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Major update emerges on Derby County preferred bidder and potential points deduction

A major update emerges on Derby County preferred bidder and potential points deduction, with it raising a lot of questions overnight.

As we all know, everyone related to the Rams have been uncertain over the future of the club, who have been in administration for over six months with work reportedly being done behind the scenes in order to complete a takeover in ownership.

Administration meant a points deduction for Wayne Rooney‘s side, and then received further punishment after the club broke Financial Fair Play rules. In total. they’ve been deducted 21 points, but after a miraculous fight back, they now sit six points from safety, though teams around them have a game in hand.

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Things are looking hopefully on the up in terms of a potential takeover, with American businessman Chris Kirchner now interested in buying the club.

Derby are alleged to have said they are expecting to announce a preferred bidder within the next 24 hours, but the EFL have not been given any update. A board meeting will be held on Thursday.

On Monday, Derby City Council issued a statement regarding Pride Park Stadium, with council’s chief executive Paul Simpson saying: “Derby County Football Club has been part of the social, economic, and cultural fabric of the city and wider areas for almost 140 years. We cannot underestimate the impact of a successful football club in the city; not just in spreading the Derby brand across a wide stage, but also in the value it adds to our local economy and to our communities.

“In an extremely challenging financial position, the Council has been working as part of Team Derby – an alliance of civic, political, business and cultural leaders in the city – to try and ensure the survival of Derby County Football Club, and we will continue to do so. Our preference is for a buyer to purchase the club and stadium outright.

“Our primary concern remains, not only the survival of Derby County, but the impact of this continuing uncertainty on the wider community of Derby and surrounding areas. We thank the fans, communities, and businesses, whose passion continues to bring an incredible energy and profile to attempts to save the club.”

Since then, it’s claimed that American businessman Chris Kirchner remains very interested in buying Derby County as the club’s administrators edge closer to selecting a preferred bidder, DerbyshireLive understands.

Kirchner withdrew his bid for the Rams in December with Quantuma, the administrators, claiming it fell short of other offers they were expecting for the club.

He then switched his attention, showing interest in Preston North End, but last week, they ruled out Kirchner’s takeover, saying they they were no longer engaged with “any party”.

Kirchner posted what’s been described as a cryptic message on Twitter at the weekend: “In time, everything will make sense.”

That got many talking, mainly that of Derby fans who speculated whether he would be revealing a his interest in the Rams again.

Late last night, The Sun reported that Derby are “picking” him as their preferred bidder, though there has been nothing official from Quantuma or Kirchner, hardly surprising that Derby and their fans continue to be kept in the dark.

34 year old Kirchner is a co-founder and CEO of software company Slync.io, a global logistics technology provider.

He previously stated an intention to buy the club in an open letter to supporters in October and was spotted at some of their matches at Pride Park earlier this season, even meeting Wayne Rooney.

A number of parties including Mike Ashley, have expressed an interest in saving the East Midlands outfit and in their most recent statement released last week, Quantuma said: “The joint administrators are continuing discussions with interested parties which have progressed significantly over the last ten days.”

If Kirchner is indeed back on the table, he will have to pass the EFL director’s test, show his funds and where they came from. That shouldn’t be a problem however.

What is rather surprising about The Sun’s article is that the deal could see Derby deducted a further 15 points this season, and not next season.

The Sun claim that the size of the offers to the creditors will be below the 25p in the pound demanded by the EFL. And while this could speed the takeover through, it will mean a total of 36 points off their total, but that might not be such a bad thing, as it means Derby will start next season in League One without having to cope with a massive penalty. As long as fans have a club to support, they take whatever.

Chris Kirchner

Major update emerges on Derby County preferred bidder and potential points deduction

Fans react as a major update emerges on the Derby County preferred bidder and potential points deduction…

@sibarnes2000: Finally. Good news for Derby fans.

@SteveGreen1985: Torn on this potential additional 15 point deduction this season. I get it, understand it and for sure I see the benefits. But is it not a massive kick in the balls for the players that have given everything in order to give us hope of survival this season? #dcfc 🐏🖤🤍

@bjlfearn: I don’t get good vibes from Chris Kirchner, especially when he made noise on Twitter. However, I’m happy to be proved wrong and he’s a better option than liquidation. #dcfc #dcfcfans #SaveDerbyCounty

@AndyMargett: Let’s hope this is the end of the uncertainty… If all goes through and the dust settles… we as fans need to reflect and understand what went wrong and make sure we NEVER go through the likes of this again. It’s OUR club – fight until the end to keep it alive #dcfc #dcfcfans 🐏

@Toshisaram: If there’s any option on the table, take the -15 hit NOW and write off this season. New ownership, no points deductions next season and a chance to save a couple of the kids for the win. #dcfc

@garym_78: Am I really reading some Derby fans saying they are disappointed if it’s Kirchner? 😮 FFS beggars can’t be choosers in this situation. If he’s prepared to show his hand early to save the club quick, instead of waiting to save a few quid then we should be grateful? #dcfc #dcfcfans

@AaronSh56342498: Take the 15 this season. Start next season with a complete clean slate. We have already had 2 wasted seasons. We do not need another one. Likelyhood us staying up, although not far away. I think our next 3 will relegate us anyway. So let’s get Mel out and start afresh

@ThomasBailey_94: Chris Kirchners barmy army it is #dcfc

@D_Walker_S: I don’t actually care who the preferred bidder is….. as long as they have the clubs interest at heart and they will work for the survival and revival of our great club #dcfc #dcfcfans #preferredbidder

@ppounder: The past few weeks the #dcfc timeline has been full of anger towards no preferred bidder. Tonight we get a sniff of one being announced and it’s all negativity because you don’t like the way he acted on here. You know f*** all, as do I. Just be thankful we may still have a club 🐏

@johnnysleftfoot: I’d take Chris Kirchner over Mel or liquidation any day of the week. Give the guy a chance #dcfcfans, if he ends up as PB. Because it will mean he’s put in a better offer than anyone else for us, and that means something considering who else supposedly has bid #dcfc

@ramswriter: If Chris Kirchner brings Garry Cook in to the boardroom with him then that can only be a huge benefit for the club #dcfc #dcfcfans

@bullyboib01: All i want for next season is a new owner, rooney to stay as manager, the club to be run correctly (opposite to mel), see what players we can hang onto and let the rooney revolution begin backed by a decent owner #wearederby #dcfc

@toonecallum: Kirchner it is then, obviously not many fans’ first choice (including myself) but he is the leader and we must back him until he gives reason not to 🐏 #dcfc

@mikegcarter88: If he influences Rooney to stay and backs him with transfers he’ll get the backing of us fans

@MDrabble: Chris Kirchner is the last person I’d of chosen but let’s face it beggars can’t be chooses I’d rather have a club than no one… #dcfc

@648_ben: Just have this feeling that having Kitchener takes us no further forward, saves us for a bit but I see minimal investment for the future. In the great scheme of things even with our debt it’s not a lot to ask for a club of our size. Hope I’m wrong but preferred Ashley

@mattbarnish: Some derby fans are never happy. If he comes in and saves the club yet some fans moan and moan and say they don’t want such and such. Look at what we have been left by our former owner. I’m surprised anyone is buying it. If it goes through give the guy a bloody chance

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