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Luton and Bournemouth players taken off after Tom Lockyer collapses and crowd falls silent

Luton and Bournemouth players were taken off the pitch after Tom Lockyer collapses, the game stopped and the crowd falls silent.

Captain Tom Lockyer went down to ground midway through the second half with players of both clubs checking to see him, before medics ran on and as did manager Rob Edwards who could be seen alerting players.

Lockyer was soon picked up and taken off the field on a stretcher, with fans in all four stands applauding him off.

The Bournemouth staff doctor confirmed that Tom Lockyer is alert and responsive and on his way to hospital.

20 minutes after the incident took place, the Premier League game was subsequently called off with players from both teams coming back out to thank fans in the stands at the Vitality Stadium.

Luton players were also applauded by the home fans, who all rose to their feet.

Managers Andoni Iraola and a tearful Rob Edwards shook hands and passed on their support for each other having been left shaken by the situation.

The 29 year old had previously collapsed during the Championship playoff final win against Coventry in May, he was taken to hospital, had heart surgery, then given the all-clear to return to playing in June.

BBC Sport updated fans in their live coverage: “Very disturbing scenes at Bournemouth as there’s big concern here for Tom Lockyer.

“Luton boss Rob Edwards sprints onto the pitch to tell players to move away. He appears to have collapsed.

“The game has been paused while he receives medical attention.

“Thoughts with Tom Lockyer right now.

“The Luton and Bournemouth players have come across to the dugout with all the staff to give him space.

“Rob Edwards has asked his players to gather around him before he goes to check the latest from the medical staff.

“Tom Lockyer appeared to collapse near the centre circle. Referee Simon Hooper is speaking with the other officials now.

“Play has been suspended momentarily.

“Referee Simon Hooper has taken the decision to take the players off the pitch.

“They head down the tunnel as Tom Lockyer continues to receive treatment.

“Luton fans sing their support for Lockyer.

“Supporters have remained in their seats as they watch on hoping for some good signs from Tom Lockyer.

“Another round of applause breaks out, followed by a chant for Lockyer.

“Tom Lockyer had heart surgery in June to address a problem that saw him collapse during Luton’s play-off final win at Wembley.

“The 28-year-old had an atrial fibrillation, a condition the NHS describes as causing “an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate”.

“We wish him all the best.”

Sky Sports said in their live blog: “58: Lockyer is down for Luton and there is significant worry from all the players. The medics are onto the pitch.

“The paramedics are on to help the Luton player. The players have left the field.

“This is a really worrying situation. There is a hush around the ground.

“60: The players on both teams remain on the touchline whilst the medics are with Lockyer.

“Lockyer collapsed in the Sky Bet Championship play-off final earlier this year, so these are really worrying scenes.

“62: The game has been suspended. The players have been taken off the field.

“Chants of “Oh, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Lockyer” echo around the ground.

“Lockyer is stretchered away down the tunnel surrounded by eight or nine medics. We will of course update you with news of his condition when we have it.

“There is a continued hush now around the ground.

Tim Sherwood on Soccer Saturday: “Rob Edwards ran straight onto the pitch to move players away, and give them some room.”

Simon Thomas on Soccer Saturday: “He collapsed on the pitch and he is currently being treated by paramedics.

“As soon as it happened, Rob Edwards took his players off the pitch.

“All those memories of the play-off final will come flooding back when he collapsed in that game, and watched the remainder from hospital.

“He made an amazing recovery, but at the moment, worrying scenes.”

Neil Lennon (Former Celtic manager on BBC Radio 5 Live): “It’s horrendous. We saw all the scenes in the play-off final. He is a great lad and a brilliant player for Luton. All our thoughts are with him.

‘It would be very difficult to play on. Unless there is complete transparency on how Tom [Lockyer] is, I would have found it difficult to play on.

“There is a morale issue and a human issue to take into account too.

“The players have just seen someone that they are close to going off for an unknown reason.

“Of course we wish the best for Tom Lockyer and there has to be some common sense at times.”

The football world paid respect and send their support after seeing Luton and Bournemouth players taken off after Tom Lockyer collapses and the crowd falls silent…

@NathanNFFC_N07: Prayers going out to Tom Lockyer, football is about rivalry and competition but life is more important. Hope the lad is alright and decides to do whats best for himself and his family. From us to you #NFFC #LTFC

@B6thevilla: Tom Lockyer, Thoughts and prayers you make a full recovery and my best wishes to your family at this difficult time 🙏

@BillyMc1987: #WatfordFC fan here thinking of Tom Lockyer and wishing him a full and speedy recovery 🤞 #LTFC

@NIGELPARSONS1: Thoughts with Tom Lockyer and his family , somethings are more important than football rivalries. 👍⚽️❤️

@time4heroes1991: All thoughts are with Tom Lockyer, his family and everyone at Luton 🧡

@KatLTFC: Come on Tommy 🧡🧡🧡🧡 Really hoping he’s OK

@MollyLovesBTR: Speedy recovery for Tom Lockyer, hope he’s okay!!

@TyStewart93: Just hearing the Tom Lockyer news – great that he’s responsive, but crazy that it’s the 2nd time in about 6 months this has happened to him.

@natashaeveritt7: All thoughts with Tom Lockyer and his family and friends ❤️

@kal141099: Thought’s with Tom lockyer and his family ❤️🙏

@TheSwanPortal: Heart goes out to Tom Lockyer 🧡

@GGotham: Thoughts are with all connected to Tom Lockyer 🙏🙏

@NinjaArkRock: Oh my goodness! Somebody give Rob Edwards a big hug. Hope Tom Lockyer will be OK. #BOULUT

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