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Maidstone boss criticises Aldershot fans for treatment towards Mark Molesley post-match

Maidstone United boss Hakan Hayrettin criticises Aldershot fans for their treatment towards manager Mark Molesley post-match on Bank Holiday Monday.

Three goals in five second-half minutes saw the Stones earn victory and send the Shots to the very bottom of the National League.

After a goalless first half, the visitors broke the deadlock, a 49th-minute lead from the penalty spot as Regan Booty converted following a foul on Jack Barham.

Barham saw his headed effort go in =two minutes later before Bivesh Gurung put his side three up by the 54th minute.

Justin Amaluzor quickly got one back with a long-range effort but Aldershot couldn’t find a way back into the game as they slipped to a fifth defeat in their six league matches this season.


Interviewer: So Mark that was quite a manic start to the second half, Maidstone scored three we got one back straight away but ultimately we couldn’t find a route back into the game, so what are your thoughts?

MM: After that defeat, a disastrous five or ten minutes, this game is about moments in games and emotion and reactions to those to those moments and we haven’t done that well enough today, we should have been ahead at half time quite comfortably the referee is given a penalty a very very contentious one and no calls for them, coming together of players the ball’s gone out back out from us, I throw anything and at the penalty shouts we had in that one we obviously feel aggrieved but it hasn’t happened it’s gone against us but the next five minutes from us we were shell-shocked that’s cost us again so again that we and I feel the frustrations of the crowd and everyone because we should have ahead we are being positive with our performances, we are, you know, creating chances, how we haven’t scored again in that first I’ll never know um but it’s the same for Bromley and Oldham so you can’t say we’re unlucky because it’s happening, you know it’s happened the last four games so it’s not unlucky we can’t be that team could have would have should have and we’ve got to make the difference when we get them chances we’ve gotta be more ruthless and then if a moment in the game doesn’t go quite right we’ve got stand strong we’ve got to stand up, yes there’s going to be frustrations around and you know that’s a natural reaction from people but we’re we’re paid to keep our call we’re paid to execute no matter what the emotion of the game is and we didn’t do that and it was probably like I said it is a natural reaction sometimes it’s almost like the sucker punch where you know we felt we should be a lot further ahead and we haven’t and we’ve been you know a penalty against us but like I said we our reactions to that need to be need to be better

Interviewer: As you say, we had a lot of chances especially in the first half we could have definitely gone into the break ahead um what do we work on this week to make sure that you know we start taking those chances

MM: Well we work on that all the time and then it is a mentality thing you know it’s like executing under pressure it’s executing with a bit of tension in your body you know it’s like I can’t mind um so we’ve got we’ve got to um you know it only gets tougher you know when things go against you and then it’s only going to get tougher so the mentality that these lads will get out of these hard ships they’ll come through and they’ll grow and they’ll be better um we can see that the the talents they can see that they’re work working hard um but we just haven’t managed moments in the game well enough today and it was through immaturity sometimes lack of experience and a little bit of lack of confidence and you know everyone’s probably saying the same things now we’re not and we’re not ahead at half time and out of sight and that hasn’t been the case unfortunately and you know when that sucker punch happens we’ve got to make sure that we react to that a lot better

This is how Twitter users reacted as the Maidstone boss criticises Aldershot fans for the treatment towards Mark Molesley post-match…

@Tristan_ATFC: That extra day benefitted the team then. We are a complete joke from top to bottom

@Harry36Phillips: Glad the lads had an extra day off to prepare !! Absolutely crap

@ScottWe72892802: We’ll be dead by end of next season unless this shit excuse of a “club owner” is gone. Everyone knows whats got to be done now, make it loud and clear… AZEEM OUT!!!!🔴🔵🔴🔵

@Zac__mayhew: We have to get the owner out cant just sit and watch the club die. Oldham did is why can’t we

@TommyJRoberts11: Not usually one to speak out against the club on social media but that was disgraceful, the club is dying and all the owners seem to care about is saving face. It doesn’t matter if you come to every game if we go bust bc you’ve driven fans away and killed the club.

@MoeMoeMoe1992: Our football club is dying infront of our eyes

@johnboyross76: Depressing stuff.

@MarkSherlow: Embarrassing totally embarrassing

@LukePullen6: Disgraceful! Azeem out! Moseley out! Destroying the club!

@simonjnewman: Buck stops at the top; off you go chairman & board

@atfchalkie: Pathetic excuse of a club, leaving it to rot

@spurs3315: Correct me if I’m wrong bit last 28 home leagues games, P28 W4 D5 L19.

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