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Liverpool fans disapproves of chant directed at them by Chelsea supporters

Liverpool fans disapproves of a chant directed at them by Chelsea supporters during Saturday afternoon’s meeting on Saturday.

Chelsea fans can clearly be heard shouting “murderers”, front-page story in The Sun claiming Liverpool fans were responsible for the Hillsborough disaster which saw 97 innocent victims lose their lives in 1989.

Others claimed it was referring to the Heysel Stadium disaster which occurred in May 1985 when mostly Juventus fans escaping from a breach by Liverpool fans were pressed against a collapsing wall in the Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium, before the start of the 1985 European Cup Final between the Italian and English clubs.

39 people—mostly Italians and Juventus fans—were killed and 600 were injured in the confrontation.

The chants are the latest episode in a long line of what Liverpool fans’ website The Anfield Wrap termed “terrace tragedy tennis” between the fanbases of English football’s greatest rivals.

Liverpool and Chelsea hooligans also tried to fight each other outside a pub as can be seen in newly released footage on social media.

The incident takes place outside The Thomas Frost – JD Wetherspoon on County Road, next to Stanley Park, with punches thrown along with bottles and cans before trouble breaks out into oncoming traffic.

It’s claimed a number of police cars turned up at the scene after a load of lads turned up and kicked off with Chelsea fans inside the venue.

The game itself saw play out a bore draw. Mykhailo Mudryk was impressive on his debut but neither Liverpool nor Chelsea are able to find the winner in a goalless game at Anfield; Kai Havertz had an early goal disallowed for offside.

This is what Twitter users said as Liverpool fans disapproves of a chant directed at them by Chelsea supporters…

@jonesyYNWA: @spiritofshankly @LFC this needs to be addressed

@LFCBurnsey: @spiritofshankly Definitely needs raising with @LFC . They need to stand up more

@Karl939: Nothing will happen we are fair game as far as the media and football powers that be are concerned 😟

@robl2702: @LFC is this going to be raised with @ChelseaFC – it’s all well and good -rightly so,making tannoy statements about homophobic chants – but this and the other chants doesn’t get raised

@JacquieGilber14: It’s a pity both teams don’t stop playing when this happens to show support. We know the truth but so many are still affected by this evil.

@lukejl1906: Same every single week and nothing is ever mentioned

@invisiblesense: I’m wondering if clubs make tannoy announcements advising their fans not to chant Hillsborough related stuff?

@toms6253: @ChelseaFC do you condone this kind of vile behaviour?

@liam_dawson0151: @Sjopinion10 @JimWhite @talkSPORT if you’re going to talk about Liv/Chel tomorrow then throw this into your topic of discussion 👍🏻

@SteRose7: My ST is right next to the away section yesterday they constantly sang there disgusting songs and not once sang a song to get behind there team and then George on tannoy asking not sing homophobic songs yet there free to sing there hate

@subcat001: The @FA & @premierleague need to do something about this. The silence from the likes of @BBCSport & @SkyFootball is deafening too.

@agaffar09: This is truly sickening…..Gonna praise our fans for not reverting to that chant as our club & manager put a statement out…. Liverpool football club where it starts….. How about it @LFC? Then @ChelseaFC @premierleague we wait on your response??

@Wayneham8: Scum!

@ClemwalkD4: Watched Chelsea few times in the 80s as my mate was a fan. Hated their supporters, full of racist bigots then. Hated Chelsea ever since and seems nothing has changed with their fans. Lowest of the low plastics.

@lindaliverpool: Both chants are wrong but only one was highlighted on Saturday it’s time Liverpool Football Club took action against clubs who’s fans sing this week in week out. @LFC what action are you taking regarding this? LFC fans have had enough.

@leontrotskie: @FA are you lot ever gonna do anything about this or what? This has happened in every single game this season and not a word has been uttered. Fucking disgusting and embarrassing

@digitalgoonie: Chelsea are the worst fans in world football. They are racist, gammon and Tory loving fans and they hate the fact that even tho they bought their trophies with the Russian lottery they will never be as successful or as global as Liverpool and now they are back where they belong

@jklfcbuh: That’s so grim

@Twelfth_Red: Fucking horrible lot

@TylernolLFC: The fact that theyre so proud of themselves for it as well its fucking embarrassing

@caoimhan_ferris: Where is the investigation now @LFC @ChelseaFC? These are unacceptable scenes and truly awful to watch when you understand what actually happened! The behaviour of opposition fans against Liverpool every week is getting out of control and no one is doing anything about it! #LFC

@lfc19times: When will @SkySportsPL talk about this? Singing about Hillsborough is not acceptable.

@Campione_LFC: @henrywinter @LFC @ChelseaFC @BBCMOTD @FootballAssoc @premierleague @SkySportsNews Enough is enough. When are you lot going to step up and do something about this? Like the homophobic chants, this isn’t banter. This is mocking people’s deaths. People we knew and loved.

@TheAnfieldAlert: Vile, concrete evidence right here for the FA to charge, but will they? Of course not. @spiritofshankly

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