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Liverpool’s Van Dijk ‘abuses’ official in fury at being sent off against Newcastle

Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk ‘abuses’ an official in fury at being sent off in the Premier League fixture against Newcastle United.

The Dutchman was shown a straight red for a foul on Alexander Isak, adjudged to havbe brought the Swedish international down outside the Newcastle area, with Isak closing in on goal.

Both Van Dijk and manager Jurgen Klopp were perplexed at the initial decision by referee John Brooks, which was then checked and cleared by VAR.

Van Dijk did win the ball in challenging Isak, but was adjudged to have gone through the back of the forward in bringing him down, with Van Dijk’s protests continuinmg even after the VAR check, and was seen in a heated discussion with the referee, Klopp and the rest of the Liverpool coaching staff as he made his way to the bench.

“There is no active contact from Virgil van Dijk. It is just going for the ball and on the way there, he made contact,” Klopp told Sky Sports after the Premier League clash.

“For this contact, getting three games, oh my God, unbelievable. We will see. For today, it gave us the chance to create something really special. The boys put up a proper fight,” the boss adds.

“Virgil’s really thankful [that the team went on to win]. It’s all good. Players came on, Jarell Quansah came on. Joe Gomez came on early and played a super game, I’m really happy for him.

“[Wataru] Endo has no clue what we actually do. Macca and Dom as a double six were brilliant. Diogo [Jota] made a super impact. Sometimes these kind of stories get written, obviously I would be much more happy if we can finish a game with 11.”

Before Van Dijk leftthe pitch, Trent Alexander-Arnold also found himselfembroiled in a flashpoint when he risked picking up two quickfire yellow cards.

He was initially cautioned for throwing the ball in frustration , before then fouling Anthony Gordon in a cynical manner but avoided a second yellow.

“First and foremost, I think when Trent gets a yellow card, it’s a clear foul on him. The fourth official said so,” Klopp argued.

“Trent deserves a yellow card [for the first booking]. We know the rules, he throws the ball away, but the referee makes a rod for his own back.

“How is the shove from Gordon not a foul in the first place? How the referee doesn’t give a foul there is absolutely unbelievable. I think that’s why he doesn’t give him a second yellow moments later.

“I think the referee has made two mistakes there. Initially Alexander-Arnold has been fouled and we’ve all been there – you would throw the ball away. You have no time to think about a yellow card coming.

“I think that plays on the referee’s head. The referee has panicked on the second one, and thought maybe the first one was a foul on Alexander-Arnold, can I get away with not giving him a red card early on?”

Gary Neville said: “The first booking is a needless one, we’re still getting used to the new rules. He just throws it away, which is now a standard booking. He feels hard done by and is pushed and throws the ball away.

“The second incident is too big for him [the referee]. He doesn’t want to make the decision.

“Alexander-Arnold is lucky. He steps out to the left and puts his arm across Gordon. He knows one more and he’s done. I’m convinced that if he wasn’t on a yellow card, he would get one for that.”

On the Van Dijk sending off: “Van Dijk does a lot wrong – being lazy coming across and the challenge is ill-advised, but I don’t think there’s a red card. How do you know that’s a goalscoring opportunity?”

“I think he just kicks through the centre-forward. It wasn’t Van Dijk’s challenge to win from the angle he was coming in at. He had to just try and follow Isak’s run but he tried to win it.

“He kicks his left leg, it’s so rash from Van Dijk. He doesn’t need to commit there. We’ve all been there. He just has to go off the pitch, take the medicine. As hard as it may be.

“But it’s a Virgil van Dijk who a few years ago would not have made that challenge. He would have let Isak take a touch and take it off him as he ran through the channel. He wellies through him. Isak has gone past him because Van Dijk has committed.”

Here’s what fans are saying after Liverpool’s Van Dijk ‘abuses’ an official in fury at being sent off against Newcastle…

@Hodgesssss: He’s got the ball after going through the man and it’s a goal scoring opportunity it’s a red no doubt

@SJStevo90: Red all day.. Isak is in on goal and those are the rules – deny a goal scoring opportunity and it’s a red card – however, I do think bottling the TAA second booking contributed to sending off VVD.. BUT Newcastle bottled that game

@Tommyth: Most people without red-tinted glasses will admit that Van Dijk goes through Isak to get the ball. Had it been inside the box, it would have been a yellow to avoid triple punishment. This one is a clear red since it’s outside the box, as per the new rule. #PremierLeague #NEWLIV

@Jamiek9035: Klopp, another excuse.. It’s funny that VVD abusing the officials on and off the pitch isn’t highlighted. But I’m sure if it was a certain player at United, it would have got an hour documentary on Sky Sports

@Markafc87: But his abuse to ref and fourth official was enough for a ban

@Biggzy86: Oh please give over man it’s a red all day long he’s gone through the man to get the ball and he’s thru on goal the simplest decision anyone who says differently doesn’t understand rules or is biased NO ACTIVE CONTACT what is he even dribbling

@Dale_Mc22: If they want to stamp out abuse towards officials they need to make an example of him

@Bielsalmighty: Stonewall red, how the fuck is there any debate over this? 🤔

@CFCLiamW: Went through the player and was last man so clear red

@OfficalDB: 100% a foul, and where he was and he’s last man, think it needs to be a red, but you could argue the LB was coming round on the cover and Isak could have taken it away from goal with his first touch.

@LiamK1998_: Anyone that thinks that’s not a red football ain’t the sport for you

@TheOfficial_FTO: Correct decision to show a red card.🟥 Van Dijk trips Isak before getting the ball. As Isak would’ve been through on goal, this is a denial of a goal scoring opportunity.

@DazeTheRealist: Red but these refs ruined the game, it all started with Trent being fouled Trent being fouled then gets a yellow for throwing the ball away. From then on I knew the refs was gonna spoil it, then joelinton has fouled 4 times and still no yellow, make that make sense.

@armstrongj73: Red all day straight through the man

@Lufcburny: Clear red, doesn’t matter that it wasn’t stud up or anything he’d have received the same punishment if it was just a shirt pull. He was through on goal correct decision

@msiggins92: Quite literally the clearest red card you’ll ever see. Not sure why there’s even a debate? 😂

@brian0574: If a player is sent off why cant he be effectively Sin binned until #VAR assess the sending off..if its deemed not a red then let the player back on instead of it being recinded the nxt day #PremierLeague #LIVNEW p.s utd fan here so it was deffo a red 😄

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