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Liverpool release statement on vile chants and vandalism from Man City fans at Anfield

Liverpool release a statement on vile chants and vandalism from Man City fans at Anfield in Sunday evening’s Premier League clash.

Pep Guardiola also has confirmed coins were thrown towards him from the home crowd during his side’s defeat at Liverpool, incidents occurring in the second half of a fiery contest on Merseyside, soon after City had a Phil Foden goal controversially disallowed.

The strike would have given City the lead but they eventually went on to suffer a 1-0 defeat to a Mohamed Salah goal.

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Speaking about the matter in his post-match press conference, Guardiola said sarcastically: “Next time we will do it better. It didn’t get me. They try it again next year.”

This isn’t the first time there has been trouble around games involving Liverpool and City at Anfield, with the rivalry between the two clubs growing considerably in the last few years.

In 2018, Man City’s team coach had bottles and other objects thrown at it as it arrived at the ground for a Champions League encounter.

Looking back on further on the latest incident, Guardiola said: “All these coins, they tried, but didn’t get it. They got the coach years ago.”

Opposite number Jurgen Klopp had not been aware of the matter but apologised on behalf of the home club.

He said: “Oh, horrible. I am sorry. I apologise for that. I had no idea about it. It never should happen, never.”

In a statement released by the club, Liverpool wrote: “We are aware of an incident involving objects being thrown into the technical area at today’s game. This is totally unacceptable behaviour and not the standards of behaviour we expect at Anfield. This incident will be fully investigated using CCTV and those found guilty will be punished, including a lifetime ban from Anfield Stadium and a possible football banning order.”

Liverpool also released another statement, condemning ‘vile chants’ from the away section. Merseyside Police later confirmed that offensive graffiti had been sprayed in the away section.

It read: “We are deeply disappointed to hear vile chants relating to football stadium tragedies from the away section during today’s game at Anfield. The concourse in the away section was also vandalised with graffiti of a similar nature.

“We know the impact such behaviour has on the families, survivors and all those associated with such disasters.

“We are working with the relevant authorities and we will also work with Manchester City in order to do our utmost to ensure these chants are eradicated from football altogether.”

Merseyside Police confirmed they will conduct an investigation into the events at Anfield.

A statement read: “We can confirm we are working closely with LFC and MCFC to understand what has taken place during the match at Anfield today, Sunday 16 October.

“We have been made aware that offensive behaviour had taken place during the Liverpool v Manchester City game, and that offensive graffiti was sprayed in the away section.

“Such behaviour will not be tolerated, and we are working with both clubs to identify and bring to justice anyone found responsible for committing offensive behaviour.”

Manchester City have claimed their team bus suffered a cracked windscreen after it was hit by an object in their Premier League defeat at Liverpool on Sunday

Meanwhile, Manchester City alleged that their team bus was damaged by a missile on leaving Merseyside.

Players and staff heard a crack in the glass as the coach went down Anfield Road.

City are likely to raise their concerns surrounding the coach with the Football Association, who now have a list of incidents from Sunday to study.

Klopp said on the coin throwing: ‘Oh, horrible. I am sorry. I apologise for that.

‘I had no idea about it. I was not in the stadium at that moment, probably didn’t see anymore after the game. It never should happen, never.’

Jurgen Klopp also accepted his red card during Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Man City, but was left staggered by the awful refereeing decisions at Anfield.

Salah was hauled down by Bernardo Silva directly in front of linesman Gary Beswick, with neither he nor Taylor thinking it was a foul – the manager then sent off for his reaction.

Speaking in his post-match press conference, Klopp admitted his fault in protesting furiously, but took the opportunity to question the decisions.

“Of course, red card, my fault. I went over the top in the moment,” he said.

“I don’t think I was disrespectful to anybody, but when you look at the pictures back, I know myself, at 55 years, the way I look in these moments is already worth a red card – who cares what I say.

“I lost it in that moment, it’s not OK. But I think, a little bit as an excuse, I would like to mention: how can you not whistle that foul?

“How on earth is it possible? I wish I could get an explanation.

“I’m not sure what Pep said here, but probably not a lot, he was probably very disappointed or frustrated or whatever.

“But during the game, he agreed completely that Anthony Taylor just let the things run. Why would you do that? Both teams, it was not one [or the other].

“I’ve heard now that people said it was Anfield that made the VAR decision. For the foul on Mo, Anfield no chance to have any impact.

“[For the disallowed goal], it’s a foul on Fabinho, I think we agree on that. Then Ali has his hand on the ball.

“If Anfield decided now that VAR intervened – I’m not sure – imagine if it wouldn’t.

“Then we would sit here and speak about three situations where he should have whistled. Then you think ‘oh, that’s now really unlucky’.

“So, there was already the first moment where Pep and I were pretty animated, but actually for the same reason, to be 100 percent honest. Not arguing with each other, not at all.

“Then, yeah, it’s the situation, I saw, I just had the perfect view of the linesman, and you can imagine, we’re 1-0 up and if you get a free-kick there or you have counter-attack there, that’s pretty much a 100 percent difference.

“That was the moment where I snapped. Again, I’m not proud of that, but it happened.”

This is how fans reacted as Liverpool release a statement on the vile chants and vandalism from Man City fans at Anfield…

@Kevlar46: Absolute sewer 🐀

@Tommy__Healy: For anyone who can’t hear, they’re singing “The sun was right, you’re murderers” 🐀

@SamLFCYNWA: I hope the FA make a statement with there punishment, to cut it out completely, stadium ban I say.

@prharri: All on camera there, so shouldn’t be too hard to identify, arrest & prosecute

@C______88: Disgusted at this honestly, some of our fans need a reality check

@Nicky70606199: Disgusting behaviour and I’m calling it out @ManCityES @gmpolice Shame on them! Sore LOSERS chanting absolute bollocks!

@kjannati: All this because they lost a football match.

@KopEndFracas: Thoughts @Carra23 @GNev2? You both have huge platforms and it would be great if you called this out. Happens every time we play United or City. Enough is enough

@nicoladianelfcx: hasn’t anyone got any respect anymore? despite the result there is no need for this.

@2LittleDux: Although it would be really easy for City to identify these and ban them for life, they can’t afford to halve the number of match going fans.

@ConnorHill28: Classy fans…. Really beginning to hate everything about Man City

@rudkin_abigail: Hope the ones singing this vile chant can be identified.

@MxGill_: And they say we are the worst fans in the world. City were irrelevant before money.

@OiKe89: Vile creatures, fuck them off seriously, reduce their away allocation going forward an let our fans get those seats, ye want to sell to cunts, then ye get punished, how fuckin dare they

@BeachHouse42: This is despicable. Greasy cheating oily scum.

@OakdenJack: What a pathetic bunch of fans

@brodobaggins5: Fucking sick to death of these Hillsborough chants now from scummy fans who think it’s hilarious to mock the death. People including kids went to a game and never came home through no fault of their own. Disgusting

@GavinWilliams_: It’s about time the @premierleague and @fa started dishing out punishment. That also goes for us if we have anyone singing/chanting about Munich etc. It’s not big and it certainly is not clever.

@EntireDesign_: This is fucking horrendous. Imagine getting so angry at a game of football you stoop to these levels.

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