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Liverpool speak out on disgusting chant at Norwich’s Billy Gilmour

Liverpool have chosen to speak out on the disgusting chant which was sang from the away end at Norwich’s Billy Gilmour on Saturday evening.

The young Scotland international is currently on loan with the Canaries from Chelsea and made his competitive debut for the club in the highly anticipated game at Carrow Road.

However, the 20-year-old is claimed to have been targeted by some fans due to his association with his parent club, leaving many reeling.

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Liverpool’s LGBT+ fans association ‘Kop Outs!’ highlighted the purported abuse on social media with a tweet that read: “Great result today marred by homophobic chanting by some of our fans targeting Chelsea loanee Billy Gilmour. If you can’t support without resorting to bigoted nonsense, you don’t understand YNWA.”

This was then quickly followed by a statement on Twitter from Liverpool’s official feed, which read: “The chant is offensive and inappropriate – a message we have repeatedly communicated alongside Kop Outs. We urge supporters to remember the inclusive values of the club and to refrain from using it in the future.”

The Kop Outs! group also highlighted a tweet which was posted back in 2019 from anti-discrimination group Kick It Out, and it had hit out at a number of reports of homophobic chants towards Chelsea players during a match two years ago.

Kick It Out referenced a “rent boy” chant, which the organisation says has been directed at Chelsea players for a number of years.

Liverpool Supporters Union, Spirit of Shankly, tweeted: “Solidarity with our LGBT+ supporters & affiliates!” after the news was published for all to see on social media.

Liverpool got their Premier League campaign off to a flying start, racing out of the blocks with a comfortable 3-0 victory at Norwich.

It had been a good weekend for the newly-promoted sides with victorious at Brentford and Watford, however for Norwich, they could not say the same, as it was a clean sweep as Jurgen Klopp’s side, who handed the returning Virgil van Dijk his first competitive start in 10 months, and everything clicked into place again.

Diogo Jota sent the Reds on their way in the 26th minute before second-half goals from substitute Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah extended their lead, and now the Egyptian steals the headline for scoring on five successive opening weekends to a Premier League season.

For Norwich, they have now lost 11 consecutive Premier League matches, and it was always going to be a difficult start to their return to the top flight, however it’s not to say there weren’t some positive moments during the game.

Things will not be getting any easier for Daniel Farke and his side as they head to defending champions Manchester City next weekend.

Player ratings

Norwich: Krul (6), Aarons (7), Gibson (6), Hanley (6), Giannoulis (6), Rupp (6), Gilmour (6), Lees-Melou (6), Cantwell (6), Rashica (6), Pukki (7).

Subs: Sargent (n/a), Idah (n/a), Dowell (n/a).

Liverpool: Alisson (7), Alexander-Arnold (8), Van Dijk (7), Matip (7), Tsimikas (8), Milner (6), Keita (7), Oxlade-Chamberlain (6), Salah (8), Mane (8), Jota (7).

Subs: Firmino (7), Fabinho (6), Eliott (n/a).

Man of the match: Mohamed Salah.

Norwich boss Daniel Farke: “It is great to have them [the fans] back. Football without them is not the same.

“In general, I have many compliments for our lads. We struggled with many odds against us. We had to train with 11 key players and had to cancel two friendlies. We had to train for two weeks with 10 first team players. The energy was there. For 65 mins we were competitive. In the end it was a deserved win for Liverpool. I was pleased we showed maturity not to concede more than three. Our reaction and maturity in this moment… there were many positives to take.

“I am more confident after this game than before [about Norwich’s survival chances]. We had attacking threat and good movement in the final third. It was difficult in the moments we conceded. We can take many positives from parts of the performance.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp: “We had two games against Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna, and they were really good games. It was a good sign that we’re ready to go, but when you start the league it’s different.

“We had to find our way in the game and scored three really nice goals because we forced them. It’s a good start. The boys are fit but you have to get used to the feeling again, that it’s really exhausting but you can [still] go. You have to get over that point in the game, and we did, and hopefully next week we’ll be fresher for longer.

“It’s great to see the fans back and I hope that Norwich celebrated as well because they had an exceptional season. Their pre-season has not been easy [due to Covid-19 protocols], and facing us is not too easy, but we were really professional.

“We were not here to show the most exciting football, just to get the basis for the new season, and we did. Football is back.”

Fans reacted as Liverpool speak out on the disgusting chant at Norwich’s Billy Gilmour…

@Dan41274852: Imagine that is a gay or bisexual’s first game they go and watch, with or without their partner, then they hear that. The homophobic chants needs to stop.

@RobbyM73: Hopefully you’ll be as vocal when the away end starts up with the usual ‘sign on/murderers/hillsborough’ songs.

@BeckyDevlin: Anyone caught being homophobic should be banned from the ground. There needs to be zero tolerance on all forms of discrimination.

@Dazzala1892: Where do you stand on the year on year repetition of songs about food poverty, financial poverty and all other discriminatory remarks of our fanbase, from all the teams we play against? Interested to know. Cos there’s no statement when the usual chants chime out.

@daveytubey: Fully agree it’s not appropriate or right, but our other clubs reminding their supporters the chants they make against Liverpool supporters are unacceptable… I don’t think they are. However two wrongs can’t make a right…

@rabbidanny: It is disappointing that there are comments trying to start a debate about this. Fact is the chant includes a homophobic slur and therefore should not be sung by our fans or any other fans. Let’s set an example for other clubs to follow. #YNWA #kickitout

@mattylad4k: Agreed is live it’s time back 10-20 years ago, homophobia has no place in our fan base and should be called out if it occurs against anyone. It sickens me that it still happens now in our fan base, the city of Liverpool should know better considering the recent attacks

@mxdeupsmile: Had enough of this chant and people thinking there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s just no need.

@Simon42915599: Ffs there’s always some knob heads ruining it.

@toonlad9: Find them and ban them

@JayAhmed23: Well done LFC. No need for this nonsense in football

@markland_jane: Indeed, and not one steward stopped it, but some chants of “we shoot burglars” and “sign on, sign on” from some around me. All of these should be consigned to the bin. We’re all better than this.

@FerretSensei: Unfortunately came across loud and clear on Sky Sports. Unacceptable.

@KianJefferys: Sorry to hear about that this @billygilmourrr what is wrong people

@jeffersonTh0mas: It doesn’t matter what the supporters think that Rent Boy means it’s connotation is well understood across society and the use of the term as an insult is not consistent with our clubs values or those of our players and managers.

@Louisefawcett: The worrying thing about the replies to this are the number of people trying to justify what it means and how it’s not offensive. Just because you don’t find it offensive doesn’t mean it isn’t. Just stop singing it, it’s not difficult and doesn’t need a debate

@markric54774568: Well said LFC. We don’t need this at football. Fans are back so let’s enjoy it and support the team.

@stepheniscowboy: Find out who they were and ban them from anfield and all away days!

@AlicePlez16: And people ask why there is not a single out footballer in Englands top 4 divisions …..

@CraigyAnderson: Absolutely disgusting and well done @LFC for calling the “fans” out for this behaviour. No need for this in any society, let alone at a football ground

@ANT_LCFC: Such a shame puts a real low on what has been a brilliant first game week of the Premier League with fans back in the grounds. Hope this gets dealt with properly.

@andyamonty: I am actually amazed by the number of ignorant fans who think it’s about Abramovich era (it started in the 80’s) or defend it with “what about there chants about…”It’d bigoted clear and simple. If you want to defend bigotry, that’s your business, but don’t look thick as well.

As Liverpool speak out on the disgusting chant at Norwich’s Billy Gilmour, what do you make of it all? Let us know via our socials!

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