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Appeals made after 30 year old man attacks 13 year old boy in fight at Havant v Wealdstone

Appeals have been made after a 30 year old man allegedly attacks a 13 year old boy in a fight that took place at Havant & Waterlooville v Wealdstone at the weekend.

A social media post, showing the young lad, who is a Havant fan, getting medical attention, surfaced on Sunday and very quickly went viral.

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Joe Forrest’s Facebook status read: “So this happened yesterday [Saturday] after Will and a couple of school friends went to watch Havant and Waterlooville V Wealdstone FC. After the game a fight kicked off while the boys were waiting for me to pick them up, Will was attacked from behind, by a bloke in his 30’s, he was punched in the head a few times and lost consciousness, fell to the floor and hit his head, then he was kicked numerous times!! He has suffered a fractured eye socket, concussion and bruised ribs, we have to go back to QA tomorrow for another xray after the swelling has reduced, and he may have to have surgery with a metal plate fitted. He’s back home now and is feeling a bit groggy and aching, but he is ok. The reason I’m putting this on FB is to hopefully use the power of social media to find out who the person was and to urge anyone who witnessed this attack to come forward if they have any information. Please share far and wide.”

After being notified of what happened, Havant & Waterlooville replied: “Appealing for witnesses who would have seen an incident outside Westleigh Park following the conclusion of yesterday’s game with Wealdstone.

“A child was hurt in an incident following the match, where he required ambulance treatment, and we would like witnesses who would have seen this to come forward and make themselves known.

“Those who would have seen this incident and would like to come forward please contact Hampshire Constabulary on 101 quoting 44200021883 – we would like to ensure that all matters will be dealt with in the strictest of confidences.

“We would like to confirm for those who are concerned about the person in question that they are ok following the incident despite picking up some injuries.

“Anyone with information which could help please get in touch with us.

Pompey FC Cop wrote on Twitter: “Football community, need help please. A 13 yr old boy (Hawks fan) was the victim of a serious assault after yesterday’s @HWFCOfficial v @WealdstoneFC game. We are asking for witnesses to come forward & camera phone footage. Please DM me or ring 101 quote 44200021883 @Pompey”


@macmacgill1: @HWFCOfficial Would the club consider having a collection at the next home game for Will Forrest who was seriously injured as a result of the fight in the car park after the game v Wealdstone

@richard28740654: Regardless who was to blame never nice to see at football matches

@olliecookpfc: Do Havant a favour and find out which one of your sick fans did this on Saturday and ban him for life. They’re working tirelessly trying to get an answer and the fact you haven’t acknowledged it is quite frankly disgusting. @WealdstoneFC

@ClemFF3: So a @WealdstoneFC in his 30’s attacked a 15 year old Havant and Waterlooville fan from behind yesterday. Fully expect the club to investigate, find the scum bag and help the police to lock him up and throw away the key.

Jason Lee: So that that a man has attacks a boy at Havant over the weekend, simply no need

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