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Man City fans spotted fighting as Pep Guardiola gets mocked by viewers for what he did post-match

Man City fans have been spotted fighting with footage going viral as Pep Guardiola gets mocked by viewers for what he did post-match.

Chelsea were crowned European champions for the second time on Saturday night as Kai Havertz’s first-half strike sealed a 1-0 victory over a lacklustre City side out in Porto.

Thomas Tuchel’s side, who lost Thiago Silva to injury in the 39th minute, went ahead just before half-time as Mason Mount’s superb pass picked out the run of Havertz, who went around Ederson and calmly finished into an empty net for his first Champions League goal.

New Premier League champions Man City, who selected an attacking line-up, were far from their usual best and their task was made even more harder when Kevin De Bruyne was forced off because of a head injury in the 60th minute, before he then shed some tears heading off the pitch.

Before Chelsea could go and lift the trophy, Man City went to go and collect their runners-up medals, something Man Utd did the other day after losing to Villarreal in the Europa League final.

Pep Guardiola got his medal, however then was ruthlessly mocked by rival fans for kissing it.


Before the match, Chelsea and Man City fans clashed with each other as well as police.

It started on Thursday night, with Portuguese authorities having to enforce a strict 10.30pm bar curfew to combat the spread of Covid in the country, which was seemingly the cause of the aggravation.

Mobile phone videos have been posted online showed the supporters fighting, before police stepped in to break it up.

Mayor of Porto Rui Moreira said one person was taken to hospital but their injuries are “nothing serious”.

He told Sky Sports News: “As far as I know, and I spoke with the police this morning, it was nothing serious.

“We had to shut down the bars and the pubs because that’s the law, the curfew law, by 10.30pm people had to leave.

“Between the fans, there was some aggression. One guy went to hospital, it was nothing serious, no arrests.

“People went to their hotels and it always happens. We have this experience also with our national games.

“You can’t change it, that’s life, but nothing that concerns us so far.”

Meanwhile, another clip has been posted, showing Man City fans punching each other as things got heated abroad.

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Player ratings

Man City Ederson (6), Walker (7), Stones (6), Dias (6), Zinchenko (4), Gundogan (4), Silva (3), Mahrez (5), Sterling (4), Foden (5), De Bruyne (6)

Subs: Jesus (6), Fernandinho (6), Aguero (5)

Chelsea Mendy (7), James (8), Azpilicueta (9), Silva (7), Rudiger (8), Chilwell (9), Kante (9), Jorginho (8), Mount (8), Werner (7), Havertz (9)

Subs: Christensen (8), Pulisic (7), Kovacic (6)

Man of the match: N’Golo Kante

Man City boss Pep Guardiola: “It’s an exceptional season we’ve had. It’s an honour to be here. In the second half we were brilliant and brave. But they defend so strong and are so fast on the counter-attack. We will come back maybe one day again. I did what was best for the team [on selection].

“He [Kevin De Bruyne] was injured but this happens. In these kind of games, we need everyone. The ambition now is to the rest, and then game by game we will come back and hopefully return to this stage in the future.”

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel: “To share it with everybody is incredible. We made it. Wow. I don’t know what to feel.

“I was so grateful to arrive a second time [in the final]. I felt different. We were somehow… You could feel it getting closer.

“The [players] were determined to win this. We wanted to be a stone in their shoe. We encouraged everybody to step up and step out, to be more brave and create dangerous counter-attacks.”

Kai Havertz: “I don’t know what to say, it’s an incredible feeling. We deserved it and now we celebrate. I waited a long time [Havertz had never scored previously in the Champions League], and now I’ve done it. I just want to thank my family, my parents, my brother, my sister, my grandmother, my girlfriend. They’re here in the stadium. I worked 15 years for that moment and now it’s happened.”

Cesar Azpilicueta: “This means a lot. I came here in 2012 after the Champions League win and of course I wanted to repeat that. Tonight it’s just amazing. My family is here and it’s just a special day.”

Ben Chilwell: “We fought so hard today. We knew it would be a tough game. The second half… we fought for our lives to get to this moment, to have this feeling. This is what I came to Chelsea for. It’s a dream come true.”

Mason Mount: “I can’t put it into words. It’s impossible. I just mentioned then that I’ve played in two finals for Chelsea and we lost them both. The way that hurt… It’s all I’ve dreamt winning a trophy with Chelsea. To go all the way in the Champions League. We played some tough teams. We are in a final and we won it. It’s such a special occasion. At this moment in time, we’re the best team in the world. You can’t take that away from us!”

Social media users reacted after Man City fans were spotted fighting as Pep Guardiola gets mocked by viewers for what he did post-match…

@AzeezThings: Pep Guardiola kissed the Champions League losers medal. 😂😂😂

@utd_dara: Pep really kissed the loser’s medal. Could you imagine if Ole had done that?

@epasx: That is so embarrassing from Pep

@ForeverAYellow: I’m confused, everyone said Man Utd did the correct thing in taking their medals off, yet Pep keeps it on and kisses it and everyone (bar Utd fans) is for it? Head fuck

@UtdEnthusiast_: Pep kissed the second place medal and kept it on 😂😂😂

@TeamXtremeXXV: Pep kissing a losers medal. Tell me again how he’s the best manager ever.

@MUFC_Seb: No way 😭😭

@___Ajinkya: Pep kissed the loosers medal lolololololol

@utd_dara: Pep really kissed the loser’s medal. Could you imagine if Ole had done that?

@ashleyrodgers21: WTF Pep just kisses his losers medal 😂😂😂 im dying!

@PSmith1379: Why FFS 🤔🤔🤔

@PerthTrueBlue: Fannies

@Airhead2: What a load of morons… Bet they are sorry that they agreed to have them attend! Actually chuck them in jail so they miss the match and their flights home so they have to pay for new tickets!

@Wellimjustsayi1: Cowardly punch

@mcinnes64: Wankers

@JustAskDesign: And Europe want the Brits back for summer 🙈

@Sykesybabes: This was City’s only shot on target

@CrockerNiall: Naaa soon as he pinged his mate he shudve dump tackled him to ground not throw a pint and start ducking and weaving

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