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Mackems hit back at Alan Sugar’s Sunderland jibe on Twitter

Mackems have decided to hit back at Lord Alan Sugar’s Sunderland jibe which he bizarrely decided to post on to his Twitter account.

The Apprentice host, who is estimated to worth £1.15bn, tweeted a meme criticising the city to his 5.2million followers, and proud citizens decided to hit back in defense of where they’re from.

The post has a caption which reads: ‘Due to Coronavirus, this year’s Love Island will be filmed in Sunderland’ and is accompanied with a picture of a topless man, smoking in a make-shift pool made out of a big tyre.

In sharing the post, the controversial billionaire wrote ‘funny’ – but was quickly met by a backlash from those who live in Sunderland.

As mentioned, Mackems and many of the League One club’s supporters hit back quick at Alan Sugar’s Sunderland jibe on Twitter, see what they had to say below…

@jolley_parton: Sunderland is one of the top 3 places in the UK to start a business. Why would you put it down during a time when so many business, new and old, are struggling?

@timhardinguk: I call on all Sunderland people to boycott this guys products @SunderlandEcho @SunderlandAFC @piersmorgan @itvtynetees #sunderland what a disrespectful comment!

@RokerReport: I’ve been to London and it’s a fucking dump

@JacobKirkbride: @katiebulmer1 don’t let him get away with that

@PompeyFan24680: Sunderland in the mud

@ewanb1992: Stick to being obsessed with Piers Morgan Alan.

@safcfansreact: You really are pathetic. Suppose you’re too far up your own arse to associate yourself with a proper “working” class area! Bellend!

@Tommyesafc4eve1: Take a trip down to the slums in your posh home of London Mr Sugar. Far worse sights than Sunderland you muppet.

@BaghdadCocaCola: Sunderland is quite a nice place, better without you in it

@tkellysafc: People who think Sunderland is a shit hole. 1. People who’ve never been. 2. People from Newcastle

@VictorAlgernon: I don’t think you’ve been to Sunderland Sir.

@Seenitall7: At least they can go to the shops without being stabbed up there

@Cal_Goldsmith: cheeky bastard, more poverty in East London

@gazarmsafc: Unlike you! Your not funny at all

@LondonMackem: How old was you when you visited Sunderland Alan?

@gas335: London is an absolute cesspit.

@markfoxg3: Are you on the drink @Lord_Sugar

@GaryYou35735926: Go to Sunderland and say that, oh you haven’t got the balls

@gjb70: That’s Tottenham.

@lairdoharray: Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely sea front in Sunderland! Always thought of it as an industrial eyesore, but it has a great beach. That said, I haven’t booked my holiday there this year. Or….??!!

Alan Sugar also caused anger online a few months back for his insensitive tweet on the death of ex-Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier.

Jamie Carragher demanded that “idiot” Lord Alan Sugar deleted his tweet on Houllier’s death whilst tributes were pouring in for the former Reds manager Houllier, who passed away aged 73.

Carragher was part of Houllier’s memorable treble-winning team and posted his own heartfelt message of condolence following the news.

But the pundit was left reeling with a tweet from Lord Sugar and immediately replied calling for him to take it down.

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Lord Sugar wrote: “Sad news on Gérard Houlier. Nice fellow. I can imagine that @piersmorgan will devote half @gmb [Good Morning Britain] show telling every one how he knew him so well and [they] go back ages.”

Now we all know that Lord Sugar has some sort of rivalry banter or not with Morgan, but his message left many angry with some calling it distasteful.

Carragher replied in the comments: “Delete this you f****** idiot.”

BBC presenter Dan Walker also weighed in on the billionaire businessman, writing: “There is a time and a place Lord Sugar. May I humbly suggest that this is neither the time nor the place.”

Carragher fumed at Lord Sugar on Twitter after his distasteful post

Carragher’s reaction to the news of Houllier’s death was rather poignant, a fair bit different to the one Alan Sugar wrote.

“Absolutely devastated by the news about Gerard Houllier, I was in touch with him only last month to arrange him coming to Liverpool,” Carragher tweeted.

“Loved that man to bits, he changed me as a person & as a player & got @LFC back winning trophies. RIP Boss.”

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