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Liverpool fan throws bottle of cider at Man Utd team bus; United fans slammed for singing chant

A Liverpool fan throws a bottle of fruity cider at the Man Utd team bus leading up to Sunday’s much anticipated Premier League fixture.

PA have reported that a window of Manchester United’s team coach ended up being smashed ahead of their derby clash at Anfield.

United made the trip to Merseyside as the overwhelming underdogs, with there being alack of optimism of Man Utd pulling off a positive result against Liverpool.

And Liverpool fans thought they’d just rattle Man Utd just that little bit more in what played out to be a hostile welcome.

In footage posted onto Twitter, a fan can be seen holding an empty cider bottle, before aiming it at the bus as it made it’s way down the road.

You can see bottle rebound off the side of the coach as fans chant the song “Oh Manchester, is full of s***”…

Liverpool statement: “LFC utterly condemns the actions that led to damage being caused to the MUFC team bus during its arrival at Anfield. Any individuals found guilty of this reprehensible behaviour will also face the full force of the club’s sanction process.”

Also says: “We are aware of footage of the incident circulating online and are working with Merseyside Police to fully investigate and identify those responsible.”

There was reportedly two coaches that travelled to Liverpool, carrying players and staff to Anfield, with the one at the front struck.

United soon turned up at the stadium with players and staff making their way into the ground and did their usual pre-match preparations with the Premier League clash at a 4:30pm kick off time.

A night before the game, Man Utd fans could be heard singing “Feed the Scousers” during a karaoke session at a bar to the tune ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’.

This chant has often been criticised, more recently by Jamie Carragher on Twitter or live on air as it mocks poverty on Merseyside and is routinely aimed at Liverpool and Everton fans at Christmas time.

A group of Man Utd fans once again sang the Band Aid hit, which was initially released in the 1980s to raise money and awareness about starvation in Africa.

Many fans have slammed the video and pointed out their own issues in Manchester, and the fact their player, Marcus Rashford, has campaigned against food poverty.

twitter users reacted after a Liverpool fan throws a bottle of cider at Man Utd team bus, and there was also reaction with United fans slammed for singing the ‘Feed the Scousers’ chant…

This is how Twitter users reacted after a Liverpool fan films himself throwing a bottle of fruity cider at the Man Utd team bus, while there was also criticism for the chant Man Utd fans sang…


@UtdMicah: Better accuracy then Darwin Nunez pal fair play

@_callumstone: I’m assuming when you get arrested for this it won’t be your fault?

@tcswfc: why would u post that 🤣🤣🤣

@TMiles17: Bottle bounced straight back and probably put their own in danger

@1894andrew: Yeah that’s mint I’ll post that 👍👍

@cjmains: A bottle of rekorderlig, shiver me timbers

@JayWoodhead01: That’s you sacked tommorow lad

@GThirlaway: Bounced off the bus and back into the Liverpool fans. An own goal that.

@Madhatter_1883: Such wonderful and respectful behaviour from adults. 🙄

@MarkMCFC10: That’s out of character isn’t it? Not like them at all

@WeightmanJ91: Big hard man you lad. Proper tough doing that

@UTDReeco: Violence like this isn’t needed … No matter the team.

@lukeatiyah: Strawberry and Lime – the hard man’s Kopperberg to be fair.

@MoneyMejbri: @MerseyPolice I hope you will be charging and prosecuting

@BaxLFCred: Lowest of the low. Take a good look at yourself

@GBMcrTO: Hahahaha ya big hard man with his fruity kopparberg 😂

@dansoppy: How sad are these pathetic cretins always moaning about their treatment by everyone else but fail to see the issues they have within their own fanbase

@dannyschof81: bounced right off the coach and probably into one of their own yet still the idiots triumphantly upload it to the internet 😂

@Joshmcfcx: That might just be the dumbest thing someone’s ever done

@JacobScott_7: hahaha let me record myself throwing a bottle at the united team bus 🤣🤣

@Ticketmancity: Proper the weirdest fanbase. Not even the plastics it’s the actual match goers, cringe as

@swfcjackk: grassing on himself, and the bottle bounced off the coach and probably hit his own fans 😂

@MusialaEra: You‘re a disgrace mate it‘s just football what if you actually hit someone? Hope the police finds you

@Kieran_Stevo7: Standing outside to wait for a bus an hour and a half before the game and then grassing on yourself chucking a bottle. Weirdest fuckers about scousers🥴

@nathancoker19: Its mad because Liverpool fans literally bring food to food banks when we play at Old Trafford

@dvanmarle9: State of them

@__keepachris__: I suppose they’ve got to sing about something as trophies have dried up since Fergie left so 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣

@_toosb: Yes poverty and being unable to feed your family properly is really funny lads. Thing is that it affects people in Manchester as well as Liverpool. If you ask nicely you’ll probably get a few Tory MPs to join in with your little song.

“Mummy… where’s dad?”
“He’s down the conservative club with his mates”

@gaffer73: @ManUtd @premierleague should be easy to identify and ban them don’t belong in football grounds

@dezzietheblue: Pretty poor taste from the already tasteless United fans. Banter is one thing. But like Liverpool, Manchester has a problem with poverty and people going hungry.Liverpool fans bring food to Manchester food banks on match days and vice reverser Glad they don’t reflect genuine fans

@EFCShantBeMoved: Your team is literally in the mud and your ground is crumbling, your mayor is literally a scouser. People starving in Manchester as well by the way. Hope you haven’t got kids coz you’re great role models by the look of it 👍🏻

@MattNeedham10: Can you imagine a fan base of the team from the city that has the highest child poverty outside of London singing this? Can you imagine anyone singing about poverty? Tory Tory Man Utd

@JamesBrownEFC: Mocking poverty when one of your own players had to take into his own hands feeding hungry kids. Make it makes sense.
@FerryLad: Fuckin hell, Phoenix Nights vibes🤦‍♂️so backward its unreal.

@Djimmyp1: Not very funny boring. Scousers as much as I dislike them on match day have much more in common with Manchester than the rest of England. Dated Jim Davidson humour.

@CherylSwanick: Yet your player ran a campaign to feed the kids in Manchester. Scousers don’t need campaigns they always look after their own

@Skrattt1: They deserve to lose for this alone

@JaytiW93: In the meantime myself and other Scousers will continue to bring food down to your food banks when we play at Old Trafford and the Etihad.

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