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Macclesfield issue statement after fighting breaks out in stand with match forced to halt

Macclesfield have had to issue a statement after fighting breaks out in a stand with the match forced to halt to be dealt with.

The Silkmen progress through to the Preliminary Round of the FA Cup after winning the tie 2-0 at Moss Rose.

The incident occurred in the 83th minute, with Macclesfield tweeting: “Unsavoury scenes in the crowd lead to a further delay to play resuming.”


In light of the scenes witnessed in the Silkmen Terrace during this afternoon’s Emirates FA Cup tie against Wythenshawe Town, Macclesfield FC can confirm that the stand will only be open to away fans going forward.

The Club have worked hard to prevent such scenes from occurring and enjoys a vibrant working relationship with both the local council and Cheshire Police.

Indeed, the verticle banner placed within the stand was strategically laid solely to aid the segregation that was in place.

Despite this, the stewards quite clearly became overpowered by a few mindless thugs this afternoon – who were clearly intent on violence.

Together with Cheshire Police, the situation was effectively retrieved and disorder kept to a minimum.

This cannot and will not be tolerated at Macclesfield FC and therefore the action to impose full segregation on the Silkmen Terrace needs to be effective immediately.

Director Robert Smethurst stated – “Macclesfield FC is and always will be a Community Club. I will not let the minority detract us from that.

“As such there can be no alternative but to impose full segregation on the Silkmen Terrace going forward.

“I hope that this has not soured what has undoubtedly been another great victory for us on the pitch today.”

We will be making no further comment on this matter.

Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team wrote via their official Facebook page: “RURAL OR NOT: When the call for extra officers goes out on the air, we all respond.

“Sadly there has just been an issue at Macclesfield Football Club which absorbed quite a few police officers whilst we made sure no further incidents occurred.

“Thank you to all the residents and people passing by for your patience whilst we put things in place.

“Thank you to all the fans who came to enjoy the game and weren’t involved in the incident. Sgt Simpson”

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Wythenshawe Town are proud of the performance of the team yesterday. There was a clear game plan and we are delighted this almost paid off.

We are disappointed that there was crowd trouble. As with any supporter issue, there is fingers pointed at the opposition to pass blame. The club would like to make it clear that we categorically will not stand for violence from our supporters.

We are proud of our fan base and thank you for your support yesterday. Social media has shown that our supporters behaved fantastically yesterday as images have circulated of our supporters engaging with young Macclesfield fans. This is what our club is about.

Of course there may be a minority that behaved out of line. We don’t condone this. We will not make a further comment on that until a full investigation has taken place.

That said, we are also disappointed with the treatment of our players. One tray of cheese sandwiches in the dressing room for hospitality. It is disappointing and something that we will also look into. This leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

We will not be derailed and we thank you all for your fantastic support!

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Fans reacted as Macclesfield issue a statement after fighting breaks out in the stand with the FA Cup match forced to halt…

@UpTheSilkmen: I know at least 10 of our fans who were throwing punches and kicking, from this video here. Most are under 30 but I could recognise plenty and I know their names. DM me and I will name them, in an attempt to get them banned indefinitely.

@gtmacc: Wythenshawe fans instigating it, poor for form the official could have dealt with the person causing the issue earlier but chose not to. What do we pay the police for, wouldn’t get involved when it kicked off

@gtmacc: too many having one too many to drink, bit of a boxing match going on for a bit. plenty of people throwing drinks everywhere not helping.

@awbrink: Can we just not revert the away end to be an away end and would avoid all of this

@UpTheSilkmen: Ban them all!

@Scott_Chegg78: Handbags at Macc once again. Probably blame Congleton, Stoke and Vale fans.

@badger1786: Let’s see some accountability from those issuing bans

@JoshMcCluskey8: Macclesfield FC – boxing heavyweights 🥊

@LRbix: A bit shit to this sort of behaviour between fans, hopefully they are dealt with and will get suitable actions for it..

Lesley Anne Baxendale: It’s such a shame that just a few mindless thugs can spoil things for everyone else. Well done for taking a hard line.

Jon Öliver: The vertical banner should have been all the way to the front of the stand – bit pointless if there is a large gap where fans can still move about between the two sections 🤷‍♂️ If that was put in place then there should be no issues of fans colliding

Ian Daniells: It’s a shame. So much good happens at the club these days that should be admired by other clubs. Unfortunately minority’s can destroy all that good in minutes. Good luck with the decision Macc FC is still work in progress but well worthwhile.

Andrew Brinkhurst: Shame it’s had to come to this for those who enjoyed the old fashioned change of ends at half time. But 100% the right thing to do, especially as I imagine we’ll get some teams bringing a few more travelling fans than we did last season

Fran Pyatt: Good decision, however I enjoyed (with others) standing on that terrace for the first time in years last season. Shame that won’t continue due to other people’s behaviour.

Stephen Lukoschek: Right decision by the club – it was clearly the unshirted Wythenshawe lot that were at fault as well as their terribly indisciplined players – however it was poor planning to not segregate anyway – this should have happened after the congleton game – learn and move forward – don’t let it happen again 🤪😉😥 #stilllcanthelpidiots

Richard Snape: This should have been the decision after the Congleton game.

Andrew Newman: Pity the little terrace on London Road couldn’t be for away support. Then Macc supporters could still walk round.

Lisa Hammond: I agree The away fans need to be segregated. (because what happened today and some games last season, But There needs to be a proper plan for how fans. Who are seated in the moss lane stand. Enter the ground. (there are no turnstile now. Direct for moss lane. Currently. Entry is from turnstiles on silk terrace reception. or star lane end. From my understanding Having silk terrace for away fans. Will mean home surport we will. Not. Be allowed to enter the ground by silk terrace turnstiles Or reception has reception entrance is. In silk terrace area. Has. There are no. Turnstiles on moss lane stand. I agree The away fans need to be segregated. (because what happened today and some games last season But. There needs to be a proper plan for how fans. Who are seated in the moss lane stand. Enter the ground. Also there are now no turnstiles (Direct for moss lane. Stand (bar 27 end). There needs to be clarity on which entrance home fans in the moss lane stand Will be able to use. Following the. Decision (which I agree is the right decision) to. Have the silk man terrace (old away end) Soley for away fans

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