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Man City fan Noel Gallagher winds up Aston Villa, Liverpool and Leeds fans at his gigs

Man City fan Noel Gallagher winds up Aston Villa, Liverpool and Leeds fans who with in attendance at his gigs over recent weeks.

One took place inside the Utilita Arena as he belted out the newer stuff as well as the classics with his High Flying Birds band.

This comes as he tours the country (visiting Hull, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Glasgow and Liverpool) to promote his album which came out earlier this year.

The 56 year old musician couldn’t help but have some playful banter with the crowd, with Noel cheekily taunting Aston Villa fans by claiming they would win ‘f*** all’ this season.

He can be heard saying: “Are you booing me?

“What, for not playing ‘Talk Tonight’?

“So the rest has no been enough?

“Feel free to carry on, go on.

“Oh, is this some Aston Villa sh*t going on?

“Do they think they’re going to win the league?

“You’re going to win f*ck all.

“The only f*cking person in Birmingham who’s winning anything is Jack Grealish.

“The rest of you are winning f*ck all!”

The response comes after Villa managed to beat Gallagher’s team 1-0 with Leon Bailey’s goal in the second half proving to be enough.

Just a few days later, Unai Emery managed to get a win against his old club Arsenal, with thanks to John McGinn getting the only goal of the game.

Villa also won 2-1 away at Brentford last Sunday, keeping them third in the Premier League standings

Grealish got himself on the scoresheet for Man City but his side ended up playing a 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace.

Villa now have 38 points from 17 games played, a point behind the leaders before to their meeting with Sheffield United on the 22nd of December.

Man City are struggling to keep up, now sitting 4th in the table with 34 points (four points less than Villa), and are five points from 1st place Arsenal.

Meanwhile, he then went to the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, using Pep Guardiola to taunt the crowd.

“Can we give thanks and praise to this man?” Gallagher was saying with a picture of Guardiola on screen again: “Your master, my God, Pep Guardiola.

“I know booing is a coping mechanism, so let it out. Let it the f**k out. He’s better than Father Christmas. This next song is for all Manchester City supporters.”

He was also up to mischief when goading Leeds United supporters in his return to the city.

The last few times he’s visited, he previously referred to Leeds United as ‘sh*tty ’.

Then earlier this month, some Leeds supporters booed his beloved Man City, with Gallagher again accompanied on-stage with a cardboard cutout of Pep Guardiola.

He replied: “There are f**king places that can boo Man City. This is not f**king one of them.”

Later on, Gallagher asked: “Are you still doing the Yorkshire s**t?” In reference to the region’s famous ‘Yorkshire, Yorkshire’ chants.

Gallagher added: “It wasn’t as good as last time. There was a lot more feeling to it last time.”



Pretty Boy
Council Skies
Open the Door, See What You Find
We’re Gonna Get There in the End
Easy Now
You Know We Can’t Go Back
We’re on Our Way Now
In the Heat of the Moment
If I Had a Gun…
AKA… What a Life!
Dead in the Water
Going Nowhere – (Oasis cover)
The Importance of Being Idle – (Oasis cover)
The Masterplan – (Oasis cover)
Half the World Away – (Oasis cover)
Little by Little – (Oasis cover)

Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) – (Bob Dylan cover)
Live Forever – (Oasis cover) (Dedicated to Tom Meighan)
Don’t Look Back in Anger – (Oasis cover)

This is how users on Twitter reacted as Man City fan Noel Gallagher uses Grealish to wind up Aston Villa fans and Pep to taunt Liverpool…

@bebingtondutch: Thought it was quite funny myself and expected something like it. That cut out travels with him

@basit4142: I just love him

@CraigJ1S: Short man and even shorter memories

@BPH83: Rattled 🤣

@FowlersLines: Did he sing his new hit “115 charges?”

@EdConnaughton: Noel knows nowt, up the Villa! 😁

@alanw849: I was there last night and I can only assume it’s his way of having a bit of banter with us as his team are struggling at the moment so it’s all he’s got

@HourihanJ: Classic Heel turn by Noel Gallagher in Birmingham 😂

@alanweston: I was there & he must be one of the very few who can get away with it

@Gsxrspeedfreak: It was a top night! Funny guy, amazing talent!

@curran_steve: I do enjoy Noel on stage…he finished up in Leeds on Monday night declaring “Leeds are shit” 😂

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