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Littlehampton call out Brighton and Sussex County FA amid ridiculous situation and unfair treatment

Littlehampton call out Brighton & Hove Albion and Sussex County FA amid a ridiculous situation and unfair treatment to the non league side.

The Isthmian League South East Division outfit has issued a response to the change in their Sussex Senior Cup fixture with the Premier League club.

Like we’ve seen some many times, it’s the case of the big clubs getting their own way, what best suits them over those who are part time, further down the English football pyramid. It’s quite the statement…


Last week the Sussex FA ordered our Sussex Senior Cup tie vs Brighton and Hove Albion to take place on Wednesday 22nd February.

Despite our preference for the tie to take place on Tuesday 21st February we accepted the decision due to Brighton having an U21 league game on the Monday night. We were then informed that Brighton did not agree to the Wednesday date on a player welfare basis…

However, Brighton didn’t seem to have this same issue when they played Leicester City last Monday and Burgess Hill two days later.

We then offered to host the fixture on the week commencing 27th February which would result in our Isthmian League game vs Sevenoaks having to be postponed.

Today the Sussex FA have ordered the tie to take place at The Sportsfield on Thursday 23rd February. This now means we would have less than 48 hours before our league fixture vs Ashford Utd.

If the competition committee agrees a full-time club (with a large playing squad) can’t play two games in 48 hours due to player welfare then you can’t expect a part-time club to play with 44 hours difference.

We are baffled by this disappointing decision made by the Sussex FA. With such a big game at Ashford to focus on, we will now consider whether this Senior Cup tie will even be a first team fixture for us.

Here is the social media reaction as Littlehampton call out Brighton and Sussex County FA amid the ridiculous situation and unfair treatment…

@kisyrpk: Absolute joke. Biggest clubs can do more than local ones. Support local team!

@IanMulcahy3: The county fa do seem to rather favour Brighton in this type of situation. Anyone would think they enjoyed the hospitality at the final and wanted to protect that benefit, but I’m sure this isn’t the case…

@SimonWatfordFc: Said for a long time county cups should be a preseason tournament to alleviate these issues

@MarkFrake1: That’s poor by the County FA. They should be supporting grass roots football but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

@DavoBen: Very on brand with this competition

@_Danny__S: As a follower and former player/coach in County league & loving all local football, this is disgusting. Why has this happened? Are the @SussexCountyFA scared of the Premiership team rather than applying the rules they set? One standard for all surely. That’s right, money talks!

@Davea100: Baffles me why they are allowed into the competition. Adds a bit of prestige I guess but would be so much better without them as a proper competition

@jonvallance: Ridiculous decision by @SussexCountyFA Are they seriously suggesting that @OfficialBHAFC, with their comparatively limitless resources, can’t play two games in three days, but @LittlehamptonFC who couldn’t even name a full bench last weekend, should just suck it up?

@Saltysers: Brighton fan here, poor from @SussexCountyFA tbh. Should be able to accommodate both teams.

@seanbha4ever: Ridiculous, but not surprised

@IestynnEvans: I’ll play in the game as protest

@WHITTYatMOFC: Brighton should do the decent thing and withdraw from the competition – county league clubs would’ve been expelled by now

@NeilSmi18427195: Disgraceful that is. Corrupt committee favouring the bigger club as usual.

@ant1606: Poor showing by @sussexfa

@jp_brighton: Really simple way to end this and revert to normality. All the county league clubs and hopefully isthmian league clubs too sign an agreement to either run this properly or pull out on block. I know BHAFC are the prize draw, but this is embarrassing. Poor from @SussexCountyFA

@stephkdud: And the FA as a governing body are supposed to have grass roots at its heart 🤷‍♀️ 🧐

@PaulFow53658209: @SussexCountyFA your a joke are u18’s had 4 games in 5 days thur, Fri, sun, Mon. When I asked to move the county cup game on the sun to the following Thursday for player welfare you refused & we had to forfeit

@WestSussexSAFC: This years competition has been an absolute shambles.

@Mummywillow1: Bravo Littlehampton 👏.. grass root clubs feed the elite.. but sadly they 💩 all over you.. well done you for fighting back 👏

@adamwest71: It’s a shambles – I’m sure it’s all around the the final and where it is staged, I’m pretty sure that if Brighton don’t make the final then the game will not be played at the Amex, The Sussex FA wouldn’t want to give there big day up…..

@sharratt_rowan: Pandering to a wank club. Shambles

@Stuartterry20: A very weak stance from the SCFA how about you put your big boy pants on and stand up and support the team that you are supposed to represent as a association.

@JamesEverett777: @SussexCountyFA you do yourselves absolutely no favours with decisions like this. And you wonder why members think your governance is still stuck in the dark ages. Be bold and transparent enough to explain this…

@PWK2022: I’m a Brighton fan and if I’m honest, I’m no fan of Littlehampton as non league sides go, however I’m certainly siding with them on this one. Poor show once again from @SussexCountyFA

@andrewp05914330: What a joke, small clubs dont matter!

@Maxgizo77: Wow, the decision by the @SussexCountyFA to let the match go ahead on the 23rd of Feb shows they are scared of the premier league side. Very poor decision by the FA. Am disappointed

@alanthehammer: Yet again @SussexCountyFA bend over & take it up the arse, it’s almost like they might benefit from the prem lge outfit getting to the final, #brownbags #backhanders

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