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Loud boos at full time as Sunderland fans demand for manager to be sacked after defeat to Hull

There were loud boos at full time as Sunderland fans demand for manager Michael Beale to be sacked after the 1-0 defeat to Hull City.

Over 40,000 fans were in attendance to see Liverpool loanee Fabio Carvalho grab the only goal of the game, volleying the winner to give Liam Rosenior’s Tigers side all three points.

The result means that Hull move into 6th with 42 points from 28 games played, going into the rest of the weekend’s fixtures, while Sunderland stay in 8th place, two points further behind the Championship playoff places.

It weren’t just loud boos that could be heard inside the Stadium of Light on Friday night, as fans sang ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’ and ‘we want Beale out’, with it being Beale’s 7th game in charge since coming in to replace Tony Mowbray.

Sunderland’s Michael Beale said, as per Sky Sports: “We’re really disappointed because clearly we had more of the game than Hull and we concede from the only corner after they only had two efforts in the game. It’s poor from us on the corner. But, with the amount of possession we had, the amount of shots we had, our quality in the final third wasn’t good enough and it’s something that’s on me as the manager to solve.

“I felt we’d have been disappointed with a point tonight, let alone not winning the game, so to lose it is not good enough.

“When the ball’s in and around the box, we need to be more ruthless. It’s nothing that’s new for us or nothing we don’t know as a football club; we have to keep working with these players to get there.

“You can hear it with the fans that there’s a lot of frustration at the moment because we feel we deserve more in games and we’re finding out the hard way at the minute that, if we don’t deal with minor moments in the game, they can end up costing us massively.”

He adds: “I think this young group are finding that difficult, it’s the first time I’ve faced it. I’d ask the fans to get behind them, I get the frustration. They can see the effort of the park from the players and any help they can give them, they have to understand the strength of that… when you’re at home and at a club like this you expect to win and we’re the same, we’re bitterly disappointed.

“I’m only a month into the job. It shows the expectation on managers now. I think the fans have to get behind the players on the park because they’re a young group, and I don’t think they realise the strength of their support to that young group in there. I’ll take what comes my way, I’ll take the responsibility of managing this club. It is what it is, if you win games people are happy and if you don’t, they’re not. For me, the result tonight was harsh on us.

“It shows that Tony did a good job, that the fans are passionate and liked him. That’s gone now, it isn’t coming back, he’s the manager of a rival club in the Championship now. He’s got a lot of well wishers at the club, he’s a man that I know from coaching against him and on the circuit, and he’s a guy that I like. It is a decision that had nothing to do with me, I came in after that decision.

“I’m doing my best with the staff that we’ve got and this young group to fulfil our ambition. We’ve got 18 games to go and we’re in a better position than we were in this time last year, so I think see the positivity. It’s a club that a lot of players want to play for, that a lot of people would like to coach. That should tell you something.”

Hull’s Liam Rosenior said as per Sky Sports: “That was really pleasing. We’ve been through a difficult spell and the players showed brilliant togetherness, spirit, energy and a moment of real quality wins us the game. It’s a difficult strike for Fabio; I know it takes a deflection, but the technique to stay over the ball is exactly the reason why we’ve brought him to the club.

“It’s amazing, football. I’m trying to get this group to learn on the job a little bit. We’re quite a young team. The lesson for me as a young coach and us as a young team is that, in the Championship, if you don’t play well, you have to find ways to win.

“The lads showed everyone who watched the game today what they are about. They are a great group. They are going to make mistakes and I’m going to make mistakes, but they are as honest, hard-working and committed a group as you could ask for and they showed that in bucket-loads today.”

Twitter users reacted as loud boos were heard at full time while Sunderland fans demand for manager Michael Beale to be sacked after defeat to Hull…

@MiserableMackem: Praying I wake up and he’s been sacked. If he hasn’t been sacked I will wish I didn’t wake up.

@shanehagan24: Get Beale out of this club for fuck sake. Sucked every bit of life out of the club

@braddfearnleyy: The problems have been highlighted for months, no striker, no presence in midfield and the cheapest option in managerial appointment. Nobody to blame but ourselves. Will the squad be improved anytime soon? No not at all.

@antoneee_x: I will no longer be attending or watching any more games while Michael Beale is in charge. We didn’t want him to begin with but the owners thought they knew better. F*ck them & f*ck Michael Beale.

@Suffolk_Mackem: Michael Beale out of our club now please. It was the wrong appointment 7 games ago and it’s the wrong appointment now. He’s sucking the life out of this team.

@Fletcher1993: Club statement immediately. Biggest managerial mistake since Parkinson. Won’t be back until he’s gone. We’ve regressed completely. Beale out.

@Karmakillar: Clueless tactics, plays Pritchard on the RW but clearly telling him to roam so we have no outlet on the right, Jobe needs time out of the team as does Ekwah. To swap Naz with Hemir was pointless, goal down, leave seelt on as 3 at the back and push more forward!

@chriswray_80: Admit that you’ve made a terrible mistake, get rid of him and move on. It’s not gonna work. I can’t even listen to this but I can guess what’s in it. Just sack him and move on. He’s done and was done before you even appointed him.

@banty1969: What’s wrong with having a go and playing 2 strikers when we conceded. Pritchard is not a right winger and Jobe needs a rest, so drop jobe and play Pritchard behind a striker or 2 strikers, give Jewi a chance on the wing whilst Robert’s is injured.

@ted_loon: Thought your tactic of playing with nobody on the right side of the pitch worked a treat today, keep putting on those world class training sessions as well we can all see the benefits on the pitch….

@afootyeducation: For the love of God and my own sanity, please get rid of him.

@AndrewElsdon1: Time for him to do the right thing and walk, abysmal team selection and tactics all the good work has been undone in 4 weeks.

@John67684101: Crap tonight sorry… lost our identity not as creative and not as fluid… we are a worse team under Beale… sorry

@thirkle85: Appointing him is going to cost you a fortune, value of the club decreases as we drop, as do players values, then having to pay him off. Congratulations for being cheapskates and being bit in the arse

@88NTaylor: The solution to the problems we’re facing is glaringly obvious to me… Give this chancer his P45 and end this awful appointment now

@JonnyLavery99: Get out of our club.


@nqsdiscopants: Disappointed this isn’t the announcement that you’ve relieved him of his duties, he’s so far out of his depth it’s scary. Beale out!

@WVintageColours: Having watched my first football match in 1967 I can say unequivocally that Sunderland are going nowhere with this bloke in charge. He should never have been appointed and it is inevitable that he won’t see the season out. The pressure on the board will now become intolerable

@2ndoneout: Beale out. Absolutely horrendous

@_toosb: “Michael Beale has left his position as first team coach with immediate effect. We thank him for his efforts and wish him the best of luck for the future. Michael Dodds will take charge of first team matters for the rest of the season.” – There you go lads, you can use that….

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