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‘Literally assaulted’ – Bournemouth boss Scott Parker sent off after getting furious at officials

AFC Bournemouth boss Scott Parker ended up getting sent off after getting furious at match officials after the 2-1 loss at Preston.

The Lilywhites completed the double over the Championship promotion-chasing Cherries, with goals from Cameron Archer and Emil Riis cancelling out Jamal Lowe’s opener.

After Riis’ late winner, Parker was handed a red card by referee Mr Donohue along with Adam Smith – who had already been subbed.

Parker felt there was a foul on Philip Billing in the build-up to Alan Browne providing the assist for Preston’s winner in the 90th minute, and was raging in his post-match interview.

“Listen, I have made loads of mistakes today,” said Parker. “All the 22 players on the pitch have made a lot of mistakes and the officials have made mistakes as well.

“I can always accept mistakes but the second goal is just criminal. I just don’t understand how you make the mistake. The ref has got a perfect view. Phillip Billing, someone has literally assaulted him in the middle of the park and the ref has decided to play on – which is fine.

“But the play-on rule is you play on and if there isn’t an advantage you can call it back. I could understand if we were a minute down the road on the play-on. We are literally two seconds. They turned the ball over and he doesn’t give the foul.”

On being sent off, the Bournemouth chief was adamant he had done nothing to warrant a red card.

“I can categorically say I have not used any foul and abusive language,” added Parker. “I have been in the game for a long time. I wouldn’t use foul and abusive language to officials or anyone because I understand at that point – I wouldn’t do that.

“Maybe I was animated? Maybe that’s the reason, I don’t know. But I asked the question ‘how have you not seen that, can you explain?’ I think at that point the fourth (Darren Bond) did speak to him.”

Preston’s Ryan Lowe said on the result: “It was an excellent win, but one that we deserved. We had to stick to a game plan today, which we did. It was disappointing to go behind, but to get back in it so early on was good.

“We always believe with the attacking players that we have got that we will create something. We knew we would have to dig in and the ref let a lot go, which is just what you want. We fought to try and get a home win and it feels nice. I said to the group to start believing at home and to make this place a fortress. The more home wins we get the better we will be.”

Twitter users reacted on Bournemouth boss Scott Parker being sent off after getting furious at officials…

@bobbyboyAFCB: If you direct foul and abusive language at an official you will receive a red card. End of

@fulham89: Well well well…..what a satisfying weekend that’s turned out to be for Fulham, made even better by hearing Scott Parker lost his shit and got sent off 😂😂

@eternaljimmies: Is he going to say the same for the fouls he missed on Preston players, or does that fit his “criminal” narrative. I bet he’s silent on the times the ref was conned by dives or when Preston players were wrestled to the ground. Scott Parker is a helmet

@El_Tibur0n: Love it. I hope Agbonlahor is raging about Trippier daring to leave the house again.

@kylefleminggg: I love it when this bloke cries about everything. Such a fanny.

@HayleyJones1987: Do people actually think Scott Parker is a good manager? Poor with Fulham and not setting the world alight with Bournemouth who have an outstanding squad.

@Brookylad78: Never seen such an embarrassing manager, constantly moaning at the 4th official for anything and everything. He was nearly crying when we scored the winner. Thanks for the 6 points Scott #pnefc #afcb

@simo7pne: His heads gone

@AfcbAdam: Parker chats so much shite

@pne_preston: Parker is one of the biggest frauds of a manager 😳

@PGards8: Me thinks Mr. Parker needs to lose more gracefully.

@paulyoungy84: Referee gave them loads of free kicks and gave pne hardly any didn’t say anything about that did he. But we still managed to win 👏

I felt the referee was frustratingly inconsistent in that he awarded Bournemouth plenty of petty fouls but let them go when it was against #pnefc players.
It was a good game.
PNE just about deserved the win.
Bournemouth will still go up.

@cherrysteloz: Parker is losing the plot. Not looking good

@stuartwallace1: Ref gave plenty to Bournemouth – he couldn’t take it the other way round

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