no passion, no pride for the famous shirt they wear. No fight, no guts. most are happy to collect a pay check & not care about the amazing away support again. But why should they care when the owners clearly don’t care. We used to pride ourselves on being the absolute very best the front runners the club the every others looked upto in envy. the truth is now we are a laughing stock, the rot has gotten so bad it’s becoming unrepairable we are just spinning around in circles like a dog chasing it’s own tail, we used to have the best in class the very best Stadium, the very best Training facilities etc etc. Now we have shoddy facilities that are far behind mid table run of the mill football clubs a stadium that’s been so badly neglected it’s no longer the absolute best in the country let alone Europe. We as fans spend our hard earned money to follow the club we love but we see nothing but a number gone are the days when you felt part of it all like one big family. This is not the same club I fell in love with in 1993 at the age of 5 nearly 6, it’s absolutely rotten to the core, it’s heartbreaking. Roughy 422 miles I drove yesterday in that heat, all I ask for is for a bit of respect from the players, Dalot just standing there staring at us like we are the problem, no mate you lot are the issue not the biggest issue far from it but you as a squad need to take a good long hard look at yourselves. All I ask for is a bit of pride & fight I don’t care if we lose every game just show it means something like what United means to us fans who like myself will be there at the next game & the next one & the next one, because it’s all we know & love, & somebody needs to keep the Red flag flying high. And it’s those match going fans home, away & across Europe that will always fly that Red flag the highest & the proudest despite all the heartache on & off the pitch.

@anniesdad48: I feel for ya lads. Expecting this myself in a couple of weeks at S’ton. Watford away last season just like this. Ole’s last game. Players massively underperforming.

@TayleyShot: Two things here, at least they had the bottle to come over, shame they didn’t show any on the pitch, disgraceful performance, if it was in a work place office you would be sacked

@MUSE04093233: As per, Utd away support top notch – not easy travelling that far, getting tanked but still shouting support – maximum respect 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 the results are shite,performances shite but our support is elite

@SALMAN_1562: Stop spending your hard earned cash and call for everyone else to do the same otherwise all this protest on Twitter are nothing but noise to the glazer’s and they’ve heard and seen it all before.

@ElGuajeVilla071: How about stop spending money helping to line the glazers pockets going to games. You can’t moan about the ownership yet continue to go to games. Glazers are laughing at you mate. Only way glazers go is if they start seeing empty seats.

@EmmaBfc90: Ah a toxic away end is always amusing. Hey Jude playing in the background just makes it funnier 😂

@UnitedKjellberg: Donny just played for like 10 mins but still he came all the way to apologize.

@D0GZY: Being a Brentford fan, I could never in a million years imagine doing this to our players, regardless of the result. Manchester United have a massive issue in their club from the top down to the fans. All are complicit in the rot! #BREMUN #ManchesterUnited #BrentfordFC

@rianmbfc: Hey Jude just casually playing in the background is too funny

@Jacob_1878: Got PTSD watching this 😂😂😂😂

@Reecef_03: ah we’re acc turning into Everton 🤣🤣🤣

@RNewall2: Reminds me of the Everton video this 🤣

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