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Liverpool fan fumes at having ‘Free Palestine’ clothing and flag removed at Anfield

A Liverpool fan fumes at having his ‘Free Palestine’ clothing and flag removed in Thursday’s Europa League match against Toulouse at Anfield.

The club had put out a statement prior to the fixture, in which they say to supporters that Israeli and Palestinian flags should not be taken into the stadium.

They go on to add the ruling is independent of Liverpool’s existing flag policy and those nation’s flags were specifically mentioned.

But still, he took to complaining about the events of what happened during the game, issuing a Twitter thread about the ordeal as he was escorted out by stewards…

Liverpool fan fumes at having ‘Free Palestine’ clothing and flag removed at Anfield

@lfcrazz wrote: Last night the club that I’ve adored since I was 5 has broken me, everything I thought we stood for felt like a farce so much for YNWA and freedom of speech, I travel up 3 hours every home game even when I can’t get a ticket just to be in the city for game…

“At this moment of time I feel like never coming back, all I did was show solidarity to my people who have and are being killed every day for many decades now, in no way does the Palestine flag represent what Hamas did the other week neither do I commend it…

“I found it really odd our fans were allowed to stand with Ukraine and bring those flags in, as well as club itself selling LFC X Ukraine merchandise in the club shop but when I held up a Palestine flag during YNWA a bunch of stewards rushed me like I had a weapon on me?…

“When I was escorted out the flag was grabbed out of my hand and was told to take the hoodie off or leave the club? Police were then involved and my details and seat number was taken and was told to collect my stuff at the end of the game…

“I was then taken back to my seat in that freezing weather with a t shirt on, I did have another two flags on me which I decided against getting out as the whole situation left a sour taste in my mouth I just wanted the game to be over with so I could get the coach home…

“However what hurt the most was the fact not single fellow Liverpool fan tried to intervene or help me fight my case but happily watched, I asked the guy next to me if he wanted to hold the flag with me and he looked at me like I called him the most derogatory name possible?… ”

It comes after a number of Palestine flags could be seen held up on display at Anfield by fans before Liverpool played out their Premier League fixture with Everton last Saturday.

The Premier League has a current ban on flags from both Palestine and Israel amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, which has seen nine British nationals killed, a further seven missing, and a total death count in its thousands.

The English FA had also banned them from being permitted inside Wembley for the Three Lions’ games with Australia and Italy, however a few Palestine flags could still be seen in the stands at Anfield on Saturday before the Merseyside derby.

The English Football League also recommends that clubs should not allow flags that represent Israel or Palestine to be brought into stadiums.

The Premier League and EFL held a moment’s silence at matches “as a mark of respect”.

Mohamed Salah is just one of the most high profile figures currently speaking out on the war.

He is heard saying in a video posted via Twitter: “The people of Gaza need food, water and medical supplies urgently. All lives are sacred and must be protected. The massacres need to stop. Families are being torn apart. I am calling on the world leaders to come together to prevent further slaughter of innocent souls. Humanity must prevail.”

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