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Man Utd criticised by fans as they consider THREE options for Mason Greenwood should he stay

Man Utd have been criticised by fans as they consider THREE options for Mason Greenwood should he stay on at the Premier League giants.

Since October 2022, charges of attempted rape and assault occasioning actual bodily injury, controlling and coercive behavior, and assault occasioning actual bodily damage were made against the striker.

However, despite being suspended by the club, all charges against him were dropped by February and now he could return to Old Trafford if cleared by an internal investigation.

According to The Athletic, it is believed that he may appear in a TV interview as part of a “phased approach” for his rehabilitation.

Sources told the outlet: “Under the scenario Greenwood stays, United would be likely to follow a phased process, taking into account the sentiment of fan groups, sponsors and the women’s team at differing stages.

“It would include encouraging Greenwood to receive a form of counselling or therapy, ahead of a possible broader rehabilitation.

“It has also been suggested that such an approach may also include exposing Greenwood to a television interview in which he is challenged on the events that have taken him to this point.”

They added that Man Utd “may seek to frame him as a young man who has made mistakes and is remorseful for his actions” and believe they have a responsibility to rehabilitate him.

Mason Greenwood was given another chance to play international football, but not for England.

Greenwood is eligible for Jamaica through his mother’s side, and according to the rules, he may be eligible for Jamaica in September.

Dennis Chung, Jamaica Football Federation boss, stated that he was only 21 years old and has a bright future, claiming he’d be a valuable asset to any team he links up with.

Greenwood, however, is determined to revive his England career after making it at 18 away from Iceland in 2020 and has ‘rejected’ Jamaica.

Many will recall back to the time he and teammate Phil Foden were sent home the next day after they got with two female into the hotel team hotel in violation of Covid rules.

Since then, Greenwood hasn’t played for his country and Gareth Southgate seemingly doesn’t intend to play him any time soon.

A source said: “He is clinging to the hope of playing again at the highest level.

“But Southgate places a great deal of importance on not only a player’s talent, but how the squad gels.”

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Here’s how fans reacted with Man Utd criticised by fans as they consider THREE options for Mason Greenwood should he stay…

@MarkDByrne: He would just sue them for breach of contract as he has not been convicted. It’s an invidious situation. I expect they will try and loan him out and just run down his contract. Can’t see how he can play for them again.

@TrickTrick85SC: Remember Fergie on his high horse over Suarez and Liverpool. Nows the time to show actions speak louder than words. Sack him

@jackendean11: Agree we need to cut ties. I’m hoping the club are just taking the time to make sure it’s all done legally properly as in the eyes of the law he’s done nothing wrong so if dismissed could theoretically sue the club. Hope he never plays for us again

@Skarmory93: Guarantee if he wasn’t as talented or worth as much (in a football sense), he’d have been sacked immediately. Money does indeed talk.

@LeeNoble20: I imagine a multitude of reasons tbh – won’t want to disrupt the current form of the team etc so just eek out an ‘investigation’ and at the end of the season either terminate his contract for gross misconduct or mutually terminate with some sort of (unavoidable) pay out

@Bob_Helpful: You’re shocked a football club is putting its own self interest ahead of ethics?

@RalfBall_: Unfortunately despite the recordings, if there’s no legal repercussions it’s very hard for the club to do anything without losing massively financially and that’s how our club is run atm

@TomMellish: I hope they do cut ties as I don’t want to see him play for the club again. I’m guessing they just now have to go through the necessary process as charges have been dropped to ensure they have grounds for dismissal or arrange for leaving by mutual consent rather than pay him off

@WAFCtabs: I think United would have explored all legal routes to get rid of him. It all comes down to legality, not morals. Morally, I reckon they would bin him off. They’ve got a few choices: sack him and hope they don’t get sued, terminate contract mutual consent or sell him

@JossStarkie: The club should well be cutting ties with him, doing it immediately is an incredibly costly way of doing it when (in the eyes of the law) he hasn’t done anything. Just gotta pray they make the right decision going forwards

@ORWH98: Burden of proof on the club is MUCH lower than on the CPS; he should’ve been out the door and into the cold as soon as the allegations came to light.

@ChaarliePage: This is where it’s fucked, they know they can make money because some twisted cunts going to sign him. If there wasn’t money involved he’d of been gone by now facts

@marktheram7: ‘Assessing options’ 🙄 There is only one acceptable option – get rid.

@City_Sean: What an absolutely fucking disgraceful piece. It’s genuinely fucking outrageous to try and turn those recording into some rehabilitation programme that will be forgotten about once he returns to the pitch

@AKALouisCasper: Everyone’s heard the recordings, its fucking mental them cunts are even considering it.

@KendrickLiamR: And he’s recorded a statement talking about how excited he is to rejoin the team. Search “Mason Greenwood recording” to find it. For real tho what a fucking embarrassment. If he rejoins the team it will put a HUGE dark mark on what has been an otherwise great season

@angiexxunited98: What’s there to assess??? We heard the voice clips and saw the photos. He should never play in the Premier League, let alone any top-tier football league. A PR disaster for any club.

@NickAllen224: Imagine this in any other line of work. They’d already be gone. They’d already have the contract ripped up. What precedent does it set to allow someone capable of what he was recorded doing back into Premier League football and millions of pounds worth of wages?

@NickThompson20: If I were @ManUtd I’d be ripping up his contract and publicly supporting a domestic violence charity. He can have his second chance away from the eyes of millions. Or do #MUFC want to show young guys they can do whatever they like and get away with it?

@alexharris_92: I’m sick of hearing about him, if this was any other walk of life he’d be rightly dismissed and never spoken of again. But it’s football which means people aren’t in the real world and seem happy overlooking what a contemptuous little scumbag he is!

@LongyWTID: Can see a fan attacking him at an away game if he returns.

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