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Man fighting for his life after Leicester Square brawl as Scotland fans partied

A man is currently fighting for his life in hospital after a brawl at Leicester Square as the Scotland fans partied at large.

The punch-up is understood to have happened on Thursday evening and a 55-year-old was rushed to A&E, according to reports.

Two men were injured in the fight and one man has been left in a serious condition with doctors monitoring his health.

An estimated 22,000 Scotland fans have made the trip down to London with only around 2,600 of them ready to attend the Euro 2020 clash with England on Friday night.

After giving commuters a surprise blaring out chants at King’s Cross on arrival, they then headed to various parks, singing songs whilst setting off blue flares.

A naked Scottish fan ended up getting led away by cops in Hyde Park on his first night in the capital.

Multiple Met Police officers were spotted surrounding the streaker before dragging him away from the crowd of onlookers.

Supporters were pictured sitting and taking a dip in the William Shakespeare fountain at Leicester Square while others could be seen filling it with washing up liquid.

Some continued to sing, whilst also doing the conga, others decided to chant “F**k the English” and one Scot in a kilt did a flip on a train in front of passengers.

Met Police issued a 48 hour dispersal order in central London, giving officers more powers to remove drunken troublemakers.

A spokesman tweeted: ‘Due to the high profile UEFA EURO Football match between England & Scotland on Friday 18th June at 8pm and the anticipated anti-social behaviour this may bring, a section 35 dispersal authority has been implemented.

‘This has been authorised by Inspector Dodds from 1500 hours 17/06/21 till 1500 hours 19/06/21 in the West End area in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of members of the public being caused alarm harassment and distress and the occurrence of criminality in the local area.’

The traditional party spot for Scotland fans is Trafalgar Square, however that has been designated as a fan zone for local key workers with tickets.

A spokesman for Sadiq Khan said: ‘It is not possible to hold a fan zone for Scottish fans in London due to the Covid restriction.

‘Fans should only travel to the capital if they have a ticket or a safe place to watch the match.’

Pleading with authorities to give fans somewhere to watch the game, Connor Wilson tweeted: ‘Just put a big screen up in Hyde Park next Friday and keep us aw happy, doesn’t take much.’

Sven Lister, a member of the Rosyth Tartan Army supporters’ club, warned there could be disturbances if supporters find nowhere to watch the game.

He told MyLondon: ‘It just worries me that they’ve not done anything. There’s going to be groups wandering, possibly not getting to see the football, which would cause trouble.

‘They’ve got a party organised in Hyde Park, all they need to do is put a big screen up. They’ll tidy up after themselves.

‘There won’t be a case of leaving rubbish around. They’ll bring a bin bag and pick it up.’

Some fans made last minute changes to their plans as publicans have cancelled their bookings.

Writing on the Tartan Army Facebook page, Dan Johnstone said: ‘Just had my booking for 12 of us cancelled. Knackered up the whole trip. Anyone know anywhere still taking bookings?’

Leading the Met’s policing of Euro 2020, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said: ‘London remains in a public health crisis and we must all still take action to stick to government guidelines on social distancing and gatherings.

‘Please, only come to London if you have a ticket for a match, fan zone or somewhere safe to watch the match.’

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) reckons that 14.8m pints will be sold across England and Scotland on match day, with more than three million sales during the game.

However they warned that due to restrictions, beer sales will be reduced by almost 850,000 pints.

This results in a revenue loss of around £3.2m for pubs across England and Scotland. The chief executive said: “Whether you’re supporting England or Scotland, nothing beats watching the game at the pub.

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A post shared by Fan Banter (@fan.banter)

“Given pubs have been closed or faced restrictions for more than a year in both England and Scotland, every little helps and is critical to their recovery and survival.

“Given the delay in England to the lockdown and with rumours suggesting a similar delay could be coming in Scotland, it is a real great shame that fans will not even be able to enjoy the tournament without restrictions in the latter stages. All restrictions on pubs in England and Scotland must be removed as soon as possible for our sector to survive and recover.”

With a man reportedly fighting for his life after a Leicester Square brawl where Scotland fans partied, more videos from the party emerged…

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