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Liverpool supporters left stranded as coach to Paris ‘drives past’ them at bus stop

Liverpool supporters have been left stranded as a coach to Paris ‘drives past’ them at a bus stop, leaving many disappointed.

Huge groups of those who planned to travel across the English channel were left confused when their prebooked transport failed to pick them up.

One group arrived at the meet up point at 4:15pm but were still waiting by 11pm after a number of buses passed but didn’t stop.

According to some fans at the Rocket junction, five empty coaches that had been planned to turn up to pick fans arrived near the crowds, but kept on driving. Since then they have not been able to get in contact with the company and many can’t make it to the Champions League final.

Jay Burke and his three pals spent around £179 for the bus trip that would got them to Dover, over to Paris to the fan zone and home again after the match. The 25-year-old from West Derby told the ECHO: “We arrived at the rocket on queens drive for a schedule pick up of 4:15pm.

“It was meant to be 6:15pm but the company emailed everyone two days ago stating the pick up has changed to 4:15pm. Hundreds of us were there since 4:15pm and only about five out of 24 coaches that arrived.

“The four of us were there until 11pm with no communication at all just hoping for a coach to come. One coach came at 10pm and everyone flooded to get on, no register or anything just first come first served.”

Jay went on to say when he finally got through to the company after over 200 calls, they told him the buses had turned up and no one was there. He was then told to call back on Monday for a refund.

The group are still trying to work out a way to get to the French capital before kick off on Saturday night.

Many other supporters have also taken to Twitter to complain about the coach situation on Queens Drive.

As can be seen above, Jordan Halliwell said on Twitter: “Meant to be picked up at 4pm at the rocket pub. It is now 22.30pm and still nothing.

“Trip to Paris ruined now off, home instead. No communication from the company.”

On Facebook, Demi Edmunds said: “Coach to go to the final in Paris was meant to arrive to pick us up at 4:15pm today and every coach stopped and let people who weren’t even meant to be on that coach number on it. Then to top it off, our coach drove past beeping at us with no one on it and then when angry fans called they said ‘the company manager drove past and there was no one there’.

“Disgusted and disappointed fans was left waiting. Six hours of my life wasted. I am currently on my way home so disappointed.”

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Some fans however found an alternative way of getting to Paris, Liverpool fans have been seen using a speed boat to cross the channel.

Paddy OToole, who is from Scotland Road but moved to Jersey, and 12 other fans, hired a boat and made their way over the English Channel to Saint Malo on Friday, May 27. The men decided to head to Paris after Paddy’s son, Patrick, found out his friends EasyJet flight to Paris was cancelled.

Paddy told The ECHO: “My lad Patrick’s mates Adam and Tom Dring who are from Huyton, had their EasyJet flight cancelled, so their Dad rushed them down to Heathrow to try a get a flight but there was nothing. They got a flight to Jersey last minute and they met up with us and asked could we get them to France.

“We felt sorry for the young lads so we had to do something.”

Paddy said: “We saw a few dolphins on the way and got the train to Rennes and then to Paris. A few more of are mates from Liverpool who live in Jersey heard we were going and joined on. We haven’t got a ticket between us.”

There was plenty of Twitter reaction with Liverpool supporters left stranded as a coach to Paris ‘drives past’ them at a bus stop…

@Paul_Donohue: Hi Jordan, so sorry too hear this, would it be OK to DM? I’m not a journalist of any kind, nor do I pretend to be one, but its bloody funny. Kind regards.

@philhalsall23: Let’s be honest the company hav probably seen the queues at Dover and sacked it of because there was no chance makin that crossing a night before or making it with the backlog and losing out with travel cost diesel and wages to watch the match on a coach to refund all aswell 🤷‍♂️

@paul_grant94: Absolute joke mate we waited 5 hours at rice lane no communication from the company

@AlbertBrigham4: Surely after 2 hours you would of given up 🤣

@DefinedPolitik: I worked for coach companies in the past. I fully accept that sometimes miscommunication can occur and it is on the service itself, but I know many drivers that just wouldn’t take on a bus full of drunk/shouting lads. I feel there is a few things going on here not being said

@WatchedToffee: Why would you stand and wait for SIX hours? Surely after an hour or two and with no communication common sense would tell you it isn’t happening and you’d find an alternative?

@Dean_o1986: Think it’s brilliant tbh

@jstandcharlie: ‘Off home instead’ 😂 – it’s in Paris, not fucking Mordor

@HalliwellJ19: Drunk shouting lads? We’re singing Liverpool songs to cheer everyone up whose waited there for 6 hours, 3 coaches turned up and let 6 people on maximum, everybody has a numbered coach to get on and them numbered coaches didn’t turn up

@MonkeyRamp: Beautiful scenes. Enjoy the trip home lads

@robertspiros: I’d go back tomorrow and wait a few hours just in case they got the day wrong.

@mitchwalters96: Stuff like this makes me smile 😍

@HiggoChris: As a blue, there’s absolutely no joy to be gleaned from this, it’s completely out of order especially for those who actually have tickets for the game. What about the first train out to London in the morning and then the eurostar from King’s Cross. It could work?

@KeelanQuesty: Unreal. Deserved

@Dill85541531: If we’re being honest if it was any of us we’d be fuming if other people were rubbing it in our faces that we had been fucked over. Banter is funny yeah but leave it out

Walk on, walk on,
With a ticket in your hand,
And you’ll never get the bus,
You’ll never get the bus.

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