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Man City complain to Sky Sports about Roy Keane’s comments on Kyle Walker

Man City complain to Sky Sports about Roy Keane’s comments on Kyle Walker which was made during a recent game against Liverpool.

The two sides ended up drawing 1-1 when they met on the 8th of November, former Manchester United star Roy Keane, however, chose to criticise the defender following his concession of a penalty late in the first half.

Fair to say he really was not impressed with what he was seeing and had to note it down so he could have his usual outburst of frustration come the end of any game just shown on Sky Sports.

Now Man City are complaining to Sky Sports over his comments.

When asked how Sadio Mané won the penalty, Keane responded: “Because he’s up against an idiot. Kyle Walker, people tell me he’s playing well. I don’t think so. This guy is 30-years-of-age, an international player. He’s a car crash, keeps making these types of mistakes. He’s rightly punished for it.”

“It was daft and crazy defending to take the gamble,” Keane continued.

“Then it’s the second part when he dangles his leg in there, he knows he’s going to give away a penalty.

“I’ve watched him over the years. I think he’s got that in his locker. He’s got that daftness. He can make idiotic decisions. When he compounded that first mistake with a second one, I was a bit surprised. Some of this defending, over the years, is shocking.

“I keep hearing over the last few months that he’s on his best form. He’s now 30-years-of-age and he’s doing the same daft things – he’ll never learn.”

“I think he’s playing extremely well,” Southgate said on Keane’s criticisms of Walker.

“Observations and analysis are fine, I think personal criticism less so. I think we have to be careful about that.

“I’m very happy with what Walker is doing. He’s playing every game for his club because the manager trusts him and feels he needs him. So if he’s doing that for Pep [Guardiola] it’s an indication of the quality.”

Sky Sports are yet to comment on the Man City complaint.

Richard Keys has now called Keane “cheap” and a “disgrace” for his comments.

“We were always very much aware that if we were going to criticise then it had to be done constructively. That we could offer both explanation and education,” Keys wrote on his official website.

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“Andy Gray did that better than anyone else — and he’s still doing it. Teams and their managers back then were so sensitive.

“I can only imagine what would’ve happened If we’d ever called Gary Neville a ‘car crash’ and an ‘idiot.’ And there were plenty of opportunities!

“You can see where this is going, can’t you? What a disgrace Roy. Cheap. Even by your standards.”

However, it’s not the first time this campaign they have been forced to apologise. Presenter David Jones had to step in and issue an apology over claims Patrice Evra made over Wilfried Zaha’s time at Manchester United and the alleged relationship with David Moyes’ daughter.

Sky Sports have also been forced to apologise for what Graeme Souness said about Erik Lamela during the showing of Manchester United vs Tottenham.

There was a case of ‘stereotyping’ the South American culture when discussing Erik Lamela’s heated moment with Anthony Martial which led to the Manchester United forward being sent off.

Martial was given his marching order within the first half-hour at Old Trafford after an off-the-ball incident, arms and elbows to the throat and elbow, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side going on to embarrassingly lose 6-1.

VAR had to be looked at to decide what happened next, and it showed that the Spurs winger appeared to elbow Martial before the Frenchman angrily reacted, so in retaliation, he hit Lamela in the throat.

VAR checked the incident, but upheld Anthony Taylor’s original decision.

United were 2-1 down at the time, how the decision the dismiss Martial only made matters worse for the Red Devils, going on to concede four more times.

Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness criticised Lamela’s reaction to the incident, with the Argentina international going down after being struck by Martial.

He said it was “very Latin”, adding: “We, the Brits, do it differently.”

Sky Sports presenter David Jones had to step in and apologise for what Graeme Souness said, which had “stereotyped” Latin American culture.

Souness said of the incident: “If Martial is going then Lamela has to go.

“He raises his hands, Martial lashes out, it’s like a tickle across your chops and he’s gone down. It is pathetic. It’s very Latin.

“Is this what the English game is about? We, the Brits, do it differently.”

The former Newcastle and Blackburn boss, who has also managed Benfica and Torino, added: “I’ve played in a Latin country, I’ve worked in Latin countries, I know how they see the game.

“Lamela will sleep well tonight thinking he has done a great piece of work for his team. That is not us.”

Presenter Jones commented afterwards: “Earlier in the show we were critical of Erik Lamela’s part in Anthony Martial’s sending off in the United-Spurs game.

“We would like to apologise for any offence that was caused and the stereotyping of the Latin culture.”

Also during the broadcast, Patrice Evra offered to QUIT his Sky Sports role after his former side were thrashed by Spurs.

The ex-Red Devils defender looked inconsolable as he laid into United and suggested: “some people need a slap”.

“Alexis Sanchez made a comment when he signed for United, in his first training session he asked his agent to end his contract,” he began. “That’s what I am going to ask Sky. I really would like to end my contract with Sky.

“It is my second game, I’m a positive person and I never wanted to talk about United because when you tell the truth it can hurt. I am passionate and I love my club.

“I know you have to have some filter when you talk on TV but it is a shambles.”

“Gary Neville I heard him say captain Harry Maguire needs a holiday. We always hear about pairing him with someone. But what about taking him out of the squad?

“I don’t want to start to criticise players. I am someone who’s been there. I make many comments about the board but tonight no one has any excuse.

“They let down all the United fans. I don’t care about the result because I have been beaten 6-1. But it’s just about every year it’s the same story. Right now I feel all the United fans.

“That’s why right now I prefer to do another game than a United game.”

Fans commented after seeing Richard Keys slam Keane but also Man City choosing complain to Sky Sports about the comments on Kyle Walker…

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