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Man City fan, 21, reveals why he invaded pitch and tried to slide tackle player

A 21 year old Man City fan reveals why he invaded pitch and tried to slide tackle player Adam Rooney during Altrincham v Solihull Moors.

The youngster, Kaylum Green, said he was sacked from his labouring job that morning for being late and did it to cheer himself up.

Kaylum, who had necked two pints of beer before making his way onto the field of play, said: “While I was in the stands, I thought ‘f*** it’.”

He had wanted to take a penalty in Tuesday’s National League game, shown live on BT Sport, however with Altrincham losing, Rooney ran to the corner on the 89th minute to waste time.

Kaylum then dashed on and pulled off a tackle that Man Udt could really have done in their 5-0 defeat against Liverpool the other weekend.

He raised his arms and slid over the pitch to celebrate, before being escorted out and has since spoken with the media about the bizarre events in midweek.

A pitch invader went viral after making a crunching tackle on live TV

Rooney tweeted after their 2-1 win: “Lad should have got Man of the Match for that tackle! Can’t go in with two feet these days though!”

After the clip went viral, Kaylum texted his boss to thank him for firing him. He added: “I told him he’d made me famous. He’d be f**** fuming about that.”

That or he probably couldn’t really give two sh*ts, but hey, the lad is proud of what he did and made others laugh.

Police said that they are continuing to investigate while Altrincham themselves have issued a statement.

“Altrincham Football Club would like to apologise to all parties for the entry of a spectator to the field of play during last night’s Vanarama National League game against Solihull Moors.

“The spectator, who was not a regular Alty supporter, has been identified and will be issued with a permanent ban from The J. Davidson Stadium.

“Furthermore, we have requested that Greater Manchester Police bring charges against the individual concomitant with the seriousness of the offence.

“Altrincham FC will always adopt a zero tolerance policy for pitch intrusions of this type and will not only issue a lifetime ban to any offender without exception but always seek to press charges.

“We thank our many regular fans for their support over this issue and their help in identifying the miscreant.”

Twitter users as the Man City fan, 21, reveals why he invaded the Altrincham pitch and tried to slide tackle Solihull player Adam Rooney…

@AdsMatthews: Well done Alty 👏 Very sad to see so many tweets today praising the intruder for such a good challenge! Absolute nonsense. Just ruining it for everyone else

@yanitedoli: best challenge put in all night

@Rudder891: Great to see the club, tackle, the issue 😉

@brucekeith1966: Not only ‘concomitant’ but ‘miscreant’ too. 👏🏻👏🏻

@georgewalker000: Criminal charges for that? The solihull player who was effected by the streaker just laughed it off. Stadium ban is fair but pushing to get someone charged over what was in reality a joke is a step too far

@RetweetRobins: Entering the field of play at a designated stadium is a criminal offence nowadays. If you’re doing it on tv then spreading it over social media you must know your doors getting knocked and your going to court for a banning order? Be it moss lane, man United or Wembley same rules.

@inaminute23: Thought he might get a trial first, excuse the pun.

Should he have gone on the pitch? No
Was it a great tackle? Absolutely 😂

@tylerowlinson02: A permanent ban and pressing charges? He should be given a contract 😂😂 outstanding challenge

@Memdozer: Outrageous! Should be given a shirt!

@Mr_Recruitment1: He was your best defender

@SmithChristian4: Should of signed him, Great tackle 🤣

@NL_Matters: Well done for ‘tackling’ the issue so quickly. It’s impossible to stop if some low life is determined enough so I hope the Club isn’t penalised. To be fair it was a damn good challenge 😈

@tonimartial: Banned?? Should’ve been given a contract

@gardenermarky: Why haven’t they banned the cow from mooing whilst the games on

@LloydCymru: That’s a perfect tackle. Scouts take note!

@YDysgwrAraf: I mean, yeah, he wins the ball, but he’s also an additional, 12th, player, not in identifiable kit, entering from off the playing area. All of these factors give him such an advantage that it’s no surprise his ‘tackle’ was successful. #takingthisabitooseriously

@tux1234: Its genuinely an outstanding tackle

@ethantylr: should’ve signed him up not banned him

@richardpotty: Any chance he’s available to play for Aldershot Saturday? Not witnessed our back four put in a challenge like this in years

@JohnKaysCanoe: Can they also ban the knacker behind the camera with a voice like a kazoo?

@philbadger83: I’m more concerned about the noise coming out the lad filming it

@ronaallleeds: Banned permanently lol bit harsh that

@CFC_FM1: Better defender than Maguire

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