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Man City investigate plane banner and footage of fans ‘disgusting gestures’ at Liverpool game

Man City have looked at the plane banner and are to investigate footage of fans ‘disgusting gestures’ at their game with Liverpool.

A plane flying the banner including the words ‘British to be a minority’ was spotted going over the Etihad Stadium as the match was in play.

The banner left baffled many fans in the ground and watching at home baffled, with a photo appearing on Twitter during the first half.

Residents have also told Manchester Evening News that in the North West, leaflets had been posted through their letter boxes this weekend titled “White’s to be a minority by the year 2066 or sooner” – a similar message to that on the banner.

One woman, whose is pregnant with a mixed-race baby, said the leaflet had left her and her partner feeling ‘upset’ and ‘disgusted.’

“We are having a baby and thinking about the world they are going to be born into is worrying.”

The woman said her partner had been left feeling ‘uneasy’ and ‘unsettled’ about going out after receiving the leaflet.

“He’s just moved here and it’s not the most welcoming feeling if you go and pick that up from your front door,” she said.

A nationalist group named Patriotic Alternative claimed responsibility for the flyers on Twitter, claiming activists across the country had posted thousands of leaflets – warning people of ‘mass immigration’ and ‘falling white birth rates.’

While no one has yet claimed responsibility for organising the banner that was flown on the plane, some activists who support the group also appear to have retweeted a video of the banner.

Good Morning Britain presenter Adil Ray condemned the banner on Twitter saying: “A plane flew over the Etihad with a banner “BRITISH TO BE MINORITY BY 2066″. It’s actually quite scary that these incredibly stupid racists have the money to spend on this. If by British they mean people like them I can’t think of anything better.”

Meanwhile, Manchester City have launched an official investigation after video footage emerged online of two home fans appearing to mock the Hillsborough disaster.

It quickly went viral on Twitter and it appeared to show two City supporters making obscene gestures in relation to Hillsborough in the direction of Liverpool’s supporters after the final whistle.

Liverpool ECHO – understands that City officials are looking into the incident, and are to treat their investigation very seriously.

The individual who is believed to have uploaded the video footage to Twitter, said: “All for the footy banter and that but draw the line with Hillsborough.”

97 people sadly lost their lives as a result of the disaster in Sheffield, which occurred in April 1989 during an FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

Social media users had their say as Man City investigate the plane banner and footage of their fans ‘disgusting gestures’ at the Liverpool game…

@TweetsFromFerg: Horrible coward giving it the big one behind a police cordon. He’d shit himself if it was outside the ground.

@LFCmark9: Life time ban won’t happen lad they need him to help fill their stadium

@LukeEvans8: Absolute rat!!!

@Jessmawill_: Someone will know who this is, name shame the fucking horror 🤬🤬🤬🤬

@Mobyhaque1: Very dissapointing to see this behaviour. Lucky for him he is in camera. @ManCityHelp

@LFCBurnsey: @david_conn @IanByrneMP @AndyBurnhamGM @MetroMayorSteve when will we draw the line and make a point that Hillsborough disaster is not banter and never will be.

@iainjrobinson: Any person attending a football match who uses death as “banter” deserves a life time ban.
Doesn’t matter if Hillsborough, Munich, Heysel, Bradford, etc

@Tactical_Times: an embarrassment to the club and to the city

@Mal_TQ: One in the background as well (97 hand gestures). Disgusting. Get them banned.

@matips_men: And the girl with Ukrainian flag laughing. Irony

@TKoppite: If City do ban them good. Same goes for anyone from any club chanting about death, injury and tragedy. Families are left bereft for life. How would those chanting like it if it happened to them? This needs to be made a hate crime with serious prison sentence, life ban for all.

@MCFC_Trooper: As a city fan ban them for life. I’m all for banter and slag each other off but there’s boundaries ye can’t cross. Personal insults like this boils me blood

@1987mcg: i was next to the home fans with the riot police. we consistently pointed out their fans mocking hillsborough and they literally responded back with “didnt see it” as theyre looking at them doing it.

@D15Twisted: Pathetic scumbags, peoples deaths ain’t no joke, especially to those who are families of the dead or those who still suffer the mental scars of hillsborough, this has to stop. No disaster should ever be used to point score.

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