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Man Utd fans tear into Dean Henderson after his explosive interview about his time at club

Man Utd fans have took to tear into Nottingham Forest summer signing Dean Henderson after his explosive interview about his time at club.

Dean Henderson’s outburst aimed at Manchester United has NOT gone down well with their fans it seems.

The keeper has slammed his former club for their ‘criminal’ treatment of him last season, claiming he had been told that he would be the No.1.

The 25-year-old was left ‘fuming’ with the false promises as he played back-up to David De Gea last season – another campaign the club went trophyless.

Henderson, who has joined Nottingham Forest on a season-long loan deal, made his feelings known in a bombshell interview.

Henderson claims he was told he’d be Man Utd’s first choice keeper before a bout of long Covid curtailed his Euro 2020 with England and the start of his season at Old Trafford.

“To be honest, it has probably been the toughest 12 months of my career,” Henderson told talkSPORT.

“It has been tough, hard, and I am so happy I have gone out the other end of it.

“I am so excited to be at Nottingham Forest and ready to go.

“The conversation I had coming out of the Euros squad was ‘you’re coming back here to be the No.1.’

“I got COVID, came back, so I should have still been the No.1, but then unfortunately nobody followed through with what they had told me.

“It was frustrating because I turned down so many good loans last summer for that reason, and they would not let me go.

“To sit there and waste 12 months, it is criminal really, at my age, I was fuming.

“I worked hard off the pitch and on the training pitch to keep improving, day-in-day-out, and now I am looking forward to the season with Nottingham Forest.

“I didn’t really want the manager to come in and see me in training because I knew that he’d probably want to keep me so I tried to do it all before I left for the season.

“I told the hierarchy that I need to be playing football, I don’t want to be here and play second fiddle, it was planned out. I was almost gone before the manager [Erik ten Hag] came through the door. I have not spoken to him since.”

“You may have noticed that I haven’t been able to do an interview in two years,” Henderson added. “That’s evident, isn’t it?

“I just kept myself to myself, I’ve sort of toned down in the sense where I don’t need to be saying stuff, I just go and end up doing it.

“There’s nothing wrong with self-belief, you have to believe in yourself in this game.

“Especially in this position you’re probably playing the hardest position on the pitch, you have to believe in yourself.

“Maybe when I’m younger I said a few things in interviews that I maybe shouldn’t have and it may have been over the top but it’s all part of learning.”

Henderson also talks about the conversations he had with Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper before completing his loan switch.

“Steve Cooper came to see me, he said one thing to me. He said: ‘Look, I don’t care what you’ve done in the game, I don’t care about this, that and the other, I want you to come and play for me and I’ll back you 110 per cent.’

“It’s something I’ve been crying out for for 365 days. It was fantastic to hear a manager have that trust in me and I can’t wait to repay him.”

Hendo talks to talkSPORT about the project at Nottingham Forest and has defended Jesse Lingard following his former Manchester United teammate’s decision to join the East Midlands outfit.

Lingard reportedly has wages of £200,000-a-week at his new club and it hasn’t sat well with some Hammers fans, but Henderson insists the midfielder’s reasons for joining Forest were not motivated by money.

“Jesse’s buzzing like myself,” Henderson told talkSPORT. “I was messaging him every day, pushing it over the line asking him to come and join me.

“He believes in the project and it’s a win-win for every party. I think it’s genius business, he brings quality to the squad and I can’t wait for him to get back flying and feel loved again.

“He’ll feel loved here. The boys will back him, the manager will back him and the fans will get behind him and he’ll feel loved. He’ll be excited to get going again.

“For a manager to put his arm around you and tell you he’s not going to let you down and stuff like that goes a long way. It’s no secret, they’re the managers that get the best out of you.

“He had a tough season last year as well, people standing in his way not letting him go and play football and like it was for myself it’s tough for him to accept.

“He wanted to go and play football this year and he’s got that reward and I look forward to seeing him in action.”

Henderson also questioned West Ham’s desire to snap up Lingard again.

“Obviously he built up a good rapport with the West Ham fans so for them to batter him I’m not sure was great,” Henderson added.

“West Ham were there but did they really, really want him? I’m not so sure.

“You’ve just got to take it with a pinch of salt. I did the best thing, I came off social media and it’s been great for me. I love life and don’t worry about everything, I don’t read any of the rubbish out there.

“I know Jesse’s active on it, maybe that’s detrimental for him but I don’t think he really cares. He’s a personality and is so confident in himself and has got so much ability and I just hope he puts in the performances I know he can for Forest.”

As mentioned, Man Utd fans tear into Dean Henderson after his explosive interview about his time at club, this is the Twitter reaction…

@ToneSweetman: This is what annoys me about the modern day footballer – they think it’s acceptable to speak out like this against their employer. I wouldn’t get away with it. He’s only on loan! If he had left I wouldn’t have an issue with it. It totally lacks professionalism.

@dandans147: Dave was better! Simple

@DeanJones90: I’ll have a pint of what he’s on 🍺

@the3rdMA: Should have put in a transfer request if your where serious but no club is gonna pay your fat wages

@KWAKUASARE316: Waiting for Man United fans to come up with excuses and blame the media its lies. Will they say that this isnt Henderson it’s just a lookalike who speaks the exactly the same not him

@adybrads: £100.000 grand a week for doing nothing. I agree it’s criminal.

@ashton_84: In fairness he tried to move to play.

@FreddoFPL: ‘I didn’t want the manager to see me because he would have wanted to keep me’ Wow.

@Wolverine8125: Look at all the man u fans coming out now who wanted Henderson to start last season and moaned about how poor De gea’s distribution is. Henderson comes out and tells the truth about their club and they all go and hide under the glazers skirt 😂

@PeterClayton37: Footballer doesn’t want to sit on his arse and just take a big pay packet but instead wants to play and prove himself. Says a lot that this is a big story! #NFFC

@Dazzared36: The bloke is on another planet, why should he be guaranteed number 1, he got sick so someone else stepped in and did well so he shouldn’t just expect to get his place back, he was quite happy to sign a 6 year deal.

@BillyJo87251735: He’s been tricked by the club because they’ve told him he’s number 1 so he’s turned down moves away just to be kept as back up when being told otherwise. Poor from Utd.

@roburko67: Fair play to him a player who wasnt happy to sit back and collect his wages he wanted to play 👏

@VillaWatch1: It’s refreshing to see an honest interview like this and what a top club in Forest he’s been able to join. Should get his first clean sheet of the season against Newcastle too which will give him great confidence for the rest of the season. All the best 👍

@FPLPhilly: No player is entitled to a starting spot. That was earned by De Gea last year. He took his chance just like Henderson did at the back end of the season before. The attitude of that group of players is just rotten! Spoiled!

@AdamWarwick86: Why’s he in the wrong for wanting to play after being told he would be no1 ?

@MrFoster_92: This pretty much confirms he was one of leaks last season. Any chance we can check his Snapchat aswell

@robbiemanu77: Does the clown not know he’s only on loan.


@DontEatSalad_: I tell you what.. Hats off to Dean for speaking out so openly and not doing a classic “Media Friendly/Robotic” interview. Respect to that!

1. How can you refuse loans if United didn’t agree them?
2. Should we pause the season so nobody takes your “no1” spot?
3. Nobody told you you’d be no1 on a permanent basis.
4. Grow up.

@Steersy79: Bloke is living in cloud cuckoo land. Based solely on what he is saying he has no fight in him and blames everybody but himself. Good luck in the future because you have limited your options going forward unless you are as good as you think.

@SimonClare7: There is levels mate and you found yours.

@Geoffrey87Lea: Anyone blaming deano for this should try being in his situation for one day and see how it feels, if anything his self belief that he can make it at forest and convince everyone that he deserves a shot at United is the best thing to see here

@CarlosS1kRR: State of the replies on here. We criticise players for being dull & formulaic, wanting them to be more honest,he’s wearing heart in sleeve & getting slated .he’s also said he’s turned down loans BECAUSE he was promised No1 spot,which didn’t happen so he wasted 12 months.

@Gardner1Stephen: Obviously not good enough and wants football handed on a plate.I’m not sure he’s better than Wayne Hennessy so be interesting where he goes when he’s not No 1 at forest…but it won’t be his fault!! Poor attitude = poor performance

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