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Man City fans mock Old Trafford, Ten Hag and Glazers as Gary Neville unleashes rant on Man Utd

Man City fans take to cheekily mock Old Trafford, Ten Hag and Glazers as Gary Neville unleashes a passionate rant on Man Utd.

Man City taunt their rivals a lesson in Sunday’s derby, with Ten Hag’s subs under scrutiny as Marcus Rashford’s poor form continues and now Man Utd are already 11 points off Premier League leaders Tottenham.

Erling Haaland tormented with goals in both halves, before setting up a third for Phil Foden as Pep Guardiola’s side put in a dominant performance.

Man City fans came up with a number of amusing chants taking aim mocking their rivals during the game, here’s just some of them…

🎶 Old Trafford is falling down,
Ten Hag is a fkn clown,
Glazers staying 10 more years,
Man City are on the beers 🎶

🎶 “F*ck off back to London, the City is ours” 🎶

🎶 “Fergie’s right, ya fans are shite!” 🎶

You can have a watch of all of these in videos that were uploaded onto social media following the Premier League fixture…

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Meanwhile, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher clashed in the studio as they debated Man Utd’s heavy defeat to Man City at Old Trafford.

NEVILLE: “I agree with what Erik ten Hag said about the first half being not that bad. I thought it was OK and the defensive side of things was fine. City struggled to create openings.

“But when I saw [Scott] McTominay alongside [Christian] Eriksen in midfield I thought that was brave, if not a little bit reckless. I didn’t think it would work. I thought [Sofyan] Amrabat must be injured but we’ve had it confirmed he wasn’t.

“I don’t think it was a great day for his substitutions. Last season, his substitutions were amazing. Every time he made them, it improved the team’s performance. I thought today the substitutions made them worse and opened them up more.

“But I’ve seen this now with four or five managers down the line, where they really struggle in their second or third season. We end up rinse-repeat, rinse-repeat. Exactly the same things happen again and we start talking about the same things again.

“The performances of Manchester United against City have not been good. I was at the cup final last season and the performance was not good. That performance in the second half today was appalling. Amrabat coming off emptied midfield.

“But my anger isn’t with Ten Hag. I don’t believe he’s the fundamental cause of this problem.”

CARRA: “I get what you’re saying in terms of rinse-repeat, different managers and stuff like that. We would all say it went well last season but none of us here can explain what Manchester United try to do in terms of how they play.

“He has been here now nearly 18 months. We’ve seen Unai Emery come in at Aston Villa, we’ve seen Ange Postecoglou come in at Tottenham. In a short space of time, it doesn’t mean you win every week, but when you go to the games you know what you’re going to see.

“We still don’t know what we’re going to see with Manchester United. You tell me how they play with the ball.”

NEVILLE: “Look, Carra, to be honest with you I can’t disagree with you. But those managers you talk about come into stable environments. They’ve currently got over their heads a guy all over the news who is going to own 25 per cent…”

CARRA: “Gary, no, no, no…”

NEVILLE: “Why do I have to listen to you but you won’t listen to me?

“Basically, you imagine you’re in a business, in a football club, and the news is that a guy is going to come in and wipe out the whole football department. Can you imagine what’s going on in that football club at this moment in time, in and around Erik ten Hag?

“It is toxic, and embedded negativity. They all think they are all going to lose their jobs.

“Jim Radcliffe is going to come in with David Brailsford, they are gong to sweep out the football department. That’s what’s happening and I honestly believe this toxicity that exists at this club, and has done for years, it eats alive every manager that comes and every player that comes.

“Harry Maguire was going to go to Man City. Mason Mount was going to Liverpool. They come here and it’s a graveyard for them. Are we going to keep blaming the kids in the class, or the head teacher?”

CARRA: “So we can’t analyse anything Erik ten Hag does or any performance of Manchester United?

“Every time they get beat badly in a game, everything goes back to the ownership. Of course it’s not right, the supporters are not happy, but what you’re talking about is a style of football.

“What he’s doing on the training pitch Monday to Friday has got nothing to do with Jim Radcliffe coming in. What does he want those players to do? When they are building from the back – and we see every top team in the league do it – what are Manchester United trying to do with the ball?

“They are playing underdog football and they have done since he came in.

“Gary, let me finish. They play counter-attack and they play a lot of long balls. No other top team plays like that. It’s nothing to do with what’s going on above him. What’s he doing on the training pitch, with the players he brings in, and what’s he asking them to do? You can’t see it.”

NEVILLE: “Carra, I completely agree with you. They have allowed another manager to come in and dictate policy and let the tail wag the dog on recruitment. They have brought eight Eredivisie players in from basically a league that Erik ten Hag thinks he trusts.

“They did the same thing with Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] and the same thing with Jose [Mourinho} and Louis van Gaal.

“I’m not saying he is not culpable for the mistakes that he is making. He has got injuries to players like [Lisandro] Martinez, and [Raphael] Varane, who is only just coming back, so there are issues in terms of playing out from the back.

“He has not got Casemiro in midfield either, so he hasn’t got three players who are fundamentally his connection from defence.”

CARRA: “Casemiro is one of the worst signings they have made.”

NEVILLE: “What I’m saying though is that those players help him play from the back.

“I don’t like the football at all, I’ve no idea what the patterns are they are trying to put in place, but the bigger picture with United that we have seen is that great managers and great players with great reputations come here and die in front of our eyes.

“Why is that? How do we answer that question?”

Here’s how fans reacted as Man City fans take to mock Old Trafford, Ten Hag and Glazers as Gary Neville unleashes a rant on Man Utd…

@UtdBow: I feel like this tv segment about united happens every 2 years

@TalkingTHFC: They’re both absolutely spot on. But Carra’s point remains – what does ETH stand for? His enormous signings don’t correlate with any style or pattern. It makes no sense. And p.s. calling Spurs a “stable environment” is absolutely laughable. We’re as volatile as it gets.

@CDoggTHFC: A stable environment at Spurs? Did @GNev2 not see what happened last season 😅 along with losing our record goalscorer, Ange has come into, at the time, one of the single most hostile positions in European football and its down to Ange that we now look more stable

@RDrobinski: They’re both right in parts, but @Carra23 has more of the right. @GNev2 is right about the culture being wrong in ManU – most of guys playing there are satisfied to get paid and play for a “big club.” That said, that’s not an ownership problem, it’s on Ten Hag.

@paulieDee19: It’s sad to see United the way it is. I grew up watching united dominate the premier league and I hated them for it but the Premier league needs a successful United team again.

@kopninja86: Did Gary Neville say stable environments? Spurs have had about 6 managers in 3 years. They just lost Harry Kane. Brighton sell 2/3 of their best players every year and spend a fraction of it back on the team.

@THFCsince76: “Stable environment” ! A despised owner subjected to Levy Out chants regularly, a DoF facing prison, 3 managers last season, the new one written off, and best player sold, and a fan base totally disconnected from the club !

@jimmy_boy81: Well said @Carra23 – Gary’s default answer whenever United play badly is that its all the boards fault. But the board back the manager every single time, it’s not the galzers fault that Onana had played shockingly and that the players they buy just aren’t very good

@sdrew_89: Fetch the Norwich scalves!

@MitchSteane1: I really like Neville but Carragher is right. No player has improved under Ten Hag, United have no playing style and the transfer policy is shocking.

@frosticals: Oh gary oh gary, now now let’s get real, if I really could be bothered I’m sure I can find many a clip of you “understanding the spurs fans anger at not winning things, Kane who you’ve been trying to sell since he broke through” come on now 🤣🤣

@TheLeishy: Neville weirdly claiming Ange went into a stable environment of a club that has failed to live up to its potential for decades, sold their best ever player and has Daniel Levy who fucking hates fun is mental. Man United are a basket case because they don’t employ good managers

@FplRowan: Manchester United fans seem to have this remarkable ability to blame the board and owners for absolutely everything!
Having no style of play – owners fault
Recruiting who the manager wants to bring in – owners fault
Players underperforming – owners fault 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

@LSeffz: Postecoglou and Emery came into stable environments in Spurs and Villa? Spurs who want their ownership out too and lost their captain and best player? Villa who were a shambles under Dean Smith and Gerrard? Have a day off Gary. Carragher is spot on. We’re seeing no Mon-Fri work

@Webbyyyy_: Got to agree with Carra here. Can’t just blame everything on ownership. The football we play is shite. We have to question what ETH actually does in training and whether he’s the right man to take United forward

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