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Man City fans mocked over ‘small’ turnout outside the Etihad celebrating 2022/23 title win

Man City fans have been mocked over the ‘small’ turnout outside the Etihad Stadium celebrating their side’s 2022/23 title win.

They were quick to mock Arsenal for their 1-0 loss at Nottingham Forest, which saw them crowned champions for a third consecutive time. See more on that by clicking HERE.

The club’s fans gathered in the ground with some in a cheeky spirit, and wrote Arsenal’s names on transparent plastic bottles.

Mikel Arteta said after the defeat that he took ‘responsibility for their collapse’.

Arsenal sat top of the league for 248 days, despite being eight points ahead of Man City at one time, and it is the most amount of time a team has led the Premier League without managing to win the title.

Some fans chose to make fun of the North Londoners, as you can see in the videos below…

Kyle Walker said via the club website: “It’s been a little of madness in there (first team building), but we’re fully focused for tomorrow.

“We’ll celebrate after tomorrow at some stage, maybe but we have more games coming up.

“I would have loved to have won it tomorrow and go out and beat Chelsea.

“Arsenal pushed us right to the limit they’ve been fantastic, so all credit to them

“We just went on an incredible run, they had a few hiccups and we capitalised on it and we’ve managed to end up where we have now.

“It’s the players we’ve got. We’re a bunch of lads who have achieved so much over the last number of years and we understand the standards we’ve set. 

“As for inspiration, there’s the captains, managers and so on but we drive ourselves – we achieved so much over the past five or six years, but we knew the bar wasn’t high enough at the start of the season.

“It wasn’t good enough and when we came back after the World Cup, we had to kick on and fair play to the lads – that Liverpool game kicked it off.

“We wanted to prove anyone doubting us wrong – it wasn’t good enough.

“With the lads we have in the dressing room we always believe we can do something.

“It was the first season where we kept on scoring late goals so until the end, we know we can do it.

“The standards of Premier League have gone up, but this is what this club is built for, certainly that’s how it’s been for the six years I’ve been here, so fair play to everyone involved.”

Asked when will he start enjoying the moment, Walker said: “Tomorrow! I’m glad it’s done and we’re over the line.

“We will play the good football we do for our fans against Chelsea because they deserve it, then we have Brighton and Brentford and then two massive games to hopefully go and make history.

“If we can do well, the handbrake’s off after that!

“You’ve got to be ready at the business end of the season because that’s what this club is all about and what we are built for.”

Ilkay Gundogan added, also via the club website: “To have helped the Club win a third straight Premier League title is something very special.

“The Premier League is without doubt the most demanding and competitive league in the world so that tells you everything about what an achievement this is.

“This squad is so talented and so special and to have been captain this season has been an enormous privilege.

“I would also like to thank Pep, all the backroom staff and everyone who works across this football club. Every single day they help provide us as players with everything we need in order to try to be successful.

“There is no way we could have won this title without all their support.

“To have won this trophy three times in a row and five times in six years is incredible. That quality and consistency helps sum up what Manchester City stand for and ensures the Club will continue to strive for success going forward.

“It has been a season I will never forget.

“Our amazing fans have been with us every single step of the way.

“Without their amazing backing I don’t think there is any way we would have been able to achieve what we have done these past six seasons. Their passion and support have been so important and inspirational for us all.

“Hopefully winning the Premier League title again is a fitting way for us to say thank you to our fans.”

As mentioned, Man City fans were mocked over ‘small’ turnout outside the Etihad celebrating the 2022/23 title win…

@ArsenalBuzzCom: Hope the security wasn’t overwhelmed

@DelfinaBeatle53: Man City PR team. “The Etihad is under siege right now with over 57,000 fans celebrating todays title win”

@mattyredmond: That’s how it’s done Naples watch and learn

@wackydog70: Would have been more if it wasn’t for Stockport winning the league 2 playoff semifinal today.

@RichardMUFC: “You expect us to show up when… <insert excuse here>” -Citeh fans

@Carl_M79: The Death of Football FC.

@le1gh1980: I hope Manchester police are on the way for crowd control? Everyone please be careful it could turn nasty. Stay safe 🤞🏼

@charlie_suth: Hahahaha, fair play to the 4 of them

@rich_houghton: Haha there more tv crew than fans

@heyit5sam: Teams promoted from the FIFTH tier of football held better parties 😭

@noseyrenda: Absolute carnage hope no one was hurted

@GrahamKirk5: According to City there were 200,000 in attendance.

@stuartreece_23: Absolute pandemonium, extra police drafted in to deal with the hoards of fans. 😂#massive

@JimHancock613: Hope the mob didn’t get out of hand.

@Davolaar: Showing Napoli how it’s done. 😅

@Kevincasson5: Wow some celebration that

@hastie7hastie: Seen more people in my local chippy 🤣🤣

@AnjieManjie: “Breaking news! A record-breaking number of City fans gather at the Etihad to celebrate winning the title for a 3rd consecutive time! Absolutely packing out here Jim!”

@AFazeli: Assuming they all shared a taxi?

@UtdWesleyy: Record breaking revenues apparently lmao!

@nathanielmead: That is not a celebration, it’s a gathering

@m1871e: And the crowd goes mild

@MDriver99: Weird. EVERY City fan is from Manchester, yet win they win the league, about 12 turn up. Really strange…

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