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Liverpool fan in tears as she calls into talkSPORT reacting to Jurgen Klopp’s departure

A Liverpool fan was left in tears as she calls into talkSPORT radio station reacting to news of Jurgen Klopp’s departure.

Jurgen Klopp revealed to the world on Friday that he is leaving Liverpool at the end of the 2023/24 season, with his side currently leading the way.

talkSPORT’s Jim White, Simon Jordan and Martin Keown had their say alongside football fans, with one fan calling in and was left rather emotional by it all. Have a listen to it below…

Paula: I’m absolutely devastated um it flashed up on my phone and I thought someone’s joking here and then I realized it was official from the club and then I’m I’m ringing you guys because you’re prattling on about cricket and this such important news I’m absolutely devastated I was a child when Bill Shankley was our our manager and and Klopp became Bill 2 you know there will be a statue he’s everything that Liverpool Club stand for he’s honest he’s emotional as you can tell it’s just absolutely awful news I’m just hoping he’s not ill he’s lost a bit of weight recently we’ve kind of noticed that a bit he’s gone a bit thinner in the face I’m just hoping he’s not ill and regarding what Simon’s saying talked about it in November I’m guessing if he was ill back in November he might have had to leave sooner so I’m praying that he’s well I can’t forgive him if he’s going to the German job because there isn’t a greater job on earth supporting Liverpool

Jim White: Oh Paula I know I can hear it in you and obviously you’re so upset and I want to thank you for calling Paula can you imagine Liverpool without Jurgen

Paula: I’m going to have to I’m 59 years old and I’ve been through a lot of managers Graeme one of them he spoke wisely it’s a very very big job I will have to because I waited 30 years to get my season ticket and I eventually got it this year and this was the the season of my life because okay no Champions League but there I was every day sadly in the Anfield Road end because I spent a lot years on the Kop but I’ll take what I can at the moment and seeing that man come out every day at the game and watching what he does and looking at his passion and the fist pumps at the end of the game he, I can’t think of anyone who could replace him I don’t think that person exists but I will have to because my club need needs us all to get behind it and carry on

Jim White: Paula You’re a special person and a special Liverpool fan I’m going to do this before we say goodbye what what message do you want to put out there to Jurgen for what he’s done at your club

Paula: Jurgen I love the bones of you man you’re the best manager that I can I can really remember you’ve brought so much joy so much pleasure you’ve heard us through the pain you know there’s been there’s been a number of times um I mean at that Man Utd game this season I was absolutely boiling but I knew that he’d go in there and talk to the players and that we’d get on with it and guess what we have with top of the league I love the bones of the man and I wish him well and my God that that game against Wolves at the end of the season we will be there

Jim White: Paula thank you thank you for joining us you’re our first Liverpool caller on talkSPORT you’re always going to remember for being the first Liverpool fan to react to this with us and I sincerely thank you for your words this morning

Paula: Thanks guys have a good day bye

Jurgen Klopp speaking at his press conference: “Liverpool need a manager at the top of his game, at the top of their level, and I can’t be that.

“You realise we are not young rabbits anymore and we don’t jump as high as we did. I didn’t think about it on purpose, it just happened.

“I will answer 500,000 questions today if you want but that’s it until the end of the season. We have so many other things to do, I’m fully in that zone.

“The reaction of the players was top. It was really good, we’ve known each other for so long. They know I don’t say things like that then walk away. I’m here, fully here.

“I’ve had to tell other people in the previous days where I’ve had to tell them before the public – and there were some tears. But that’s normal after a long time together.

“Why should I? In this world, you have a few faces who do an incredible you don’t see too often. It looks like I do all the work, I can’t. What we have built is an incredibly strong structure behind the scenes. So many people work here with only one idea: to find the perfect solution for Liverpool. The last thing they need is advice from the old manager. I will not do that.

“The summer was difficult one. We were working really hard to bring in the right players. The summer and preparation we had was outstanding. Realising how good this team could be – that gave me a lot of joy. But it’s not about that. I love each minute, the team and how we react, but it’s the stuff we have to do next to it. The planning, the transfer window – you need to be spot on as well.

“Then I realised that’s something I cannot… I did it so often. I had six press conferences a week for nine years. I have no problem with you but I can’t wait to not do this again. There’s so many things with this job – you have to be the best version of your self to be Liverpool manager. There are many better managers out there but mine is built on energy, building relationships. I where I am because of who I am – if I can’t be that anymore then stop it and tell the people.

“It wasn’t my idea when I signed a new contract, I was 100 per cent convinced we would go to 2026. I underestimated my energy levels as being endless. It always was. Now it’s not. Then we have to change.

“No club, no country for the next year, no other English club ever, I can promise that. Even if I have nothing to eat, it will not happen. That will not happen as well, thanks to Liverpool!”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on if he has any regrets: “I’m not in the mood to think about that [regrets].

“I don’t have to remember anything now. The best memories are yet to come.

“That’s not what today is about. I have no regrets but a lot of special memories.

“We are here today just to answer your questions.

“By this time it would be so easy in this job to blame the owners if I said ‘FSG could have spent more’ but that’s not it.

“We built two stands that will stay forever. We built this AXA training ground that will stay for the next 30, 40 or 50 years. We did it all the Liverpool way, which I love.

“That we didn’t win the league with 97 points or the Champions League is fine. You could say we should have spent more money on a player, I understand that’s a fan view but that can never be a professional view.

“If you want to blame someone for not winning the Champions League three times then you can blame me, no body else. Everyone else brought us to that point.

“When I said ‘Liverpool 2.0’ I didn’t mean me for the next 10 years. The team is there. Whoever comes in has a really good chance to play good football. We will get a top manager here. We changed from doubters to believers through difficult moments. If we keep all that then it’s a wonderful future ahead, that is all I want, not to be the passenger who disturbs that process.

“No, nothing. If we didn’t win anything this season, it wouldn’t change my mind. I thought it through properly. It’s independent of any kind of result this season. The big one is I can see there is a really good basis for this team. That’s why it’s a good moment to give it to someone else.

“Being an honorary Scouser is one of the best things I could ever have achieved in my life. The way these people deal with difficulties is a role model for me.

“I will take the break, but the others are ready. The impact the boys and especially Pep had in the last few years is second to none. Incredible. I am thankful and grateful to him, he gave me so so new visions and develop over the last few years. I will support from wherever I am.”

Twitter users reacted after hearing the Liverpool fan in tears as she calls into talkSPORT reacting to Jurgen Klopp’s departure…

@DavidMonks1: This is the biggest upset to scousers since locking wheel nuts.

@alfieNalice: Liverpool fans ringing up @talkSPORT crying 😂😂😂

@jonah0883: Give it a rest Paula 😂 pull yourself together woman 😂……….

@pulpy: Jesus Christ you’d think Jurgen Klopp just died out of nowhere. What a strange fan base the Liverpool lot are. Stopped watch This Morning to ring TalkSport and cry. Get a grip

@RyAdLamb: Liverpool fan balling her eyes out on TalkSPORT re Klopp. Get some perspective in your life for God’s sake!!! He hasn’t died. Bloody hell.

@catyler84: If anyone needs a laugh on this Friday just stick @talkSPORT on to listen to the Liverpool fans calling in – comedy gold..

@DICKO25BFC: Liverpool fans ringing @talkSPORT and crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Get a grip

@Ralph_Seegobin: It’s how we all feel, honestly

@westhamdan1980: #Liverpool fans calling up @talkSPORT crying is class. 😂

@KevinRothery1: Get a grip love…….

@chelsea_podcast: Football is cruel but I laughed my head off when I heard this 😂

@ThatAnfieldBuzz: What a manager we’ve had! ❤️❤️

@zsutton7: You’d think someone had died by the way she cried on air

@bradfordbrownie: ffs over reaction or what

@StuNg8280: Fucking state of this man 😂😂😂

@macwills95: What an absolute mong hahah

@beez_ltfc: Hahahahahaha what a fanny

@mancworm: Brilliant 👏🤣🤣

@Chris_MacGregor: Liverpool fans crying on the phone on talkSPORT… the stuff that makes Friday’s so special!!! 😂😂😂

@Thompson_Jack1: Funny as fuck

@Charliee1878: 😂😂😂😂😂 such a gift them lot today

@ITFCphonein: I understand this is disappointing for Liverpool fans but this woman is hilarious 😂 @talkSPORT #Klopp

@franks_m4: This woman crying about Jurgen Klopp on TalkSport is fucking brilliant. Crying on live radio like a family members passed or something 🤣 Drinking Liverpool fans tears today ☕️

@RyanMKIV: Liverpool fan crying on TalkSport what a magic 😂😂😂

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